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    Published May 9, 2020

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Quick Charger for Power Wheels (Review & Buying Guide)

Do you need to replace a lost or broken Power Wheels charger, or are you just looking for a faster alternative? If so, we thought we’d take some time to review one of the more popular 12V Power Wheels battery charger options available on the market. The Schumacher CR7 3A is a universal 6V and 12V charger, and it works on all kinds of ride-on toys including Power Wheels. While it doesn’t advertise itself as a quick charger for Power Wheels, customers report having much faster charging times. While the official Fischer-Price quick charger is currently not available, we think this is an excellent alternative for you to check out.

Quick Charger for Power WheelsBenefits of the Schumacher CR7 3A

While standard 12V battery chargers may take up to 12 hours to fully charge the battery, customers report that this quick charger for Power Wheels is able to get it done in about a third of the time. That means it should only take you about 4 hours to get from a dying battery to fully charged. If you have a child or multiple children who count their Power Wheels model as one of their most-used toys, it will certainly pay off to be able to get it off the charger faster.

On top of that, there are additional benefits that this battery charger has over the standard Power Wheels charger and other replacement models. The Schumacher CR7 3A includes protections that will stop the battery from overcharging. This quick charger for Power Wheels utilizes automatic switching between a continuous charge and a float mode that stops charging. This will help ensure your battery lasts a lot longer, which is a recurring problem Power Wheels owners run into time and time again.

The charger also comes with a useful notification light that keeps you updated on the progress of the charge. This might seem like a basic feature, but you might be surprised at how many Power Wheels battery chargers out there don’t come included with something like this! That is another reason why the batteries tend to become overcharged and die out quicker over time. You can stop that by utilizing this charger instead!

What’s Included?

With this package, you’ll find both the battery itself as well as two adapters. There’s one for 12V batteries and another for the smaller 6V batteries. Quick Charger for Power WheelsAs we mentioned before, this is a universal charger, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be compatible with every single model. While this battery charger does cover most Power Wheels models, there may be some out there with which it is not compatible. We encourage you to see product details online or reach out to the company’s customer support if you have any doubts.

There’s not much to worry about, as nearly all the models will work with this battery. The package itself is quite basic, as all you’ll need is the charger and the adapters. Everything else should already be in your possession.

The Bottom Line

Once you’ve made sure that your Power Wheels model is compatible, there’s nothing else to worry about! This charger includes everything you need to get your battery charged quickly and efficiently. We feel confident saying this is one of the best battery chargers available today, and it’s quite a surprise that it doesn’t boldly proclaim itself as a quick charger for Power Wheels considering the results it is able to deliver. If you’re looking for a sure way to get your child more time with their favorite toy, this charger will get the job done for you.

It’s price is very reasonable, it’s effective and even faster than it advertises. It’s safe to say this is as close to a sure bet as you can find with a replacement battery charger. The only small caveat is that there are a few Power Wheels models that it may not be compatible with, so we recommend doing a little digging if you have one of the more obscure or less popular models out there.

Quick Charger for Power WheelsQuick Charger for Power Wheels Safety Tips

Above all, when considering whether or not a given product is worth recommending to our readers, we have to think about safety. With the Schumacher CR7 3A, we feel very confident that all the expected safety requirements are in place. However, there are some basic tips that are always worth remembering when it comes to proper battery charging practices and maintenance in general before you go. A good place to begin is always with the manual included with the Power Wheels battery. From there, we’ve got some other pieces of expertise that you might find helpful.

Don’t Leave the Battery on the Charger for Too Long

It’s quite common for a parent to take the battery out of the Power Wheels toy, put it on the charger out in the garage or in the basement, and then forget about it. This is a big no-no. On top of potentially overcharging the battery and draining it of life, it could also potentially overheat given enough time, which can be a major fire hazard.

Whether you have to set an alarm on your phone or keep the battery charging in a place where you’ll always see it, make sure that you remember to take it off the charger when it has finished charging!

Remove the Battery from the Vehicle While Charging

We know that it may be tempting to leave the battery inside the vehicle and just simply charge it from there, but that is another hazard that you’ll want to avoid. Once again, overheating can be a factor here. It’s much safer to remove the battery from the vehicle, inspect it from damage, and charge it in a safe place far from anything flammable. As the classic saying goes, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Closing Thoughts

We hope that this review was informative for you. If you are interested in checking out other replacement Power Wheels battery charger and battery models, we’ve got plenty more where that came from! Also be sure to let us know down in the comments if you have any other recommendations. Happy shopping!


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