Toddler Ride On Motorcycles

People often have various perceptions on what motorcycles portray for them and why some like to ride on these machines. Riders give out ten major reasons why they like riding motorcycles.

The first reason is because motorcycles give them a different thrill, each time they go for a ride. While many ride because it is practical to ride from one’s home to work or any place they wish to go, some ride because they feel the passion of riding and get the thrill of riding in one.

Motorcycles are very dangerous machines because one has to balance themselves accordingly on two wheels, and since these motorcycles weigh less and drive fast, a single mistake can cost a rider his life. However, many find this situation overwhelming and get more excitement from it.

Real Motorcycles on Roads

Riders also say they prefer motorcycles because its cheaper than riding cars. Nowadays, motorcycles are preferred because they can get to point A to B without spending so much money on petrol. Some bikes can reach 60-70 miles per gallon, with others reaching 100+ mpg. Motorcycles are very easy to park because in most areas nowadays, they have their own designated parking.

They are also very small, so parking is a breeze. Motorcycles are very earth-friendly because of low carbon emissions. Since they are very small, motorcycles are preferred by riders because they can ride between lanes or on their own lanes, getting to their destination sooner.

Riding a bike promotes camaraderie, especially with fellow riders. Riders have their own language which allows them to connect with others and only these riders know what you are talking about. Some even have their own bike clubs, so they can share their love for biking.

American Flag Bikers With Flags

Motorcycles are also very good mediums for people to show their creativity and personality. Some riders tend to customize their rides to show their love, showing how much these bikes mean to them.

For daredevil riders or even new drivers, the feeling of matching a very fast car with a lesser cost adds more flare to these bikes. Although it is dangerous to try it out on the road, outmatching a car on a track makes many riders buy motorcycles. Motorcycles are great symbols of being cool, especially if one is wearing typical rider gear in a public place.

Finally, many ride because of the freedom it brings. With just two wheels, a full tank, and gear, one can go to places not easily reachable by cars.

Bikers on the open road feeling the wind

One is not confined to a boxed space as they go to a destination. Riders feel the wind, the acceleration and everything that comes with riding. Some riders keep on riding to many places with their motorcycles alone.

Toddler Ride On Motorcycles

Considering these reasons, many find it very appealing to purchase motorcycles. For kids, they are drawn to motorcycles because of the raw power of the engine, the cool image it portrays and the feeling of freedom and adulthood close to their grasp. If your child shows these sentiments, a ride on motorcycle is good for them. Ride on motorcycles vary in shape, color, size and price. Prices often start from $70 to $600 and some bikes are good for most ages.

Kidkraft Police Rockin Motorcycle

Ride on motorcycles vary when it comes to how easy it can be run by the child and how it is used.

Kid Kraft Motorcycle

There are some ride on motorcycles that will rock your children as they ride it, such as Kidkraft Police Rockin Motorcycle.

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Fisher-Price Harley Davidson Lights and Sounds Tricycle

This ride on motorcycle has all the decal of a regular police motorcycle, and the child can push a button on the bike to open the siren and engine sound.

Fisher Price Harley Davidson Motorcycle

The item also has an anti-tip rocker to ensure that the child won’t tip over when using this ride on. Fisher-Price’s Harley Davidson Lights and Sounds Tricycle, on the other hand, runs by pedaling.

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Kidz Motorz Lil Patrol 6 Volt Quad Powered Ride On

The bike has several features, such as blinkers, engine sounds and Harley’s rev up meter which adds more fun to the experience. The bike has adjustable grow-with-me seats so it will grow with your toddler.

Kidz Motorz Lil Patrol 6 Volt Quad Powered Ride On will run with just stepping on the accelerator pad. It has electronic sounds and flashing siren to add into the effect.

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Razor’s Dirt Rocket

There are also child ride on motorcycles that have more options included, but may need adult supervision to use, and some may not be usable by children under 3 years old.

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric

Razor’s Dirt Rocket, for instance, looks just like a mini dirt bike that has a very solid frame and features, much like a real dirt bike.

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Injusa 6 Volt Repsol Wind Motorcycle

Children can easily accelerate up to 14 mph and can drive on any surface. It also has its own folding metal foot pegs, and a kickstand is also included, to mimic the actual ride. Injusa 6 Volt Repsol Wind Motorcycle also looks like an actual Repsol motorbike, filled with decals and speed capacity of over 4mph.

Injusa Repsol Wind

The makers of this motorbike say this bike has the capacity to help children improve their coordination and balance. The throttle of this specific motorbike is similar to the actual motorbike, bringing the acceleration of this bike up to speed. Training wheels are also included in the package for first time users.

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MotoTec Gas Pocket Bike

The more expensive varieties, such as MotoTec Gas Pocket Bike mimics the actual car because it does have its own gas tank of 1.25 litters. Users, both young and old, can start this bike with a pull start switch and it can go to 20 miles per full tank. The make of this bike is also very sturdy, and a legal street bike, due to its 11-inch pneumatic street tires as standard.

MotoTec Gas Pocket Motorbike

MotoTec’s Electric Dirt Bike is similar to the Gas Pocket Bike as it can run on dirt tracks like the real thing. It has three speed levels and can be recharged for 4 to 6 hours. It has the same suspension as a regular bike, making it sturdy and reliable.

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