Electric Cars For School-Age Kids

An electric car is an ideal present that you can give to your child for a birthday or on Christmas. Girls and boys alike will be happy driving this type of car or even just sitting in it; but with the wide selection of toy cars available in the market, it could be confusing to choose the right one.

Toy cars are available in different colors, designs, and brands; thus you need to be armed with plenty of information before buying one. To help you in your car hunt, here are the coolest ones out on the market today:

Kid’s Range Rover HSE Sport Style

This electric car is powered by a 12-volt rechargeable battery. It is built with such attention to detail, thus giving it a realistic look. The features include doors that open and close magnetically.

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BMW X6 Electric Battery Kids

Aside from the stylish design of this toy car, it is also packed with amazing features. The most functional feature is the parental remote control that allows the parents or anyone supervising the kids to have full control of the toy vehicle.

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Mercedes ML350 6V Electric Ride-on Kids Toy Car

Both kids and parents will like this Mercedes Benz replica of a kid-safe ride-on car that comes with a remote control.

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Mercedes AMG G63 SUV 12V

This is quite unique as compared to other ride-on cars. This Jeep is powered by a 12-Volt battery and is fully licensed by the company itself. You can ensure the safety of your child because you can have full control of the speed and the distance travelled through the parental remote controls.

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Rocket Buggy 1000

This kid’s electric car is the coolest on the list. It is equipped with a 1000W motor and operated by 48-volt battery; thus, it can travel up to a 35kph speed. This is an ideal electric car for older kids with prior experience with electric cars.

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Kids Ride On Jeep

This Wrangler-inspired ride-on Jeep is very well-constructed—not to mention the brilliant features installed with it. It comes with a remote control and runs on a 12V battery.

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New 12V Battery Mercedes Style Electric Kids Ride-on Car

The main feature of this electric car is the parental remote control, but it can also operate by using its in-car controls. Additional features include an MP3, an open-able door, and a low/high gear and battery indicator. Through the pedal, this electric car is able to run forward and reverse.

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Audi Kids Ride-on Cars Electric

A very modern style electric car that opens at the top. It boasts a stylish feature with a 12-volt battery that powers up two motors.

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Kids 12V Raptor Electric Ride-on Car

This is a 4×4 Jeep that can accommodate two passengers. Your kids can enjoy off-road fun with how it runs powerfully on twin motors. But there’s nothing to worry about in terms of the safety of the rider because parents can take full control through the parental remote control feature.

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Range Rover Evoque Jeep

An electric car operated by a 12-volt battery with twin motors. It is available in white and red, and is a realistic replica of the genuine Range Rover Evoque. It features an MP3 input and parental remote controls.

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Maserati Kids Electric Cars 

From PlayActive comes the new addition to their electric cars – the stylish and sporty Maserati-styled electric car. It features control operation and automatic opening doors.

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Other Information

Electric cars are real car replicas designed to fit children. As the name implies, they are operated by using an electric or rechargeable battery. The child can drive the toy car on his own or through a parental control device. Aside from the enjoyment that ride-on cars have to offer, these are other advantages of buying such toys for your kids:

  • Allowing your child to ride an electric car prepares him or her for the real thing. Riding with this toy car will help the child to learn how to drive and maneuver a vehicle. Kids will also learn to handle the steering wheel properly. Ride-on toys also enable kids to develop self-discipline and self-control.
  • When the child feels comfortable riding on the toy vehicle, he or she can develop to become a safer and more confident driver. But parental guidance is of utmost importance and parents should teach their children safe driving tips. Practicing how to drive on a ride- on car is ideal to learn about safe steering and driving.
  • ​Ride-on toys are perfect alternatives to training wheels. Children will not only gain confidence but also learn responsible habits of safe driving, thus making them successful adult drivers in the future.

Buying electric cars for kids 8 and up can cost you a lot. It is an investment, and that’s why it’s important to choose a toy car that is built using high quality materials. This way you can ensure that it will last for years. When it is used and maintained properly, even your next set of kids in the family can benefit from it.

Though it is expensive, purchasing an electric car is worth the cost because the happiness that it brings to your child is priceless. As parents, we want only the best for our kids and we always try to give them what would make them happy. Nevertheless, it’s also important to teach children how to give proper care to their toys. By teaching them how to use the toy car properly and carefully, you can expect that they will enjoy each other’s company for a long time.

On the other hand, if you don’t have the budget to spare for a brand new electric car for your kids, you can consider slightly used toy cars. There are many online stores selling second-hand ride-on cars at cheaper prices, but still in good condition. After all, your child won’t complain whether the toy vehicle is brand new or not as long as he or she enjoys riding and driving it

Lastly, the safety of your child should be the priority when buying an electric car. Keep an eye on them whenever they are playing with the car.

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