Toddler Motorcycle Helmet (Review & Buyers Guide)

Provide your child with one of the best Toddler Motorcycle Helmet products available.
Provide your child with one of the best Toddler Motorcycle Helmet products available.

Buying The Right Toddler Motorcycle Helmet Product

Motorcycle helmets are a focal point for debates between motorcycle enthusiasts and non-motorcyclists. Many people believe that motorcyclists should be forced to wear helmets. However, many motorcycle riders believe that they should have the choice to wear or not wear a helmet. Yet, it is best for everyone if a motorcyclist wears a helmet. Furthermore, it is important for kids to have a good toddler motorcycle helmet.

Riders have less protection than anyone inside of an enclosed vehicle. Therefore, they are more likely to be injured or killed in an accident according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Now, children are not riding motorcycles in traffic but they still need protection. After all, motorcycles are less stable and will go pretty fast

There are plenty of great benefits for children that get involved with motorcycles and motocross at a young age. First and foremost, parents will be able to get their children active and outdoors. Now, technology is used more than ever before by children and kids. Therefore, parents often struggle with getting their children physically active each and every day. However, motocross is a great way for them to get outdoors for at least an hour.

While most parents are wary of their children getting on a motorcycle, they are falling for myths and misconceptions. As a matter of fact, parents can buy one of the best toddler motorcycle helmets we recommend and relax. So without any further ado, here are the best motorcycle helmets for toddlers:

Toddler Motorcycle Helmet Overview:


Typhoon Helmets Youth Kids Off-Road Gear Combo With Helmet, Gloves, & Goggles (ASIN – B0187PAC8E)

This lightweight helmet option is less than 3 pounds for the best possible comfort. Also, it helps children keep their eyes up and focused on the paved road or dirt road ahead. The helmet has met all of the Department of Transportation standards and thus, is a very safe option. Take time to measure your child’s head for the size, which will be discussed later in the article. There is even a size chart on the toddler motorcycle helmet product page for extra help (see specs).

This safety gear set is of high-quality but does not have a high price tag. Therefore, parents can enjoy getting their children a helmet, some gloves, and goggles as well. However, the real selling point here is the style of this safety set. Children that love superheroes and comics will fall in love with the Spiderman-inspired design. The blue and red colors pop right off of the helmet and other gear. Check out extra information on this impressive toddler motorcycle helmet set.

Youth Kids Offroad Gear Combo Helmet Gloves Goggles DOT Motocross ATV Dirt Bike Motorcycle Blue Spiderman – Medium

CKX 349771 VG-300 Kids/Youth Black Helmet (ASIN – B00E5UD95O)

First and foremost, parents that want a throwback look for their children will love this toddler motorcycle helmet. There is no sun visor as this is the open face helmet styling for helmet designs. Now, it is really important to note the distinct difference from this helmet and off-road helmets. This specific design is meant for on-road driving and backyard motorcycles. Anyone that wants a helmet designed for off-roading should check for something else.

The solid black color looks great and is simple in design. The impact resistant injection molding creates a strong and durable plastic shell (see specs). Also, the pro clip release mechanism is super easy to use and manage for parents. Furthermore, this is approved by all of the standard tests from the Department of Transportation. Look no further for a great toddler motorcycle helmet.

CKX 349771 VG-300 Kids/ Youth/ Juniors Helmet, Black, Small/Medium

1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Kids Full-Face Helmet Butterfly Pink (ASIN – B074FD6W55)

Look no further if you want a great toddler motorcycle helmet for a young girl riding an on-road motorcycle. First and foremost, the distinct styling definitely helps this motorcycle helmet stand out amongst the crowd. Your little motorcycle rider will hit the road with supreme confidence wearing this helmet. Also, the top and front ventilation control provide children with great comfort as well! As a result, they can play outside in the warm summer season with no worries.

The full-face design of this helmet boasts a protective UV finish. As a result, hazardous UV rays deflect right off of the helmet. A removable padding is easy to wash for parents and provides great convenience. Also, the lightweight and durable, aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell offers a long-lasting lifespan (see specs). Parents that want a stylish and protection option will love this toddler motorcycle helmet.

1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike BMX MX Youth Kids Girl Full Face Helmet Butterfly Pink

TCMT Dot Youth & Kids Motorcross Off-Road Blue Skull Motorcycle Helmet (ASIN – B00X9VIXXI)

Look no further if you want not only a great toddler motorcycle helmet but a full set of safety gear. This premier line of motorcycle safety equipment has everything you need. First and foremost, a protective UV coating covers the exterior of the helmet (see specs). As a result, it reflects away harmful UV rays from the sun for better longevity and more protection. Children can play outside on their motorcycles for hours on end without worrying about dangerous UV rays.

The intelligent design of this toddler motorcycle helmet includes the vents. This all-purpose product can be used in the summer or winter. Also, the polished design is great for children that want to look cool. After all, most children care more about the look of their gear rather than how safe it is. So parents can get an entire set of safety gear and their children will actually want to wear it.

TCMT Dot Youth & Kids Motocross Offroad Street Helmet Blue Skull Motorcycle Helmet Silver Dirt Bike Helmet+Goggles+gloves S

XFMT Kids Motorcross Green Off-Road Dirt Bike Helmet, Goggles, & Gloves (ASIN – B017VW47L2)

XFMT is a premier brand for motocross products and their safety gear receives some great reviews from customers. As a result, parents can get an entire set of motocross safety equipment for a very fair price. Also, the helmet contains a special and unique UV coating for protection against the sun. This definitely comes in handy during a long day of motocross riding in the great outdoors. Furthermore, the lime green color is complemented by white decals for supreme style.

The comfortable interior of this toddler motorcycle helmet is padded with cushions. As a result, children will not feel uncomfortable in this helmet. Parents will not have to struggle to get their children to wear this gear. A ventilated design allows for this helmet to stay cool during the hot summer season (see specs). This helps prevent children from overheating in the sun.

XFMT Youth Kids Motocross Offroad Street Dirt Bike Helmet Goggles Gloves Atv Mx Helmet Green Flame S

Razor Child Full Face Helmet (ASIN – B014WA6DOK)

This is a great toddler motorcycle helmet product for parents that want a full-face youth helmet. Now, if you do not know about the different types of helmets then skip to the section below that details these different kinds of helmets. However, just know that full-face helmets are the most common helmets for motocross and off-road riders. So if you are getting a helmet for a toddler in motocross then this is a great pick.

Full-face helmets are strong on the top of the helmet for optimal protection. Also, the back of the child’s head is supported by a strong construction as well. The eye port is spacious and lets drivers throw on goggles. Therefore, children can be fully protected from the dirt roads ahead of them. Also, the vented mouth protection is great for breathing and staying cool (see specs). Any parent that wants a reliable, durable, and good looking toddler motorcycle helmet will want this product.

Razor 97878 Child Full Face Helmet, Gloss Black

What To Consider When Buying A Toddler Motorcycle Helmet

First-time toddler motorcycle helmet buyers will potentially be clueless when it comes to what separates a great product from an average product. Well, you should definitely stick to our list to guarantee to buy one of the best-reviewed products on Amazon. However, it still helps to have some insight on what is important and what is not. As a result, we have listed three key factors to consider when buying a motorcycle helmet for toddlers:

A.) Budget

The first factor is the most obvious factor and deals with money. Every family is in a different financial situation and as a result, every family will have a different budget. Parents with no budget can go crazy and buy whatever they want. However, anyone with a budget should not feel bad but should get help with quality. So if you are someone that wants to buy on a budget, check out one of our cheaper options. That way, you can enjoy premier quality for a good price.

B.) Helmet Safety

Now, this may seem like the silliest factor t consider but it is really important. Most parents imagine that all helmets provide the same type of safety but that is not true. While we will discuss the different types of helmets in just one moment, it is important to highlight. The best helmets provide safety for specific kinds of motorcycle riding. Therefore, get the right toddler motorcycle helmet for either on-road driving or off-road driving. That way, your child can be as safe as possible in all situations.

C.) Helmet Make & Size

Finally, make sure you buy the right type of helmet style and size. Now, this is much easier than you probably think. Take time to use a measuring tape to measure your child’s head. Almost every product we have listed above features a size chart. Use the measure of your child’s head and compare it to the chart when you buy a product. Therefore, you can easily guarantee that you get the perfect sized toddler motorcycle helmet. Now, let us really get into the different kinds of helmets available.


What Are The Different Kinds Of Toddler Motorcycle Helmet Options?

To the surprise of novice motorcycle riders, there are so many different kinds of helmet styles available. As a matter of fact, mainstream motorcycling features six common styles for these helmets. As a result, parents are going to have some serious choices to make when buying a toddler motorcycle helmet. However, with the proper context, this is going to be a really easy decision. Here are all fo the different styles of helmets and more:

1.) Full-Face Helmets

According to the Motorcycle Safety Commission, the full-face helmet design provides the most protection for riders. Simply put, this helmet covers all of the riders face when they are on the motorcycle. As a result, so many parents will automatically choose to opt for this product. Full-face helmets have a chin bar that is great for off-road riding. The chin bar helps protect the chin area of the face and no other helmet can do that. 

Parents buying a toddler motorcycle helmet for motocross and off-road riding will want the full-face. Most of the full-face helmets we listed come with a full set of safety gear. So parents can get almost everything they need along with the most protective helmet available. However, keep in mind that full-face helmets have less ventilation. Keep this in mind when trying to find the best motorcycle helmet for toddlers.

2.) Modular (Flip-Up)

Modular helmets are a twist on the previously mentioned full-face helmet design. Now, it is pretty difficult to find this type of toddler motorcycle helmet. Due to the fact, these helmets are for adventure and sport touring riders, they are designed for adults. The movable chin bar will flip up and out of the way. Therefore, adults can grab a bite to eat without having to remove the helmet. Plus, it gives a motorcyclist some breathing and ventilation during a long trip. 

While there are great modular helmets for adults, parents will want to look elsewhere. After all, most parents want something built for protection and not for the lifestyle of a motorcyclist. So take time to look at the other types of helmets for the best toddler motorcycle helmet product.

3.) Open Face (Three-Fourths Helmet)

When the average persons picture a motorcyclist on a Harley, they imagine the open face helmet. The names open face and three-fourths helmet are such accurate depictions of this helmet. These are probably the most popular for everyday motorcyclists that want the old-school feel. However, it is important for parents to note this is best for on-road cycling. So do not purchase this type of helmet if you want a toddler motorcycle helmet for motocross and more.

According to statistics, these helmets are just as safe as full-face helmets. The shell of the open face helmet has the same exact padding and cushions for impact resistance. Therefore, if you pick our previously listed open face product, you will get a great piece of safety equipment. Off-road driving, however, may kick up rocks and more. So motocross riders will want something that provides more coverage with their toddler motorcycle helmet.

4.) Off-Road (Motorcross Helmet)

On the surface, off-road helmets look just like full-face helmets. However, there are some minor details that actually separate these two types of helmets. For instance, the angular chin bars are much better for riders. Due to the fact that these helmets are used in the summer, they also boast better ventilation for riders. So parents that want a full-face helmet should consider an off-road helmet as well. After all, they are basically members of the same family.

Motorcross helmets have a lot of space in the eye area for goggles. Therefore, parents can buy their child some goggles for eye protection and they will fit with no problem. Look no further if you want a safe toddler motorcycle helmet style for all kinds of off-road riding and more.

5.) Dual-Sport (Crossover/Hybrid)

Dual-sport helmets are a modern design and boast the name hybrid for a reason. These helmets are essential a mix of off-road and full-face styles. These are for serious off-road riders that want to really take on all kinds of terrain. As a result, parents should only really consider this kind of helmet for children that ride often. So, it may be wise to invest in a full-face option at first. Then, if you begin to notice your child gaining a serious interest in off-road, upgrade the helmet style. After all, these are more for ATV riding and Quads. 


Why Toddler Motorcycle Helmets Are So Important

According to the Center for Disease Control, helmets saved nearly 1,900 lives in the year of 2016 alone. Now, children will not be riding their motorcycles in traffic. Therefore, the dangers are inherently not equal to adults that use motorcycles for transportation. However, buying a good and durable toddler motorcycle helmet product is still really important. Especially for parents that want to get their children riding a motorcycle every other day or daily.

The importance of buying a toddler motorcycle helmet comes in reassurance and overall safety. There will be a bit of a learning curve with children learning motocross and more. As a result, it is good to have a nice motorcycle helmet for toddlers for the best safety situation. However, buying a great helmet is sometimes not enough. Therefore, we have a little section dedicated to other kinds of safety equipment.

Other Helpful Safety Equipment & Recommendations

Buying a great toddler motorcycle helmet is a good idea but it should not be the final safety step. Parents that want their children to get involved with motocross should grab some other safety gear as well. Now, we have listed products that include helmets, gloves, and goggles. So parents can definitely check out these options to just get one full set. However, there are plenty of individually sold products available on the market.

Goggles, gloves, and long clothing is the best way to approach optimal safety. The long sleeve shirts and pants provide protection from scratches and falls. That way, it does not scratch up scan and cause any bleeding. Gloves do the same and also enhance the grip for children on motorbikes and more. Finally, goggles are going to give children protection from rocks and other items that may kick up. Plus, some goggles will help them see better if they need glasses. So get a great toddler motorcycle helmet and more.

The best toddler motorcycle helmet products provide great safety benefits.
The best toddler motorcycle helmet products provide great safety benefits.

Last Advice On Buying a Toddler Motorcycle Helmet

We hope that our review and buyers guide to the best toddler motorcycle helmets has helped you out. That way, you can get your child involved in motocross and dirt bike riding today. After all, when children play outside they develop great cognitive and social skills. Children can learn social cues and can even develop skills to be more kind, like sharing with others. Plus, it is an easy way for parents to get their kids outside for a few hours. New forms of technology like video games, smartphones, and tablets keep kids inside more often than not. So it is important for parents to do everything they can to encourage physical activity and time spent outside!

Children develop lifelong interests at a young age when they are most impressionable. Therefore, parents are encouraged to let their children try a lot of things. Maybe your child will fall in love with motocross and off-road driving. This could lead to them potentially becoming an engineer that helps develop, create, and build motorbikes and more. So it is great for parents to help their kids try out all sorts of activities so that they can branch out and grow!  As a result, children can begin to decide what they enjoy and what they do not. So take time to find a great toddler motorcycle helmet for your child today. Look back our over review and buyers guide for any extra information along the way.

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