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    Published May 8, 2020

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Best Choice Jeep Charger (Review & Buying Guide)

Best Choice Products offer some of the most impressive alternatives to the Power Wheels name brand, and their Jeep toys in particular are incredibly popular with kids. However, as it tends to go with many ride-on toys, you may eventually need to buy a replacement battery charger. If you are finding yourself in that position, this guide is for you. We set out to make this guide to share with you the premier Best Choice Jeep charger, and we believe we’ve found it with the SHENGLE 12V Battery Charger. However, if you’re looking for a Power Wheels battery charger instead, we’ve got a guide for you as well.

For those who own a Best Choice Products Jeep, however, we believe this is going to be the overall best charger for you. It may be seem basic at first sight, but we promise you it’ll get the job done. Additionally, there are several notable features that help this product stand head and shoulders above most of the competition in our eyes. With that in mind, let’s begin our review of this awesome Best Choice Jeep charger.

SHENGLE 12V Battery Charger Review

Best Choice Jeep Charger
It may not look like much, but this charger actually has several useful features that many other options do not. It’s also incredibly reliable, so an all-around good choice for any Best Choice Products Jeep owner.

First and foremost, we consider safety the most important element of any battery charger. An unsafe battery charger can be the cause of a lot of damage, so it’s incredibly important to make sure whatever you buy meets all safety standard. The SHENGLE 12V Battery Charger certainly does. It features sturdy quality construction that makes it difficult to crack or damage on accident, and all wires and cords are as safe as can be. Additionally, the charger is able to detect when a battery is fully charged, and automatically stops itself from charging it. This solves one of the most rampant problems with ride-on car battery chargers.

All too often, battery chargers will continue pumping voltage into a battery even after it’s fully charged, simply because that’s the only function the charger has. This causes the battery to become overcharged, and it loses much of its lifespan in that process. That simple reason is the cause for countless worn out batteries over the history of this toy. However, you can avoid all that by investing in a quality charger just like this one.

Along with preventing itself from overcharging, this Best Choice Jeep charger also helps let you know when the battery is ready to go with a red/green LED light. This light will let you know which stage of the charging process it’s at, so you’re better able to know when the battery is good to go!

Best Choice Jeep Charger – Amazing Features

One of our favorite elements of this charger is the fact that it is incredibly lightweight. It’s easy as can be to take the battery and charger with you

Best Choice Jeep Charger
The red/green light can be incredibly helpful to let you know when you’re good to take the battery off the charger. Additionally, it can be useful in helping you determine where the problem lies if you run into issues with your battery down the line.

wherever you bring the Jeep toy, and you’ll be ready to get it charged back up as soon as it’s low. As long as you’re following all the recommended tips, this battery charger should keep your battery up and running for the long haul.

Not only will it be able to accomplish that, but it’ll do so safely. As we mentioned before, the charger features a function that will prevent it from overcharging the 12V battery. In addition to preserving the life of the battery, this will also increase the safety of the charger. It does this by stopping overheating, as well as short circuiting and more. Here at Ride Toy Zone, we keep safety as our first priority, and you can count on this charger to serve you well in that regard.

As long as you are following all the safety guidelines and tips like those found right here, you should look forward to a long and fruitful life from your 12V battery with this charger. While other batteries overcharge and end up draining the battery of its life, this one works just as advertised and as intended. We are sure it’ll bring joy to both you and your child. It’s even highly affordable, and you should be able to grab it for less than $20. That’s always a good thing in our book!

The Verdict

If you had to choose one replacement charger for your Best Choice Products Jeep, this is certainly the one we’d go with. It’s made to work specifically with the toy you own, it has excellent customer reviews, and it’s got features that set it apart from the other options you’ll find. Safety is a huge concern for us at Ride Toy Zone, and we believe this Best Choice Jeep charger has all you need in that department.

For those who have run into problems with the included charger, if you’ve had one lost or broken, or if you simply want an extra charger to have lying around, there’s no doubt in our minds this is the go-to option if your child has a Best Choice Products Jeep toy. It offers features that similar chargers simply don’t have, and it’s even most likely an improvement over the standard charger.

Last Minute Safety Tips

Before you go, we wanted to leave you with a few safety tips to take along with you.

Only Use Compatible Chargers

If you own a Power Wheels toy or another similar model, we would not recommend using this charger. While it may possibly work, these chargers were only manufactured specifically with Best Choice models in mind. We also have recommendations available for the best Power Wheels battery charger.

Try Not to Leave the Battery Charging for Too Long

Despite the fact that it has overcharge protection, it’s still a good idea to not leave your battery on the charger for too long. It’s better for the battery to get charged up and then rest until its ready to use. On a similar note, also try to avoid storing a battery that doesn’t have a charge, as it can be difficult to get it back going again after months on the shelf.

We hope this guide helped you find the perfect battery charger. Please let us know in the comments if you have any other recommendations to share!

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