Ride Toy Zone is an power wheels publication based in Chicago. We are always on the lookout for cool and interesting kids ride on cars and toy news to bring our visitors. What started as a few articles on his custom power wheels website, has turned into an obsession. Nick Bulanda, owns and operates Ultimate Rides, where he writes about the custom trucks and wranglers his team builds everyday. He has been in the automotive industry over 15 years and he loves it, his passion for writing is how this website was born. Because he builds and creates cool vehicles everyday, he wanted to share the information and insight about the products he uses. These reviews, news, and information comes from years of selling cars, working with his team and being around cars everyday. He spends all of his free time away from his dealership here writing reviews and information. What started as a few articles written on Ride Toy Zone turned into something that has grown to become an ride on toy publication filled with news, tutorials, reviews, and various adventures. 

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