Motorized Cars For Toddlers

Picking a toy for toddlers is very difficult because these children tend to explore the things around them and they learn as they explore. Playing allows toddlers to develop their senses in their own time, discovering what their likes are and what they don’t like. In order to help toddlers in developing their senses, it is important that they are given toys or playthings that will help them develop their skills.

With the variety of toys available for toddlers, parents can get overwhelmed with the variety of toys available. One has to consider the brand, the material and the type of toy your child needs. One even has to consider the quality of these toys, because these toys can be used by other children in the family. Here are some guidelines to consider when picking a toy for toddlers.

  • Pick a toy that can be used in a lot of ways – toddlers like to break toys apart and study how to put it back together or how to play with it. Picking toys that are “open-ended” will open a lot of game opportunities for children. Some good examples of toys that are “open-ended” are wooden blocks or interlocking blocks that can be made into buildings, spaceship and zoos. Nesting blocks and toys good for sand and water play are some of these good examples.
  • Pick toys that can grow old with the child – picking a toy that will grow with the child is very good because some toys are only played by kids for one or two days before they forget it. Some examples of toys that can be played at any age are plastic toys, dollhouses and stuffed toys.
  • ​Toys good for problem-solving should be considered – toddlers must be given toys that allow them to figure out how they can finish the game all over again. These toys, such as puzzles, art materials and blocks will help to build a child’s logical thinking skills and special relation skills, as well as motor skills.
  • ​Check for the toy’s capacity to influence the child’s imagination – toddlers develop their creativity in their third year and they start to role play or imagine they are other people or specific events, like doing chores or stories they hear from their parents. Picking toys like dress-up clothing, action figures, dolls, cars, and cardboard boxes are great for this type of need.
  • The toy must help children play with “real” things – since children are now starting to figure out how things work and act out what they see in real-life, picking toys like toy cars, dress-up clothes, phone and fake food will allow children to improve their spatial and motor skills.
  • ​Get toys that will help children start learning how to read – buying books, alphabetic letters and art supplies will help children to develop their early writing and reading skills, helping them prepare for school.
  • ​Toys for active play will help them develop their motor and physical skills – balls, ride on cars or tricycles and moving boxes help children to learn physical activities to improve their physical skills and develop other things they need.
  • Finally, pick toys that promote cross-generational play – try giving your toddler toys that will also be good to play with adults. These toys can be board games, since this will help in counting, memory skills and relationship-building. These toys also allow children to learn how to cope up with losses and wins.

Here Are Our Recommendations

Reviewing the considerations on which toys can be bought for toddlers, motorized cars are available that promote a child’s imagination, creativity, motor and physical skills. Here are some recommendations for parents.

Whetstone’s Lil Rider 58 Speedy Sportster Classic Car

First off is Whetstone’s Lil Rider 58 Speedy Sportster Classic Car, a motorized car that is powered by a 6-volt battery and great for kids aged 2 to 5 years old. This car is designed similar to a classic car, with a working horn, car noises and headlights.

Whetstone’s Lil Rider 58 Speedy Sportster

Parents can use a remote control to help their toddlers get used to the motorized car, and once they are capable of driving the car on their own, the remote control feature can be deactivated easily through the dashboard. This car can also play your child’s favorite mp3 with an mp3 player input slot, and it can run either forward or backward up to 3 mph.

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Fisher-Price Power Wheels Dora and Friends Volkswagen New Beetle

For girls, Fisher-Price Power Wheels Dora and Friends Volkswagen New Beetle is available for their enjoyment. This car is powered with a 6-volt battery and drives up to 2.5 mph, either forward or backward. Like any other Power Wheels, this car looks like a Volkswagen Beetle with Dora and Friends decals in the car.

WV Beetle for Girls

It is made with sturdy material to ensure that toddlers can drive confidently. To start the car, the toddler only needs to put their foot at the pedal to start, and the car will stop immediately, once the foot is removed from the pedal. Once the child is done driving this car, they can easily get out due to its real working doors. This car is also perfect for children aged 1 to 4 years old, and can handle 50lbs weight.

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Dynacraft’s Spiderman Super Car 6 Volt Quad Powered Ride

Dynacraft’s Spiderman Super Car 6 Volt Quad Powered Ride on is another good motorized car for toddlers aged 2 to 5. This car is inspired with the beloved superhero, complete with a water cannon that works, and working LED hood that lights up, similar to when Spiderman feels something from his Spider senses.

This car can be driven up to 2.5 mph, and working speakers are attached for mp3 input. This car can also be driven off-road thanks to its tough-traction tires, and can handle children weighing up to 65 lbs. This car can be driven either forward or reverse easily.

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