Things To Consider When Buying Kids Electric Car Charger

Have you ever experienced a drained battery in your own car? This is one of the common issues for adult car owners. The same may also happen to electric cars for kids. The car battery plays a significant role for the toy car to operate. But, there are different reasons that can cause a battery drain. One common cause is when you don’t notice that the indicator in your toy car is signaling that it’s about time to charge the battery. This is the importance of having an electric car charger for your kids.

There are different types of chargers available, but the important thing to note is to use a charger appropriate to the battery that you’re using. The battery of an electric car comes in 6-volt, 12-volt and 24-volt.

Two Types Of Battery Chargers

  • Plug-in battery chargers

This type of battery charger may not be convenient to use, but it takes pride in its versatility. They work excellently with multiple charging modes including 6-volt and 12-volt. Likewise, plug-in battery chargers also offer multiple amperage modes. One of the greatest features of this charger is the float charge option that facilitates the easy process of charging. Modern designs of plug-in chargers are more compact in size making them easy to use and bring along.

Kid Trax Electric Charger and Battery

  • Portable chargers

This battery charger is also called a jump starter or jump box. It’s very convenient to use as they operate with a battery. The components are enclosed in a box and require minimal maintenance as opposed to the plug-in battery chargers. The setback of this type of charger is that it doesn’t work efficiently for charging a battery that is completely dead; it will shorten the life of the battery. Nevertheless, using a high quality portable charger is a great help and you can use it anytime you need it.

Selecting The Best Electric Car Battery Charger

It’s a must to buy the best battery charger for your kid’s electric car. Below are some ideas that can help in narrowing your search:

Toy Car Battery


Try to look for the prominent features listed below:

  • Slow and fast charging rates – Select a battery charger that offers both slow and fast charging rates. You can use the faster charging rates in situations that are called for, while the slow charging rate is ideal and safe because it causes less stress to the battery.
  • Easy to use – This feature is important to ensure that the charger works effectively. Aside from the ease of use, you should also consider the one that provides convenient options. It should have an indicator to show if it is charging or not, and the cables should be long enough for added convenience.
  • Versatility – Always opt for a battery charger for electric cars that can work both as an air compressor and charger. It should be compact in size making it easy to bring along.
  • Safety features – This must be the top concern when looking for a charger for electric car batteries. Keep in mind that as you’ll use electricity in charging the battery, there’s always the potential for an electric shock or a spark. With this, you should check the specifications of the charger before using it.


Another thing to consider when buying any product is the brand. This also applies in selecting the best battery charger. Shopping by brand can be a wise approach. As much as possible, choose a brand that is reputable and has many years of experience in designing chargers.

Genesis Kids Car Charger Brand

You can also check reviews of current and previous customers who have been using the product. If the brand has many positive reviews, then it shows that it works best to satisfy users.


The quality of the battery charger is a prime factor to think about when making a purchase. This factor can be associated with the reputation, history and experience of the brand. High quality products usually offer a warranty. As much as possible, choose the brand that offers a longer warranty period. When searching for kids electric car charger you want to always make sure to get a quality one! 

Usage purpose

Some battery chargers for electric vehicles can also be used for charging other units or devices such as laptops. Also, if you’ll buy a charger with an air compressor feature, you can use it for inflating the tires of the toy car.


A high quality battery charger comes with a higher price tag. In fact, most expensive chargers offer dual functions and outstanding features. Some distinctive features that make the price higher are compatibility, versatility in voltage and excellent safety features. Never compromise the quality of the unit over the price. Don’t settle for a cheaper price unless it works as efficiently as the expensive ones. It’s better to invest in an expensive product as long as it serves you best.

Consider the price of the charger

The battery charger can be bought along with the electric car. But, once the charger is damaged you should buy from the same store where you bought the toy car. This way you can ensure that you can get the same charger as before, or you can also shop around at the nearest toy store in your area. If you’re shopping online, make sure to check the specifications before making your order to ensure that you’ll receive the right product.

Buy from a store that offers a return/exchange policy so that your money won’t be wasted in case the product delivered to you is not the one that you ordered. Always compare at least 3 to 5 brands so that you can get the best deals. Choose the brand with higher ratings and longer years of warranty. Check the features and specifications of each brand so that you’ll know which one is right for the battery you’re currently using.

In Conclusion

To ensure that your kids will enjoy driving the ride-on car, make sure that both the battery and charger are in good condition because once the charger is damaged you can’t recharge the battery. Try to have a spare charger if you can afford it so that you won’t panic if the one you’re using doesn’t function

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