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?Power Wheels For Girls (Review & Buying Guide)

Moderno Kids Pink Kiddie Roadster Children Ride-On Car

Power Wheels Nickelodeon Shimmer & Shine Jeep Wrangler

Moderno Kids Pink Kiddie Roadster Children Ride-On Car

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    Published February 24, 2017


  • ?Power Wheels For Girls (Review & Buying Guide)

  • #1 - Moderno Kids Pink Kiddie Roadster Children Ride-On Car

  • #2 - Power Wheels Nickelodeon Shimmer & Shine Jeep Wrangler

  • #3 - Power Wheels Wonder Woman Jeep Wrangler

  • #4 - Moderno Kids Pink 12V Motorcycle

  • #5 - Power Wheels FLC45 Multi-Color Disney Princess Jeep Wrangler

  • #6 - Power Wheels Nickelodeon Dora & Friends Jeep Wrangler

  • #7 - Power Wheels Smart Drive Ford Mustang

  • #8 - Uenjoy Deluxe Pink 4x4 Ride On Car

  • #9 - Uenjoy Pink Maserati GranCabrio

  • #10 - Best Choice Products 12V Pink Ride On 4x4

Children, both boys and girls, love battery-powered cars. Their interest in riding battery operated vehicles is most likely triggered by their natural curiosity. Likewise, this kid-sized contraption provides excitement and fun not only for children but also the parents. In fact, many families spend their bonding time by letting their kids enjoy riding in electric cars. They will enjoy hours upon hours upon hours behind the wheel of an authentic and stylish power wheels girl car. Plus, all of these products are all so incredibly safe and durable.

Who says that this type of toy is designed just for boys? The advent of technology and innovation has brought breakthroughs to electric cars. If you browse the internet or try to shop in local toy stores, you’ll find a wide array of girls' power wheels that come with various options. Parents have a ridiculous amount of great, stylish, and well-designed power wheels. We have products listed that boast decals and designs based on famous Disney characters and more.

If you’re thinking about buying your little girl an electric car, you should conduct research and check the different features and specifications. This way, you’ll get value for your money and a product that will last you a long time. There are plenty of toy companies manufacturing electric vehicles for kids, with design options that are specifically for girls. Fisher-Price is a premier toy brand and produces a large number of power wheels girl car products that meet safety standards. As a result, parents can rest easy knowing that the power wheels for girls on the market are super safe. Read more information below then buy your daughter an absolutely awesome product today.

  • 1

    Moderno Kids Pink Kiddie Roadster Children Ride-On Car

Our pick for girls ironically comes to us from a brand other than Power Wheels. At this point, the term is used as a blanket term to cover all toys in this category, so we think it's worth including the Moderno Kids Pink Roadster on our list. It has excellent customer reviews, comes from a reliable manufacturer, and has tons of exciting entertainment and safety features for your daughter to enjoy.

As you can already see from the pictures above, this is one stylish ride on car. Along with its excellent design, you'll find it includes features such as a parental remote control, MP3 input capabilities, and the Soft Start/Electric Brake system combination. With the longer than usual battery life, it will help keep all features working. This allows for slow and gradual acceleration, while also ensuring the vehicle goes into brake mode as soon as your child takes the foot off the gas. This toy is both safe and plenty of fun, and it's easy to call this the best option out there for parents today.

Key Features:

  • Functioning Lights with On/Off Switch

  • MP3 Capabilities

  • Spring Shock Suspension

  • Recommended for Ages 1-3


Brand:  Moderno Kids
Model:  B014ZZIZG6
Weight:  38 lbs.

  • 2

    Power Wheels Nickelodeon Shimmer & Shine Jeep Wrangler

Another stylish power wheels comes in the form of the popular Power Wheels Disney Jeep Wrangler. Authentic styling allows girls to feel like they are driving their very own off-road Wrangler vehicle. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing this is a really great birthday gift. Also, the great graphics, colors, and details all shine and look awesome. Young girls absolutely love the stylish nature of this toy. As a result, the overwhelming reviews praise just how great this power wheels really is!

Manufacturers recommend this toy for girls between the ages of 36 months and 7 years. Keep this in mind as you try to find the best product. However, also keep in mind that this is a Fisher-Price toy. Fisher-Price is one of the best toy companies, if not the best toy company on the planet. therefore, parents can relax and buy a guaranteed great toy with this power wheels air car.

Key Features:

  • Officially Sunny Day Product

  • Safe Power-Lock Brakes

  • Doors Open and Close

  • Recommended for Ages 3-7


Brand:  Power Wheels
Model:  B07BW84W9R
Weight:  63 lbs.

  • 3

    Power Wheels Wonder Woman Jeep Wrangler

Does your daughter or young relative love Wonder Woman? If so, then this is a great power wheels girl car for her. Not only does this toy boast a realistic Jeep Wrangler design but it comes with some really cool graphics and details. Any little girl that loves comics and Wonder Woman will truly love this toy. Manufacturers recommend this toy for children between the ages of 36 months and 7 years. Therefore, it is important to get this toy for a girl in this age range!

A parent controlled high-speed lock is great for younger girls. As a result, parents can prevent their child from getting too wild on this toy. A realistic radio contains character phrases and realistic car sounds. Girls feel like they are actually driving their own off-road Jeep Wrangler with long range battery life. Extra toys go right into the spacious rear storage area that is great for both toys and clothes. The vehicle also immediately stops when children take their feet off the gas while maintaining 5 mph top speed.

Key Features:

  • Official Wonder Woman Toy

  • Storage Area for Toys

  • Pretend Radio with Movie Noises and More

  • Recommended for Ages 3-7


Brand:  Power Wheels
Model:  B01N7R2529
Weight:  68 lbs.

  • 4

    Moderno Kids Pink 12V Motorcycle

Up next in our number four slot, we have another option that comes to us from Moderno Kids. This time, it's an awesome pink motorcycle that is perfect for kids. It comes with a set of training wheels installed, so there's no need to worry about safety concerns. In fact, this is an excellent way to get your child to start learning the basics of how to ride a bike. It may also spike an interest in motorcycles, which may not be every parent's dreams, but we believe it's never a bad thing to encourage a child's interests!

One of the things we love about this motorcycle toy is the ability to play music a number of different ways. Your daughter could plug in an MP3 player or phone using an auxiliary cable or Bluetooth connectivity, or they can enjoy the good old fashioned FM radio! Additionally, the bike features smart battery charging technology that helps sustain the battery's life, an LED lighting system, side mirrors and more!

Key Features:

  • Training Wheels Included

  • Plenty of Music Options

  • Working Side Mirrors

  • Recommended for Ages 3-6


Brand:  Moderno Kids
Model:  B07L4Y48KZ
Weight:  32 lbs.

  • 5

    Power Wheels FLC45 Multi-Color Disney Princess Jeep Wrangler

Manufacturers recommend this power wheels girl car for children between the ages of 36 months and 7 years. We recommend this power wheels to little girls that love Power Wheels Disney and all of the Disney Princesses. The adorable pink design boasts multiple decals and graphics involving all sorts of Disney Princesses and more. Therefore, children that are huge Disney fans can enjoy off-road driving with their favorite characters. This allows endless hours of fun in the backyard on weekends.

The easy to use design is absolutely great for young girls that are beginners. The easy to open doors let them get in and out with ease. This power wheels girl car can drive on both hard surfaces and grass as well. Therefore, girls can drive in their driveway then transition onto the grass without having to change anything. The max speed of five miles per hour is excellent for fun but also still safe. Also, the toy can travel in reverse at a speed of 2.5 miles per hour and around 5 mph going forward. Consequently, little girls feel like they are actual Jeep drivers!

Key Features:

  • Official Disney Princess and Jeep Licensed Product

  • Radio with Movie Sound Effects and More

  • 5 MPH Max Speed

  • Recommended for Ages 3-7


Brand:  Power Wheels
Model:  B079JKPX4P
Weight:  63 lbs.

  • 6

    Power Wheels Nickelodeon Dora & Friends Jeep Wrangler

Do you have a daughter that loves Nickelodeon cartoons and specifically Dora the Explorer? If so, then look no further for one of the best that you can buy. Not only is this a well-designed Jeep Wrangler with great details but there are also amazing Dora decals as well. The Dora decals are authentic and feature Dora the Explorer and all of her friends. Therefore, young girls can feel like they are traveling with their favorite characters driving this Jeep.

Manufacturers recommend this power wheels toy for girls between the ages of 36 months and 6 years. The little details in this toy help it stand out amongst other power wheels for girls. The authentic, pretend Map App in-dash guide looks just like the one you would see in a real Jeep Wrangler. Young girls can go on adventures all throughout their backyard and more with this toy. So let them spur their imagination and creativity with this well-designed power wheels product.

The unique grille, working doors, and authentic roll bars offer a real Jeep feel. Therefore girls are going to love acting like they are driving a real car. A rechargeable 12-volt battery is convenient and long-lasting.

Key Features:

  • Official Dora the Explorer and Jeep Licensing

  • Pretend GPS with Dora Theme

  • 5 MPH Max Speed

  • Recommended for Ages 3-7


Brand:  Power Wheels
Weight:  70 lbs.

  • 7

    Power Wheels Smart Drive Ford Mustang

If your daughter has shown an interest in cars, there's no doubt in our minds she'll love this awesome Ford Mustang replica. It has all the excellent features you expect from a Power Wheels product, as well as the style flourishes found in a Ford Mustang. Most importantly, however, the toy is safe. It includes a Smart Drive system that dynamic traction and stability control, smooth acceleration and more. The interior comfortably holds two small children, or one larger child, making it great for both only children and those with siblings.

One of our favorite features available with this ride on car is the sound system. It recreates realistic driving sounds, helping encourage your daughter's imagination and creative muscles. With all of its entertainment and safety feature, it shouldn't be too hard to see why this makes it on our list.

Key Features:

  • Official Ford Mustang Branding

  • Realistic Sound Effects

  • Up to 130 lbs. Capacity

  • Recommended for Ages 3-7


Brand:  Power Wheels
Model:  B01D8J2VDS
Weight:  69 lbs.

  • 8

    Uenjoy Deluxe Pink 4x4 Ride On Car

Two of the final three items we'll be sharing on our list each come to us from manufacturer Uenjoy. Each one offers something a little unique, and while we like all three, our favorite is this: the deluxe version of their pink 4x4. It has tons of awesome features kids will love, such as music through Bluetooth, radio and more, as well as working lights. Uenjoy's products are very safe, with a spring suspension system in place along with other important precautions. The toy even includes a parent remote control, allowing you to take over driving if you think it's safer.

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth and MP3 Audio Capabilities

  • Multiple Speed Settings and Parent Remote Control

  • Charging Time: 8-12 Hours

  • Recommended for Ages 2-5


Brand:  Uenjoy
Model:  B07RPRD95N
Weight:  60 lbs.

  • 9

    Uenjoy Pink Maserati GranCabrio

Are you looking for a toy that is a little more sleek and stylish for your daughter? Check out this awesome recreation of the Maserati GranCabrio today! It has an assortment of features that any child will be sure to love, as well as the safety features that will make parents feel reassured. While this is meant for smaller children than most Power Wheels brands, it's an excellent option if you've got a daughter between the ages of one to three. After that, it make be big enough for them to use for another year or maybe two, but after that you'd likely have to upgrade once again.

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth and MP3 Music Options

  • Dual 12V Motors

  • Four-Wheel Spring Suspension System

  • Recommended for Ages 1-5


Brand:  Uenjoy
Model:  B07N82MLHP
Weight:  42 lbs.

  • 10

    Best Choice Products 12V Pink Ride On 4x4

Finally, we want to share with you another pink 4x4 option. This time, it's from manufacturer Best Choice Products. Once again, compared to the standard "Power Wheels" products, this is geared a little more towards smaller children, and your daughter will likely outgrow it after the age of 5. However, it's a truly excellent choice for younger children. It's very affordable, has awesome features like MP3 capabilities, and offers plenty of safety to keep parents feeling confident in the toy. Thought it's the final item on our list, we think this is still a very good buy for parents out there.

Key Features:

  • LED Headlights

  • Lockable Doors

  • Manual and Parental Control Options

  • Recommended for Ages 3-5


Brand:  Best Choice Products
Model:  B01N7B2Q4J
Weight:  68 lbs.

You should also pay attention to the battery of the electric vehicle that comes in 6-, 12- and 24-volt edition. Most of these cars come with 12-volt batteries. Here are some good-to-know things about electric car batteries:

  • 6-volt battery – usually runs well on flat surfaces to ensure good speed and balance.
  • 12-volt battery – ideal for more challenging terrain. Your kids will enjoy driving the car with a maximum speed of 5mph.
  • 24-volt battery – usually found in cars for older kids. The maximum speed is 15mph and it can run smoothly on both flat and textured surfaces.

Think about purchasing an electric car that works well both on indoor and outdoor terrains. With this, it’s essential to pay attention to the tires and other features.


A Guide to the Different Kinds of Power Wheels for Girls

When you sit down to find the right girly vehicle, you will notice that there are so many available options. Even if you take our list of power wheel toys, narrowing things down is not easy. However, there are some simple steps you can take towards determining what is the best gift for your child. This all starts with one simple question: what kind of toy car does my kid want? Once you determine the answer to this, everything else becomes incredibly easy.

There are ones that can come in the form of quad bikes, motorbikes, off-road vehicles, tractors, trucks, sports cars, sports utility vehicles, and more. There are even some toys that are made to be just like the real-life vehicles themselves. As a matter of fact, some motorized toys may come from the vehicle manufacturer themselves. So if you think that your child wants a toy that can provide a realistic driving experience, take a look at those options.

Once you determine the kind that you are going to buy, you should look at the brand name. As previously mentioned, an authentic car brand toy is going to give a high-quality experience for your child. However, you can never go wrong with Fisher-Price Power Wheels. Fisher-Price tests their vehicles out to make sure they exceed the industry standards for safety and performance. 

Safety Tips For Your Little Girl

Some people may be intimidated or frightened by the idea of getting a Power Wheels for their child. However, that is just plain silly. There are plenty of toy options available that are built to be safe for children. Plus, you can always buy accessories and gear to help protect your kids. That way, if there is ever an accident or they have a problem with the toy, they can be protected in some way. Most do not come with a seat belt, and because of the low speed or 5 mph there shouldn't be a need for a seat belt. There are other things to look for in your toys so that you can help provide some safety for your child.

One of the most important aspects of buying the right Power Wheels is understanding the battery included. Most people will buy their children toys like this that are powered by an electric motor. This is because an electric motor is a rechargeable which removes the hassle of using gas. Plus, this also helps ensure that this is not going to be overwhelming for a young child. These toys will not hit high speeds but instead will coast at a safe and conservative speed! So you will not have to worry about your child trying to become a character from a car chase scene in an action movie.

Buying electric cars with the right sized battery is going to be the best way to keep your child safe. A 6-Volt battery powered vehicle is recommended for children that are the age of 3 or younger. This is the least powerful battery and will drive at nearly 3 miles per hour for about 2 hours before needing to be charged. If this is the age range that you are buying for, then this is the perfect battery life.

A 12-Volt battery powered vehicle is best recommended for children between the ages of 3 and 5. While this does provide higher speeds, it will also require more charging. A 24-Volt battery powered vehicle is best recommended for children of the age of 5 or older.

A 48-Volt battery powered vehicle, the strongest battery, is best recommended for children of the age of 6 or older. It is still recommended that parents and guardians apply their own discretion for their children when buying these kinds of toys.

Once you are able to find the right type of battery powered Power Wheels, you are on the right track. A battery is much more convenient for you to manage as a parent as opposed to a gasoline-powered dirt bike. Not only will it save you money at the gas pump but it is a simple charging process. As a matter of fact, you can just hook up the battery overnight. It is as easy as charging your smartphone overnight for the next day.

Six Important Things To Look For 

It is sometimes hard to understand what separates the great Power Wheels from the bad girl's power wheels. Thus, we have put together the six most important things that you need to pay attention to when buying this type of toy.

There are so many great options available that you can easily get lost scrolling through Amazon. However, if you apply these six factors to your toy buying process, you are guaranteed to get a great toy!

1. The Battery Power

We have already gone over the different types of batteries in this article so we will do our best to keep this short. The best purchase you can make will be based on the type of battery you get. Make sure you take a moment to think about what your child wants out of their battery life.

Are they looking for a toy that focuses more on providing an authentic driving experience? Or do they have a need for speed? Then, you should take a moment to think about what kind of toy you want them to use. If you prefer a slower vehicle then get a weaker battery, if you want a faster vehicle, get a stronger battery.

2. The Budget

The price tag that comes attached to these electric cars that you end up buying is a huge deal. If you are someone that is willing to empty out the bank for your children then you have a very easy process. The price is not going to be as much of a factor for you as for other people. Thus, you can just simply find whatever toy has the best features, battery, and reviews and make a purchase. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to find themselves in this situation.

If you are trying to find the best Power Wheels on a budget, you need to have plenty of patience. Finding the best bang for your buck is going to be tricky and will require you to walk a thin line. Make sure you find a vehicle with a reasonable price for the quality it provides. If you do not want a bunch of extra features then get something with minimal accessories. That way, you can give your child a great gift without having to go broke!

3. The Safety Features

There is a safety section located above these six factors in our article, so again we will try to keep things short here. There are some Power Wheels that come with helpful safety features. For instance, some toys will have a remote control feature which is great for you and your child. This remote control option allows your child to enjoy their toy without actually being inside of it. Thus, they can use the remote control to become more comfortable with the toy. When they feel confident and comfortable, your child can transition to actually driving the toy!

Some of these  will come with a kill switch feature after they hit 5 mph. This is a feature often included with tractors and other dangerous appliances. Springs and sensors in the seat can determine the presence of a driver. If the driver is present then the vehicle will start with no problems. However, if the driver is not present then the kill switch feature will automatically turn off the vehicle. So if your child ever falls out of this type of motorized toy, it will shut down to prevent anything dangerous from happening.

4. The Overall Quality

Parents may think that quality should be at the top of the list, but that is not necessarily true. Once you get into the top tier of electric cars, they are all going to provide a high amount of quality. However, the little details will begin to separate the great options from the average options. Thus, quality ends up being much more important than most people imagine.

If you have a wild child, most parents do, then you will want to find Power Wheels  that offer up longevity as part of their quality. There is nothing worse than buying a toy for your child and having that toy break after a month of usage. Look at all of the reviews for products and pay attention to any potential problems.

Are a lot of customers complaining about having problems? Are a lot of customers complaining about the toy breaking? If so, then you will want to shift your attention towards a toy that is built to last. If you do not see a seat belt, don't worry, they are still high quality. 

5. The Special Features And Add-Ons

Much like the previous section on quality, this section on special features helps separate the best options from the average options. It is important to consider what types of special features your child will want on their toy. That way, you can get them the best for them. Special features and add-ons can take your choice from being a nice gift to the best gift at the party. So take a long look at the special features included with the toy you want to buy.

If you think that your child wants a realistic driving experience with their Power Wheels, then look at toys that provide this type of experience. There are plenty of brand name electric motorized toys available that come equipped with authentic features.

For instance, some Jeep toys will have flood lights that come on the front end of the toy. That way, your child can have a realistic late night experience right in your backyard! There are other toys that may come equipped with some awesome audio features. These features can include USB ports and even Bluetooth accessories. Thus, your child can hook up their MP3 or your smartphone for some fun jams. This will turn a backyard drive into an all-out summer party in a matter of minutes. Keep an eye out for these extra features because all of these minor details add up!

6. What Your Child Wants

This is the final part of our list of what to consider when buying Power Wheels. This may seem like the simplest section but this often gets lost on the parent that is buying their child a gift. So often parents will evaluate toys based on what the value and think and not what their child will value and think. 

When you set out to find the best one, remove yourself from the equation. Now, this does not mean that you should not look for great safety and durability. Instead, it means that you should look for those options while keeping in mind what your child is going to want.

Try to approach this as if you are a child buying yourself a gift. This will allow for you to walk a thin line of finding a fun toy that can also offer your child plenty of safety and convenience. If you end up buying a toy that only contains features and specifications that you like, then that does not bode well for your child’s experience. However, if you buy a car that has only features a child would like, that does not bode well for your experience. Find something right in the middle that will give you the best of both worlds!


The Benefits of Playing With Toys

Now, some parents are not wise and do not get their children playing with toys really early on. Other parents are wise and buy their child a bunch of unique toys to use at a very young age. Experts believe that the younger children are when they play with toys, the better. There are so many wonderful benefits for children who play with toys every day and also play with others. Here are some examples of why you should buy the best power wheels girl car and more.

First and foremost, experts believe that there are both physical and mental benefits for the families and children alike. Children and adults can play with their toys together or at the very least have some bonding team. This is great for the future of children as parental bonding is crucial to a child’s development. Plus, children that play with toys are going to play with other kids. Therefore, they enjoy serious mental benefits.

Children that are exposed to playing with others develop valuable social skill and valuable language skills as well. For instance, they learn how to play with others and this means sharing with others. Young girls can learn to take turns and allow other children to play with the toys. As a result, they develop important life skills that allow them to be selfless and thoughtful!

The Benefits Of Playing With These Toys

Now, there are some benefits that are unique to playing with a car for girls. For instance, children that play with these toys may develop life-long interest. A young girl may fall in love with driving cars and could go on to make history as a female race car driver. However, even if this does not happen, little girls will spur their imagination. Furthermore, they also develop important motor skills for their future as well.

Motor skills are super important and also go hand in hand with cognitive skills. The sooner children develop these motor skills, the better. It enhances hand and eye coordination and helps them become better drivers as adults. After all, they always say that practice makes perfect. So why not allow children to practice driving by pretending they are in a real, power wheels Jeep Wrangler.

The best benefit of buying a power wheels girl car will come in the form of getting a great gift. It is not easy to always find a child the right gift. After all, little kids change their minds every single day. One day they may want a certain type of toy and the next day, they may want something else. However, young girls will absolutely love all of the power wheels we listed. So take time to get the best product and toy for your child today!

Obviously, if you choose a toy car with more features, then you should be ready to pay out big bucks. Some of the added features include foot accelerators, horns, lights, mirrors, controls, key start, and gears. Other power wheels have more additional features for detachable steering.

It also makes sense to choose electric cars that feature remote controls operated by a guardian. This is a safety feature that allows parents to control the speed and the distance covered while driving around.

Another thing to consider in buying a battery operated car is to do a test drive before buying and bringing it home. Let your child do the test drive so that she can do a feel of how it works and runs.

Power Wheels Dune Racer Pink With Girls

Buying a car that replicates a real car will fascinate your kids. There are many different models and designs of electric cars that you can find both online and at local stores.

Aside from the Barbie-inspired toy cars, your little girl may also opt for a red sports car, a white Lamborghini or a yellow Beetle car. However, selecting replica cars can be more expensive.

Electric cars are ideal gifts for children during special occasions such as birthdays or as a Christmas gift. So if your little princess’ birthday is fast approaching and you’re looking for a birthday present, then consider giving her a Barbie-themed electric car. This will make her birthday more special and memorable for the months and years to come.

To give you more ideas, you can start surfing the internet and browse websites selling high-quality electric cars. This way, you will have an idea of how much money you will need to set aside to buy one.

Additionally, buy products from a seller that offers warranty coverage. This will give you peace of mind and your money’s worth when you can bring back the product to the seller in case it malfunctions within the warranty period. Likewise, teach your child how to maintain the car so that it will last longer.


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