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Toddler Girl Power Wheels (Facts & Information)

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    Published May 9, 2020

In our experience, there seems to be a strange misconception among some that Power Wheels toys are predominantly made for boys. We’re here to tell you that couldn’t be farther from the truth! Not only are girls just as likely to enjoy playing and driving these toys as boys are, but there are also tons of awesome models made and marketed specifically towards girls. Here at RideToyZone, we’ve even put together our own guide of the best Power Wheels for girls. However, if you want to find out some more information on toddler girl Power Wheels before you go out and buy one, such as some of the benefits offered for toddlers, this guide is for you!

Toddler Girl Power Wheels
One of our favorite toddler girl Power Wheels models is this Roadster from Moderno Kids. It’s stylish, safe to drive, a whole lot of fun, and even good for the development of motor skills.

Benefits of Ride-On Toys for Early Development

On the surface, it’s pretty easy to see how these toys can be fun for a child. The positive elements actually go beyond that, however. You’ll find that the use of ride-on cars like Power Wheels can help improve the development of important motor skills in a child. These things are important to start instilling and working on when a baby progresses to the toddler stage, around the age of 2. You can start by using the parental remote control available with many of these toys, and let your little one experience the basics of movement before letting them take the reins as they get a little bit older.

In addition to serving to develop some of the very basic skills a child can learn, the use of these toys can also promote kids to explore their imaginations, learn the basics of moving mechanisms before moving onto a bike, and even encourage cooperative play with other children. There are many benefits to toddler girl Power Wheels toys, and we’ve only just scratched the surface. It’s not the only option out there, but if you are looking for a nice toy that your daughter will not only have a blast playing with, but will also learn a thing or two, this is definitely not a bad choice.

Toddler Girl Power Wheels
There are plenty of different Power Wheels models geared specifically towards girls, such as the Sunny Day-themed option seen up above.

A New Era of Toys

Though Power Wheels have been dominating the toy market for nearly 40 years, you might be surprised at just how advanced some of these vehicles have become. Even some of the more affordable models available now feature working radios with Bluetooth MP3 capabilities, LED headlights and taillights, multiple speed settings and more. Once you start moving up into some of the higher-priced options, you can start finding deluxe features like leather seating, more radio capabilities and more. It’s not secret that toys have changed quite a bit since the 80’s and 90’s, and it’s nice to see that these classic mainstays have changed to stay modern. This will help ensure current and future generations continue to enjoy all the experiences enabled by this excellent toy.

Safety is Always a Priority

Obviously a big question when it comes to toddler girl Power Wheels is the safety considerations. We’re happy to safe that these toys pass the mark. As with any moving toy like this, it should always be operated in the presence of an adult. However, as long as you’re around to keep an eye on them, you don’t have to expect any safety hang-ups. The toys have been tested time and time again and all feature finely-tuned suspension and a safely-design battery and motor. Many of the toys even feature parental remote controls, safety seat belts and more features in place to keep the child protected. Depending on your chosen model, there may also be a speed lock setting that prevents your child from going over a certain threshold. Many models offer a max speed of 5 MPH with a lockout feature that keeps them down to 2.5 MPH if you’d like to activate it.

Toddler Girl Power Wheels
If your daughter has a friend they like to hang out with, or you’re planning on buying for a pair of young siblings, these toys can create an excellent time together!

Battery Information

We strongly back these toys as being excellent for both boys and girls, but we like to let our customers know a few facts about the batteries of toddler girl Power Wheels before they buy. Power Wheels batteries have a reputation of dying out after just a year or two, and many customers will note that they’ve needed to buy at least one replacement over its lifespan. While this is true, and the batteries often feel naturally prone to degrading, much of this has to do with proper battery prep and maintenance.

By following the guidelines found in the battery manual of most 12V Power Wheels models, you’ll find everything you need to ensure a long and healthy battery life. For example, there are very specific requirements for the first time you charge up the battery when you get it out of the box. If you don’t follow these, there’s a solid chance your battery won’t have the longevity you want. If you do find that you need to replace the battery or battery charger, we’ve got a guide that will help you right here.

Final Thoughts

There are countless toy options for girls out there, and as we said, it seems that Power Wheels are sometimes overlooked. However, enjoying riding around in a battery-powered car is not a feeling that is exclusively enjoyed by boys, and neither are the benefits that these toys can provide. If you would like to find some of the best Power Wheels for girls out there, we think that’s a great idea. These toys can provide years of fun and growth for a child, and they are great both inside and outside. What better way to get your child away from the TV, computer or phone for an hour of outside adventure?


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