Last Updated: May 9, 2020

Power Wheels vs Best Choice Products

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published May 9, 2020

Power Wheels vs Best Choice Products

If you’ve shopped around for ride-on toys at any point over the last several years, there are likely two brand names that have stuck out: Power Wheels and Best Choice Products. These two companies are dominating the market, and it can sometimes be difficult to sort between them or decide which one is right for you. Both of these companies have their own advantages and disadvantages, and offer popular choices like the classic 4×4 Ride-On Car. Today we wanted to provide you with a breakdown of the differences between the two. We’ll be looking at a variety of different factors, such as quality of construction, availability of features, safety and more to determine which company offers the better overall product. Let’s begin!

1. Safety

We believe that safety should always be the first consideration when it comes to toys, no matter what kind they are. However, that goes especially

Power Wheels vs Best Choice
When it comes to Power Wheels vs Best Choice and you want to talk about safety, we think the seat belts offered by Best Choice help clinch the win.

for toys like these, where children will be playing inside a moving battery operated vehicle. In our opinion, both Best Choice Products and Power Wheels offer toys that are safe for children to play in, so there should be nothing at all to worry about with either brand if you’re following the proper guidelines and watching your children.

However, there are two major differences between the two companies that are worth pointing out. In most cases, Power Wheels models do not feature a seat belt to buckle your child into, while Best Choice Products usually do. While a seat belt isn’t the be-all, end-all when it comes to the safety of a toy, there’s no doubt that it is a good tool to have, and that’s why we have to give the edge to Best Choice Products in this category.

Additionally, many Best Choice Products vehicles include a parental remote control, which allows you to take control of the vehicle if your child is too young to handle it on their own. While both Power Wheels and Best Choice options are quite safe, Best Choice just offers a little bit more.

Winner: Best Choice Products

2. Durability

If you’re shelling out the money for a ride-on car for your child, you want to make sure it lasts a long time. That is why the durability of the toy is second in our eyes after safety. For the durability of Power Wheels vs Best Choice Products, both companies bring a lot to the table. There aren’t many differences here, and we think both will offer comparable performance. However, in our opinion, Power Wheels is able to eek out a win in this category. They’ve simply been at the process for a lot longer, and have decades of experience manufacturing these toys. It’s clear that Power Wheels has developed the process into a fine science, and you won’t find any better quality craftsmanship for the price than with their toys.

Winner: Power Wheels

Power Wheels vs Best Choice
While each brand certainly delivers tons of fun and excitement, we think that Power Wheels has the advantage when it comes to the durability of the toy. They’ve been making this toys for well over 30 years now, so it’s safe to say they’ve learned a thing or two about constructing them.

3. Price

While neither Power Wheels nor Best Choice Products are either incredibly cheap or incredibly expensive, it does become evident that one brand has a clear advantage over the other in this category. We wouldn’t say that Power Wheels toys are too high in the price range, but there’s no doubt that Best Choice Products offers the cheaper price point. You can get a Best Choice ride-on car for under $200 depending on which model you decide to purchase. While price can and will obviously differ from product to product, on a general basis you will be able to find a Best Choice ride for cheaper. However, don’t forget that you can find Cheap Power Wheels as well if you know where to look.

Winner: Best Choice Products

4. Size

Something we think folks should be aware of before buying one of these toys is that there is a notable size difference between Power Wheels vs Best Choice. Best Choice models are often made for smaller children, starting around the age of 2 instead of 3 with Power Wheels. Additionally, some of the smaller and more affordable Best Choice Products models will only suit a child under the age of 5, while Power Wheels toys are often usable until the child reaches the age of 6 or 7. With that in mind, we think it’s safe to say that Power Wheels has the clear advantage in this category. If you want to purchase a toy that will be able to suit a wider age range, go with Power Wheels.

Winner: Power Wheels

Power Wheels vs Best Choice
Both of these two brands offer a selection of recreations of real vehicles, such as the Best Choice Products Lamborghini pictured above. If your child wants to let their imagination run wild with a replica of a real-life vehicle, they should be able to find some cool options from both companies.

5. Features

The last category we’d like to take a look at today are all the available features you can find on Power Wheels vs Best Choice models. As you might expect, each load-out can differ from toy to toy, and many include different features for kids to enjoy. However, on a case by case basis, our research shows that Best Choice Products often include more entertaining features than Power Wheels. For instance, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a Power Wheels model that includes Bluetooth phone and MP3 connectivity, but that feature is widely available on Best Choice Products toys.

Winner: Best Choice Products

The Verdict

As you can tell, there are reasons you may want to pick up either Power Wheels or Best Choice Products models. Each one offers a different experience for kids. For example, Best Choice toys are often better-suited to younger drivers, while Power Wheels are a bit more expensive and have slightly less exciting features, but they are more durable and will be able to fit the child for longer.

No matter which option you go with, I hope you’ll check out some of our faster Power Wheels and similar models. There are tons of options for you to go through, so take the time to figure out which one is best for your son or daughter!


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