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Toy Dirt Bikes: Complete Buyers Guide

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    Published October 12, 2018

All motocross racer and riders start out as kids using toy dirt bikes!
All motocross racers and riders start out as kids using toy dirt bikes!

Buying the Best Ride-On Toy Dirt Bikes & Plastic Toy Dirt Bikes

Across the globe, there are a large number of people that enjoy watching and participating in the Motorsports. Motocross and off-road dirt bikes are a very popular gift for teenagers and adults. However, what should parents do if they want to get a good toy bike for their younger child? Well, the answer is actually quite simple. There are plenty of safe and well-designed toy dirt bikes for children. As a result, we have put together a complete buyers guide with facts and information for parents.

It is not easy to find a great birthday gift for your child. However, buying them a toy that is fun and thrilling does not hurt. Therefore, we have some great ride-on dirt bike toys and plastic dirt bike toys as well. Also, we took time to even highlight the rich history of motorsports and electric dirt bikes. 

First and foremost, children should be encouraged to play with toys in general. There are great benefits that come from playing with toys and other kids. However, encouraging electric dirt bike toys is a great idea for parents. Electric dirt bikes develop engineering skills, hand and eye coordination, and motor skills as well. So read more information below and then buy your child one of the best toy dirt bikes today!

Toy Dirt Bikes Overview:


The Best Ride-On Toy Dirt Bikes

We have two different sections of toys for parents to check out. First and foremost, this section deals specifically with ride-on toy dirt bikes. These are bikes that live up to their name, children ride on top of them. Now, do not worry about safety with these products. They do not go very fast and are made of plastic. However, it is a great way to introduce your child to the world of motocross.

Lil’ Rider Kids Beginner Red Dirt Bike Ride On Battery Powered Mini Motor

This is one of the best beginner ride-on toy dirt bikes for children on the market. The recommended age is between 3 and 7 years of age (see specs). Keep this in mind as you look to get the right fit for your child. The 6-volt battery offers a great sense of fun without ever going too fast for a child. As a matter of fact, the max speed is 1.25 miles per hour. So parents do not need to fret or worry about their child with this toy.

A battery and charger come included with this toy. Parents can charge this product overnight with very little effort. Also, controls on the handlebars offer an intuitive design for easy to use fun. Look no further if you want one of the best ride-on toy dirt bikes on the market.

Lil’ Rider Kids Beginner Dirt Bike Ride on Battery Powered Mini Motor Toy Training Wheels, Lights Sounds Boys Girls (Red)

Best Choice Products 6V Electric Green Kids Ride-On Motorcycle

Best Choice Products produce some high-quality toys for children. This toy dirt bike is truly no exception. The recommended ages are 3 years and up for this product (see specs). A charge and rechargeable 6V battery come with this toy for a very easy charring process. Parents avoid buying AAA or AA batteries that are a nuisance to deal with. Instead, one night of charging and your kid’s toy dirt bikes are ready to go!

Colorful decals, authentic working headlights, and built-in music provide an authentic and true to life experience. Children can feel like they are really using an electric dirt bike out on dirt bike trails. Both sides of this toy dirt bike boast training wheels for optimal protection. Also, a simple on and off switch let parents turn this product off with very little effort. Check out this product for more information on one of the best ride-on toy dirt bikes.

Best Choice Products 6V Electric Kids Ride On Motorcycle Dirt Bike W/ Training Wheels- Green

Qaba 6V Electric Kids Ride-On Motocross Outdoor Recreation Dirt Bike

This ride-on toy dirt bike is one of the most realistic toy dirt bikes on the market. Children feel like they are really taking on off-road terrain behind the steering wheels of this toy. Manufacturers recommended ages are over 5 years and within 55 pounds of size as well (see specs). So pay attention to this information to ensure you get the right fit for your child today!

The design of this toy dirt bike boasts a style and a rugged nature as well. Therefore, children will really love play time with their new ride-on toy dirt bikes. A fully charged battery offers up to 45 minutes of continuous fun. Also, a top speed of 2 and a half miles is fast but is not at all dangerous. So parents do not need to worry about the safety of their children! IT is such a smart way to introduce a child to the world of dirt bikes and more.

Qaba 6V Electric Kids Ride On Motocross Outdoor Recreation Dirt Bike – Red

The Best Plastic Toy Dirt Bikes

Plastic toy dirt bikes provide an alternative for children on a rainy day. However, it is also just a great alterative for parents worried about safety. There are plenty of safety courses and camps for motocross where children learn to ride these bikes and more. However, some parents may be a bit too cautious for this. Yet, if they buy these plastic toy dirt bikes then their child can enjoy smaller toys inside or outside. Also, it can help build up to the point where a parent feels more comfortable. Read more below:

New Ray Toys 1:6 Scale 2010 Kawasaki KX450X Dirt Bike 49403

Kawasaki is without a doubt one of the most popular bike manufacturers on the planet. They sponsor talented racers from all over the globe that compete and win championships in Motocross. Therefore, look no further if you want plastic dirt bike toys made in homage to this brand. After all, some children just want a stylish toy that looks cool and that is just what the Kawasaki brand provides.

New Ray Toys is one of the best plastic toy dirt bike manufacturers in the country. They create die-cast toys that are really authentic and realistic. Die-cast metal is basically a way to mold metal into a particular shape. In this case, it molds into the shape of a dirt bike for plenty of fun. Manufacturers recommended age is 12 months and up (see specs). Look no further for one of the best plastic toy dirt bikes.

New Ray Toys 1:6 Scale 2010 Kawasaki KX450X Dirt Bike 49403

MXS New Spring 2018 Motocross Sound FX Bike & Rider Series 11-Chad Reed by Jakks Pacific 

Jakks Pacific creates some of the most authentic and fun plastic toy dirt bikes on the market. They even create figures based on real-life motocross races, like Chad Reed. As a result, children enjoy a high-quality toy linked to a famous and accomplished motocross racer. This can inspire children to set goals of their own to become a motocross champion. After all, everyone has to start somewhere!

The highly detailed nature of this toy allows for the rider to be posable in design. Kids can move the rider’s limbs, including legs and arms, to pose in a different situation and to ride the toy dirt bike. The rider also comes with full racing gear and a helmet as well. Also, the bike boasts some realistic sound effects and realistic suspension parts (see specs). Not to mention it is made of die-cast parts that are not plastic and are very durable. 

MXS New Spring 2018 Motocross Sound FX Bike & Rider Series 11-Chad Reed by Jakks Pacific Action-Figure-Playsets

New Ray 1:12 Suzuki 2014 Motocross RM-Z450 Off-Road Bike

Another New Ray product graces our list as this highly detailed and well put Suzuki replace is great for kids. In 1987, New Ray Toys Company started production little replicas of modern toy dirt bikes. This company focuses specifically on creating little plastic toy dirt bikes that are super well made down to the very finest details. As a result, they are so great for little kids that love to look at electric dirt bikes and more. 

The recommended ages for this toy are 5 years and up (see specs). The die-cast parts do not feature plastic but instead, are made of metal. That way, they are firm and durable as opposed to plastic counterparts. Plus, the reviews for these toys are absolutely off the charts. New Ray toy dirt bikes always garner great customer feedback and more.

NewRay 1/12 SUZUKI RM-Z450 2014 Suzuki motocross / off-road bike

Facts On Electric Dirt Bikes & More

Most people are surprised to learn of the rich history that rests behind both normal dirt bikes and electric dirt bikes. Now, these are two different types of dirt bikes for off-road racing and there is one thing that separates them. First and foremost, gas dirt bikes run off of gasoline just like most standard cars. On the other hand, electric dirt bikes are usually plug-in motorcycles that are powered by electricity. So keep this is in mind as you think about buying the best toy dirt bikes.

Experts recommend starting children on electric ride-on dirt bikes for one simple reason, these bikes are not that fast. Electric-powered toy dirt bikes do not reach the same speed as gasoline dirt bikes. As a result, they are much safer for younger children. After all, there is a bit of a learning curve involved with riding toy dirt bikes. So children can learn at a young age without getting hurt if they fall over!

The History Of Dirt Bikes & Toy Dirt Bikes

Honda is one of the most well-known car manufacturers on the planet. However, most people are shocked to learn that they produce dirt bikes and motorcycles. Furthermore, most people are shocked to learn that the creator of Honda produced some of the first dirt bikes and motorcycles in the mainstream world. Therefore, this means that the history of toy dirt bikes runs through Honda.

Soichiro Honda was the creator and president of the Honda Motor Company. A long time ago, motorcycles were not viewed positively by society. As a matter of fact, many thought motorcycles were ridden by criminals or thugs. People who were considered to be bad or unusual. However, Soichiro Honda helped bring these motorcycles into the mainstream culture!

In 1949, Honda created and released the first ever Dream Type-D motorized bicycle. It was constructed of pressed style and in Japan, it was a huge hit. Over the next ten years, Honda would continue to sell and popularize motorcycles in Japan. Eventually, this trend came over to the United States to create one of the most popular sports on the planet. So the evolution of toy dirt bikes owes its origins to the Honda Motor Company.

The original Honda Dream D paved the way for children who ride toy dirt bikes today!
The original Honda Dream D paved the way for children who ride toy dirt bikes today!

The History & Popularity of Motorsports & Motocross

In the United States, motocross started to develop right after World War II. However, it was not an official sport and was not viewed in a positive light. However, as time would go on, eventually motocross races became longer and faster. Due to this, more and more customers felt compelled to watch races. Companies like Suzuki rode the wave of Honda in the 60’s, creating impressive bikes for racing. Then, the world would finally be introduced to official motocross racing. 

In 1972, the Los Angeles Coliseum held the very first motocross race. So this means that motocross has been around for nearly 50 years. Now, motocross branches out into so many different distance forms of competition. This includes super cross racing, freestyle racing, big air racing, and super moto racing. So buying your child toy dirt bikes could get them involves in some of the most popular sports on the planet. With this type of rich history, eventually, motocross will be encouraged by more and more parents. Plus, this sport is reaching new heights in popularity each and every year as well. There are more types of motocross than most people even imagine.

Facts & Information On Different Kinds Of Motocross Sports & Toy Dirt Bikes

As previously mentioned, there are four distinct kinds of motocross for competitors. Therefore, there are so many things that children can do with their toy dirt bikes. Now, no parent needs to rush their children right into motorsports. However, the best age to give it a try is at a young age. They wear protective safety gear and the learning courses are very safe as well. Plus, children are less likely to get seriously hurt practicing on ride-on electric toy bikes and more. So read more information on these four types of motocross sports below:

1.) Super Cross Racing

Super cross racing is commonly held inside of sports arenas with fake dirt. Drivers hit jumps but are still strictly trying to race one another. More often than not, this is the most common form of motocross that people think of when imagining dirt bikes racing one another. Monster is one of the most popular Supercross sponsors in the United States right now. So there are big-time cash prizes involved! All of these racers are professionals because their parents encouraged toy dirt bikes early on in their lives. So if your children likes off-road racing then let them have fun and learn!

2.) Freestyle Racing

Freestyle racing involves two dirt bike routines in which contestants do tricks and gain air time. Judges then produce scores for them. Whoever has the highest score will win the competition. More often than not, the competitors are trying to win a big-time cash prize. Famous motocross riders like Travis Pastrana often compete in this form of motocross. Travis Pastrana is without a doubt one of the famous motocross racers on the planet. However, even Travis Pastrana was once a child riding toy dirt bikes in his parent’s backyard. So parents should not hinder their children from future interests.

3.) Big Air Racing

The third popular motocross competition is called big air racing and it lives up to the name. There are two jumps on the dirt tracks. Racers hit high speeds then use these jumps to perform tricks. As a result, their tricks and air are judged by experts. They rank the jumps based on originality and difficult. So look no further for a thrilling experience. All of these racers and daredevils started out riding toy dirt bikes. Children with interests in motocross should be encouraged and emboldened. That way, if they have the talent they can become professional racers one day.

4.) Super Moto Racing

Super Moto Racing is the most unique and distinct among these four types of sports. Toy dirt bikes are a great way for kids to grow up and become interested in Super Moto. Unlike other motocross competitions, Super Moto Racing involves smaller-sized dirt bikes. They race with on-road tires on real road conditions and there are bumps, turns, and more. This is one of the safer version of motocross and younger teenagers can participate. Some races even have courses set up for younger children on little bikes. So parents should encourage their children to play with toy dirt bikes today!

The Benefits Of Children Playing With Toy Dirt Bikes

First and foremost, children benefit from playing with all kinds of toys not just toy dirt bikes. Therefore, parents can help encourage their children in general by buying them toys. However, toy dirt bikes go above and beyond other toys due to their use and application. As a result, parents should really consider buying their children some ride-on bikes and other cool dirt bike toys.

Children develop great language skills and communication skills playing with other children and toys. When kids interact with others, they learn to share toys and learn to communicate. Not only is this good for the here and now but it even helps their future as well. Also, it develops great problem-solving skills as children learn to think and adjust while on the fly.

Toy dirt bikes offer benefits that are great for motor skills and engineering skills. Children that play with little plastic dirt bike toys will eventually grow into loving real dirt bikes. Well, part of loving dirt bikes involves taking care of dirt bikes. Over time, parents buy their older teenage children real dirt bikes. Then, they take care and maintain these dirt bikes moving forward! This teaches responsibility amongst other great benefits. 

Closing Facts On Buying Toy Dirt Bikes

Toy dirt bikes are incredibly popular across the country because motocross is popular across the country. However, this popularity is not just limited to the United States. Instead, this sport is global and beloved by people of all ages, backgrounds, and geographical locations. Watch one motocross event and you see racers from Germany, Australia, Japan, and so much more. So motocross is a sport that even helps promote diversity as well.

Parents often struggle to get their children outdoors in 2018. As a matter of fact, children spend a lot of time watching television, playing video games, or staring at their cell phones and tablets. As a result, it is beneficial to get children playing with toy dirt bikes. Eventually, they can take the proper safety courses to get behind the wheel of a full-sized dirt bike. This graduation from toy dirt bikes allows them to take on fun, dirt bike driving and more.

Motocross practice not only promotes social skills but also gets teenagers active every single day. Time spent at the race track is time spent practicing their craft, something that they love. Due to this, motocross promotes discipline as well. It requires practice and attention to detail. Therefore, parents should encourage their children to play with toy dirt bikes. Look back over our information to get help buying the best dirt bike toys and so much more. That way, you can create a great interest that becomes a career!

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