Top Electric Car Picks For Kids

Children usually love imitating the activities of older people such as working with tools, cooking or driving. In most cases, kids are more interested in driving; thus they end up requesting for toy cars from their parents. This is the reason why different companies who manufacture kids’ toys are producing a wide range of electric cars for kids.

Electrical cars are toys that can be driven by kids around the driveway or the yard. These ride-on toys come with various designs replicating different models of cars, including race cars. They are battery operated and run at a safe average speed of 3 miles per hour.

They are also equipped with different working features like seatbelts, working lights, and a reverse mode aside from their forward ability. Generally, the body of the toy car is built with metal or hard plastic.

Some models of kids’ electric cars utilize 12-volt batteries while others use 6-volt batteries. Most of the designs can accommodate only one person, but some can hold up to two kids as long as the weight is within the standard capacity. You can also find electric cars which parents can control via a remote for added safety. Whatever the preference of your child, you can surely find the design that suits him or her.

Different Electric Car Designs For Kids

Here are out Top 8 picks:

1. Best Choice Products Electric Car For Kids

This is a functional toy that kids would love to have as it is an ideal everyday game buddy. It is made from high quality components and materials and can handle up to about 66 pounds.

Electric Car for Girls

This electric car features a backward and forward switch, a reactive remote control system, as well as a built-in speaker system and an MP3 Aux. The battery charge time takes up to 15 hours and the run time is up to 2 hours.

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2. Lamborghini Aventador

This ride-on electrical car for kids operates through a 6-volt battery pack that is rechargeable.

Lamborghini Aventador For Kids

Your kids will have fun riding this toy car because of its realistic pedal and steering system, as well as its real-like sounds. It also features a parent remote control system and various entertainment components.

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3. Goplus Mercedes Benz

Who would not dream of having and driving a Mercedes Benz? With the innovation of technology, even small kids can drive a replica of a Mercedes on their own.

Mercedes for Kids

Just like the real vehicle, the Goplus Mercedes Benz electric car reflects an aerodynamic and aesthetic design. It is an ideal electric car for children between the ages of 3 and 7 years. It is easy to maneuver on all types of surfaces and can run for up to 2 hours.

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4. Kids Motorz Shelby Cobra

The aesthetic design of this electric car is worth investing in. The body’s parts are made of chrome, which is why it is guaranteed to last a long time.

Shelby Cobra For Kids

It is powered by a 12-volt battery with realistic racing sound effects. It also features one reverse gear and two forward gears. This is a perfect gift for both girls and boys aged three years and up.

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5. Kidz Motorz Chevrolet Racing Camaro Electric Car

Another creation of Kids Motorz features a two-seater design. It uses a 12-volt battery that can run up to 5mph. The car propels forward by pressing the gas pedal, while releasing the pressure on the pedal brings the car to a stop.

Camaro for Girls

When fully charged, the toy car can run for as long as an hour, giving ample time for the kids to enjoy the entertainment features such as the electronic effects and sound buttons.

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6. Classic Coupe Cruiser Electric Car

This electrical car is the best choice if you’re looking for versatile designs at an affordable budget. It is a rechargeable toy car that boasts of significant functionality including a receptive steering wheel that provides a realistic riding experience.

Classic 1912 For Kids

The body is sturdy enough to protect your children. Even children who can’t reach the brake and accelerator can ride it with the help of a remote control. To enjoy a 2-hour ride, the battery must be charged for about 12 hours.

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7. BMW 12V Electrical Car

The design of this electrical car replicates the real BMW. Riding can be relaxing while sitting on a comfortable leather seat. Parents can control movement and steering through a remote control system.

BTW i7 for Kids

The 12-volt battery pack is rechargeable so that your child will enjoy unlimited driving around your place. It also features a music box and illuminating lights as well as a padded seatbelt. The life-like wheels enable an authentic riding experience while listening to music through the built-in speaker system.

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8. Tesla Model S Electric Car

This electric car is designed to hold children between the ages of 3 and 8. It runs at a maximum speed of 6mph. It features a sound system, battery power and headlights.

Tesla For Kids

The battery is fully charged within three hours and uses lithium ion technology. You can also drive it in reverse.

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In Conclusion

Aside from paying attention to the design of the electric car, it is also necessary to ensure that the design of the toy car meets safety standards. Any toy vehicle designed as children’s toys have to conform to standards that ensure safety.

See to it that it is not utilized for other purposes. Choose an electric car that possesses superior quality to ensure the safety of your kids so that they can enjoy a real-life driving experience without injury.

With the plethora of selections available on the market, choosing the best one could prove to be very challenging. Nevertheless, considering the kids’ electric car designs listed above, you can now narrow down your search.

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