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Since the early 1800s, trains have been a symbol of the Industrial Revolution. These trains traveled for miles and brought goods and services to areas which couldn’t be easily reached. Riding trains were also a privilege in the early centuries because not all could afford to ride it. Many dreamed to ride these trains, and for children, having a toy train was a dream.

However, toy trains were only developed in the 1860s. Europeans were the first ones to develop the first toy train, using wood and metal for the first model. The first clear version was introduced in 1901 by toy maker Lionel, and it was electric powered, displayed for a store display window.

Train 1901

Many were impressed with Lionel’s creation, and soon, toy companies like American Flyer, Marx, Ives, LGB, and Marklin introduced their own versions of toy trains, which are often called Tinplates. Tinplates were built on tin stamped metal with plastic parts. Tinplate trains were also very cheap, as they were built for the market in various scales.

In light of the growing love of young boys for toy trains, it ushered the beginning of the Model Railroader magazine in 1934, which inspired boys to own a train set. It was effective, as, by 1950, every child had a train set.

A variety of toy trains were on the market, which varied in design and even adult collectors purchased them for their details or model. Some trains reflected the actual models in scaled accuracy, but others were patterned, with general themes for children. Children and adults alike were very happy with the way these trains run or operated.

Lionel Trains

For the Baby Boomer generation, toy train collecting is a hobby and operating them is a craft they take seriously. Some of the world’s most beautiful toy trains are displayed in exhibits and special displays while others are displayed in basements. Some of these trains are also equipped with sounds and electric features seen in actual trains.

Nowadays, toy trains have digital technology that improves the functionality of toy trains and present new challenges for collectors and users when they play with the trains. Wiring is also better for the new toy trains today, allowing easy customization. Toy trains are different in prices and some are expensive, depending on their model and make.

Let’s See Some Recent Models

In recent years, toy trains have gotten a step up as there are now trains that can be ridden on by children. The prices start around $120 to $300, depending on the make and features installed in the ride on train. There are four good models of ride on trains that are great for children if you wish to purchase one for their use.

Kid Motorz Talking Train 6-Volt Battery Powered Ride On

The first model one can consider is Kid Motorz Talking Train 6-Volt Battery Powered Ride On, which can run for hours for your child’s enjoyment. The train can play several phrases that one usually hears on train stations, like “All Aboard” or “Stop” and even sounds from a train, like the rumbling engine and whistleblowing. It has its very own hydraulic braking system similar to a train, which would allow easy breaking.

Kids Motorz Talking Train Set

The company has installed Delta-V technology that allows adults to charge this train properly for easier operation. Purchasing this ride on train allows the child to be the engine driver and run their train around a 19’ track. If the child wants to run the train outside the track, it is possible. This train is perfect for 1-year-olds and above which are below 44 lbs. in weight.

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The Imaginarium 6V Express Train

The Imaginarium has also released their own ride on the train and it is the 6V Express Train. The train comes with a 23-foot track, which will give children a longer experience as they play as the engine driver. The ride on the train has the major features seen in real trains, like an LED headlight and smoke-like water vapor.

It also makes 3 train sounds from its engine. The steering wheel is very easy to understand, and a child will only need to push a button to activate the entire train on the track. This ride on train has its own carriage storage space, a railroad crossing sign, and its own charger. This ride on train is perfect for children aged 2 to 5.

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Fisher-Price’s Power Wheels

Fisher-Price’s Power Wheels has released a ride on train which looks like known train cartoon series Thomas and Friends. This ride on train is perfect for toddlers as it can run with just one button and is steered with just a steering wheel.

Fisher Price Thomas The Tank

A child can put their foot in the train’s footrests in the side and it can run from 1 mph to 2 mph, either on track or off track. It is also very easy to assemble and disassemble.

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Peg Perego’s Choo Choo Express

Finally, one can try out Peg Perego’s Choo Choo Express. Both kids and adults will have a lot of fun assembling this ride on train that can ride on hard, flat and smooth surfaces, aside from the track available. If this is used with the track, a child will not need to steer the ride on train without worries. This is perfect for 1 to 3-year-old children, and it can even be charged easily.

Choo Choo Express

The maker is quite known for considering the needs of children in every design they offer to the public, considering the quality of each toy they develop for families. One doesn’t need to worry about the wiring and motor because they are within the train set itself. It can work for hours for more fun and enjoyment for all the family. It is important to remember that children weighing more than 45 lbs. will not be suited for this ride on train.

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What To Look For In Ride On Trains For Kids

If you are a parent trying to find the best ride on trains for kids, there are plenty of options available on the open market. Now, it may be easiest for some parents to buy the best available train and call it a day. After all, if you have a young child they may not even notice the difference between one train set as opposed to another. However, there is one important factor you should pay attention to and that deals with your child’s age.

The younger your child is, the more basic of a train set you will want to buy. There are plenty of benefits and helpful development that can come from a train set, but only if you buy the right ride on trains for kids. If you end up buying a train set too complex for your young child, things may not go very well. A train set that is overly confusing may disinterest a younger child. So take a look at all of the available options and buy the train set you believe best fits your child age. You can even find recommended age groups in the description section of ride on trains on Amazon!

Why Children Love Ride On Trains

Children absolutely love ride on trains. However, scientific data suggests that boys may be more inclined to play with ride on trains for kids as opposed to girls. Studies were conducted with young boys and girls in relation to the toys they play with. This study revealed that young boys with higher levels of testosterone will be more likely to look at toys such as trucks and balls as opposed to dolls and other toys. 

Now, these facts do not mean that you should avoid buying ride on trains for a young girl. However, it just goes to show why little boys and little girls may look at toys differently. If you want to buy your little girl a train set then you still should. Especially as we now get into all of the great benefits that come along with these train sets. Your child can grow and develop important skills that they will use later in life.

How Ride On Trains Can Help Children Develop Important Skills

When your child is young in age, there are important skills that they can develop that will help them out later in life. For instance, many experts believe that youth sports can help children enhance certain skills and abilities. These skills include social abilities, cognitive skills, and hand-eye coordination. If you buy your child one of the available ride on trains for kids, they may be able to develop these skills and more. Here are some of the great ways in which ride on trains can help your child.

1. Vocabulary & Counting

This is one of the most important benefits that come along with buying your child one of the great ride on trains for kids. A train set is comprised of many different parts including the tracks and the train itself. The train itself is made up of many different parts including the wheels, engine, and much more. 

Parents can also teach their children different concepts by using the ride on trains for kids set that they buy. For instance, when your child is playing with the train, they will potentially go under or over a bridge based on the setup. Thus, you can work with your child to introduce these kinds of concepts. Thus, they will begin to understand concepts like going faster, going slower, adjectives to describe the track, and colors as well!

You can even us the ride on trains set to help your child learn to count well. Parents can use the set to help their child count the number of track pieces, carriages on the track, and even wheels on the train as well. So you can develop a daily exercise where your child names different parts and they can grow and expand their vocabulary and counting abilities with time.

2. Manners & Following Instructions

If you want to help your child develop manners and help them follow instructions at a young age, buy them a ride on trains set. You can encourage your child to ask for different parts of the train set by saying please and thank you. Thus, they will begin to develop these kinds of manners at a young age. As they continue to grow and play with their train set, this will become a habit and will help them develop great habits as they grow into an adolescent.

Based on your child’s age, you can give them instructions while they are playing with the ride on trains set. For instance, you can ask them where the train is or tell them to stop the train. You can even ask them to place the train in certain areas on the track.

3. Imagination & Creativity

For some parents, this final benefit may be the most important part of buying a ride on trains set. In the age of technology, so many children use smartphones and tablets to play games or watch movies/television. There is nothing wrong with consuming content like this but too much of a good thing can be bad.

Buying your child a ride on trains set will help them develop important creative skills and a great imagination. Then, they will be much more likely to develop artistic skills over time and will think outside of the box. These types of skills can help them grow into passionate and thoughtful adults that can take their creativity into their line of work.

Closing Remarks On Ride On Trains Set

There are so many great reasons for parents to buy their children one of the many ride on trains sets that are available on the open market. If you are a parent that wants your child to grow with creative skills, great manners, and also a wonderful vocabulary, then this is the best toy for you. Do not spend a bunch of money on advanced toys like a tablet or video games. Buy your child one of these ride on trains sets we have listed and they will have fun and develop important skills!


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