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Power Wheels Battery Charger (Review & Buying Guide)

Power Wheels 00801-1778 Gray Battery Charger Original 12V Fisher Price

Automatic 12V Quick Charger for Power Wheels 12 Volt Gray and Orange Batteries by CBC

Power Wheels 00801-1778 Gray Battery Charger Original 12V Fisher Price

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    Published May 1, 2020


  • Power Wheels Battery Charger (Review & Buying Guide)

  • #1 - Power Wheels 00801-1778 Gray Battery Charger Original 12V Fisher Price

  • #2 - Automatic 12V Quick Charger for Power Wheels 12 Volt Gray and Orange Batteries by CBC

  • #3 - SafeAMP 12-Volt Charger for Power Wheels Gray Battery and Orange Top Battery

  • #4 - LotFancy 12V Battery Charger for Kids Ride On Toys

  • #5 - 6-Volt Charger for Fisher-Price Power Wheels Red Battery

  • #6 - Battery Charger for All Power Wheels 12-Volt Ride-on Toys

  • #7 - 12V Charger for Best Choice Products Ride-On Toys

  • #8 - Eagleggo AC/DC 12V Charger for Power Wheels CBK89 Dune Racer and More

  • #9 - Power Wheels 12-Volt Rechargeable Replacement Battery

  • #10 - Power Wheels 6-Volt Rechargeable Replacement Battery

If you've lost, misplaced or broken a Power Wheels battery charger, you're not the only one. Over their history, countless chargers have met an early end, and that means that there are plenty of replacement options available online. If you're looking for the best available charger out there, we've put together this guide specifically for you. We'll run down all of our favorite options, and then in our Buying Guide you'll find even more tips to help you pick out the right charger.

As you look through our guide, you’ll see that there are a variety of different chargers available. This is because each character matches up to a specific kind of battery. Be sure to double check that you’re buying the replacement for the right charger before you finish up! The main thing to keep in mind is whether you need a charger for the Gray, Orange-Topped or Red Power Wheels batteries.

For those of you who own a Power Wheels model and are having issues with the battery and/or the charger, it might not be a bad idea to take another look at the owner's manual. There you can find helpful information that will help you extend the life of your battery. You can also take a look at all the different options right here. Just choose your preferred Power Wheels model and take a look at all the information available.

However, if all you need is a replacement charger, this guide will have you covered. Take a look at the items we've recommended in the list below, and be sure to stick around and read our buying guide for more tips.

  • 1

    Power Wheels 00801-1778 Gray Battery Charger Original 12V Fisher Price

It should be no surprise that our pick for the all-around best Power Wheels battery charger comes from Power Wheels themselves. This option is simply an exact replacement of the charger that comes with the vehicle itself, just as long as it's a model that uses the gray Power Wheels battery. There's nothing fancy or flashy about this charger, but you can't get any more reliable than the option that comes from the manufacturer itself. Be sure to follow all of the battery standards found in your owner's manual, and your child will be ready to climb back in the driver's seat with a fully charged battery in no time!

Key Features:

  • Official Power Wheels Charger

  • For Gray 12V Battery Only

  • Five-Star Rating from Customers

  • Fits A Variety of Power Wheels Models


Brand:  Power Wheels
Model:  B013JKN55Y
Weight:  6 oz.

  • 2

    Automatic 12V Quick Charger for Power Wheels 12 Volt Gray and Orange Batteries by CBC

For our premium pick, we've got a fast-charging charger we want to share with you. This option comes to us from manufacturer Battery Tender, and it offers an assortment of features we think that you may love. First, Battery Tender says that this charger operates faster than the standard Power Wheels battery charger. In addition to that, this charger will automatically turn off once the battery is charged. This will help ensure your Power Wheels battery will live a long and healthy life, providing plenty of fun for your little one. It works for both gray and orange Power Wheels chargers and lastly, you'll also find a light that fluctuated between red and green to let you know when the battery is charged up. There's a lot to love with this charger, and we believe it's worth the slightly higher price tag!

Key Features:

  • Faster Charging

  • Red/Green Light Notification

  • High Energy Efficiency

  • Works for Orange and Gray Power Wheels Batteries


Brand:  Battery Tender
Model:  B0721KTMSM
Weight:  6 oz.

  • 3

    SafeAMP 12-Volt Charger for Power Wheels Gray Battery and Orange Top Battery

Our next charger comes to us from SafeAMP, and they're a manufacturer that you'll see pop up a few times on this list. Once again, this charger should work just fine for both orange-topped and gray chargers. Additionally, if you purchased the Power Wheels replacement battery from SafeAMP, this charger will work with that as well.

Unfortunately, while you will save a small bit of money by going with this option, there are just a couple things we think hold it back from topping our list. First, you won't find the useful red/green light here to let you know when the battery is done charging. Additionally, you have to be careful not to let the battery sit on the charger for too long, otherwise it will overcharge and lose some of its overall power. However, as long as you're aware of those things, this could be a truly great choice for your family due to the price.

Key Features:

  • Works for Gray and Orange Power Wheels Batteries

  • Also Fits SafeAMP Replacement Battery

  • Around 9 Hours for Full Charge

  • Excellent Replacement for Lost or Broken Chargers


Brand:  SafeAMP
Model:  B076DJ1SRS
Weight:  7 oz.

  • 4

    LotFancy 12V Battery Charger for Kids Ride On Toys

Next up, we've got a charger for a different kind of toy. While not actually produced by the company Power Wheels, there are many other 12V ride-on cars out there to buy. Oftentimes they are referred to as Power Wheels despite not actually falling under that umbrella. However, if you own one of these toys, we wanted to make sure there was a charger here for you as well. This charger will be able to power up the batteries for 12V Yamaha Raptor 700R, MegaTredz, Motion Trendz, Toyota FJ Cruiser toys. While it doesn't have any fancy charging feature, it's safe and it works! In the end, that's all you need from a Power Wheels battery charger.

Key Features:

  • Fits 12V Yamaha Raptor 700R, MegaTredz, Motion Trendz, Toyota FJ Cruiser Riding Toys

  • Short Circuit and Over Voltage Protection

  • Green and Red Charging Notification Light

  • One-Year Warranty


Brand:  LotFancy
Model:  B07SBC1NK3
Weight:  7 oz.

  • 5

    6-Volt Charger for Fisher-Price Power Wheels Red Battery

Sometimes, the Power Wheels toys intended for younger toddlers utilize a smaller 6V battery instead of the 12V. You'll find that this battery is red, and it requires a different charger. If you've lost yours and need a replacement, this is the perfect one for you! Once again, it's made from SafeAMP, who is a trusted manufacturer of these products. It meets all the safety requirements for a proper charger, and there's no doubt it'll make sure your child's toy is ready to go when they are. Get yourself one of these replacements today!

Key Features:

  • Fits Power Wheels 6V Red Battery Only

  • Class 2 Battery Charger

  • 120V 60 Hz Input

  • 6V Output


Brand:  SafeAMP
Model:  B0011YP2AM
Weight:  6 oz.

  • 6

    Battery Charger for All Power Wheels 12-Volt Ride-on Toys

Here we have another one of our favorite chargers for Power Wheels toys. This option from manufacturer Voyaux offers 10% faster charging, along with a design that works for both orange and gray Power Wheels battery chargers. Additionally, you'll find plenty of safety features at play with this charger, including over voltage protection, over temperature protection and short circuit protection. On top of all those awesome features, Voyaux offers its customers an 180-day money back guarantee in case there's anything you don't like about the product. However, we feel pretty confident this charger will do everything you need it to accomplish.

Key Features:

  • 10% Faster Charging

  • Short Circuit, Over Voltage Protection and More

  • Fits Gray and Orange-Topped Power Wheels Battery

  • 180-Day Money Back Guarantee


Brand:  Voyaux
Weight:  5 oz.

  • 7

    12V Charger for Best Choice Products Ride-On Toys

One popular competitor to Power Wheels that you will find online is Best Choice Products. If you're looking for a replacement charger for one of those toys, we've got you covered here as well. Take a look at this 12V battery charger for the Best Choice Products Kid Trax Dynacraft! One of the things we love about this charger is that it contains that useful red and green charging light. Over-charging can be a huge factor in causing a battery to last for far less time, so knowing when to take your battery off the charger is invaluable. If you've got a Best Choice Products toy, it's worth seeing if this charger is the right fit for your battery.

Key Features:

  • Short Circuit, Over Voltage Protection and More

  • Red and Green Charging Light Notification

  • Compatible with 12V Best Choice Products Kid Trax Dynacraft Battery-Powered Ride On Car

  • 6 ft. Power Cable


Model:  B071FKXHTR
Weight:  3 oz.

  • 8

    Eagleggo AC/DC 12V Charger for Power Wheels CBK89 Dune Racer and More

Our next Power Wheels battery charger is once again intended for the standard gray 12V option. It falls near the bottom of our list not because anything is wrong with it, but because it doesn't have any extra features to offer, and it comes from a less well-known manufacturer. However, the existing reviews for this product are very good, and it comes in at a smaller price point than many of its competitors. While it's only a difference of a few dollars, we know how important saving every bit can be. With that in mind, we think this is an excellent option for those out there on a tight budget.

Key Features:

  • Fits Gray Power Wheels Battery

  • CE/FCC/RoHS-Certified

  • Same- or Next-Day Shipping

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


Brand:  Eagleggo
Model:  B074LW6BWP
Weight:  5 oz.

  • 9

    Power Wheels 12-Volt Rechargeable Replacement Battery

For the final two options on our list, we've decided to include something just a little bit different. If instead of just the charger you need an entire battery replacement, you can get this one directly from Power Wheels. Specifically, this gray battery is the 12V 12 amps/hour option. If your battery is fried or just doesn't have the safe lifespan as it used to, or you're even just looking for an extra to keep charged up for when you need it, this is most likely the best option for you and your child. Be sure to read the product information and manual to find out more about how this battery should be operated and charged!

Key Features:

  • Battery Charger Not Included

  • Power Wheels Gray Battery Replacement

  • 12V, 12 Amp/Hour

  • Must Charge Between 14 and 30 Hours


Brand:  Power Wheels
Model:  B00004TFT1
Weight:  9.6 lbs.

  • 10

    Power Wheels 6-Volt Rechargeable Replacement Battery

Finally, we've got another battery replacement for you from Power Wheels/Fischer-Price. This time, however, it's for the smaller red 6V battery. Once again, it's important to be sure that you only use this battery on the correct vehicles. If you aren't sure which battery your Power Wheels model requires, check out their website and you should be able to find a copy of the owner's manual there. Due to the fact that they are technically a hazmat material, these items are non returnable. That's why it's extra important to make sure you pick out the right option before you buy! Once you've made sure, however, you can't go wrong choosing this as your replacement battery.

Key Features:

  • Replaces Red Power Wheels Battery

  • 6V, 9.5 Amp/Hour

  • Built-In Thermal Fuse

  • Approved Models Only


Brand:  Power Wheels
Model:  B00000J421
Weight:  5 lbs.

Power Wheels Battery Charger Buying Guide

When choosing the right Power Wheels battery charger replacement, the most important thing to remember is compatibility. Above all else, you need to make sure you're buying the right charger for your battery, otherwise you'll be wasting your own time and money.

Once you've made sure that's all right, it's time to start thinking about the smaller extra features. Battery chargers are a fairly basic thing, so you won't find any drastic changes from product to product. However, there are little features that can make a difference. For instance, some will charge the battery faster than others. Additionally, you can find green and red notification lights that will alert you to when the battery is fully charged. While these won't necessarily make or break your decision, we believe they can add up and help you decide which one is best for you.

Safety is also something that should be considered when shopping. Finding a battery charger that features systems in place to prevent overheating, overcharging and more can be invaluable, and they often won't raise the price of the charger by much at all. You'll find that most of the options available on our list today have these features in place. While it may not be as exciting as some other features, we think you'll find they are very important all the same.

We created our list with all of these features in mind, and we feel confident that you'll be able to find the right battery charger replacement for your Power Wheels model here. These toys are not only fun for kids, but can also greatly help with development and early education. In our opinion, the best toys are those that encourage creativity, offer excitement, and have real tangible benefits for children. We don't think you can do much better than that as a parent. A simple missing or broken charger shouldn't stop your child from enjoying the benefits of owning a Power Wheels, especially because they'll only be able to fit inside for so long before they outgrow it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will it take to charge the battery from empty to fully charged?

A: This depends on the battery and the charger, as well as the age of the battery and several other factors. In general, you can expect it to take anywhere from 8-14 hours. We recommend checking out reviews online for your specific battery, as well as the owner's manual, for more information and guidelines for charging.

Q: Is it possible to charge the battery while it's still attached to the Power Wheels vehicle?

A: Unfortunately, you will be required to remove the battery from the toy before placing it on the charger. The best place to do this is in the garage or basement where it will be out of the way, though anywhere you have enough space will do. We agree that it would be much more convenient to be able to charge the battery while attached to the vehicle, but it's just not in the cards.

Q: What's the difference between the Power Wheels battery types?

A: The main difference is the voltage of the battery, but there are other smaller differences as well. The gray and orange batteries are similar in many ways, and their only differences are to allow them to fit in different vehicles. The red battery is instead only 6V, and it's intended for smaller vehicles where less power is required, such as those for young toddlers.

Closing Thoughts

We hope that you found today's guide helpful. If you're in need of a replacement battery charger, we shared all of our knowledge on the topic with you. There are quite a few options available out there, but we believe we've rounded up all the best ones to share with you. If you have any further recommendations you think our readers should know about, don't be afraid to let us know down below in the comments! The Power Wheels toy is one that all kids deserve to check out, so we're happy to help you get yours back up and running.


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