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?Top 5 Kid Jeep 4×4 Ride On Toys (Review & Buying Guide)

Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler

Moderno Kids 2020 Two-Seater Ride-On SUV

Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler

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    Published January 31, 2020


  • ?Top 5 Kid Jeep 4×4 Ride On Toys (Review & Buying Guide)

  • #1 - Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler

  • #2 - Moderno Kids 2020 Two-Seater Ride-On SUV

  • #3 - Best Choice Products 12V Kids Ride On SUV White

  • #4 - Best Choice Products 12V Kids Ride On SUV Black

  • #5 - Modern-Depo 4×4 Off-Road Electric Ride On SUV

Few toys are as iconic in our opinion as the classic Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler, and for those of you who remember growing up with your own, you may be surprised at how far the toys have come today. Kids now have access to incredible features from a variety of different manufacturers of electric ride on toys. You'll find things like Bluetooth connectivity for music, working FM radios and LED lights, and even more advanced and impressive luxury features available if you're willing to shell out for a higher-priced model.

kid jeep 4x4
Electric ride on cars are a great way to help encourage the development of motor skills in small children, and they provide loads of fun!

With so many options at your disposal, it can sometimes be hard to find the best product out there, with customer reviews often featuring vague wording or seeming to have been written by bots. We're here to help you make good decisions when it comes to the toys your children will be driving around in. We'll help you out with tips on choosing the best products, breaking down the importance of safety, durability and more, as well as offering five of our favorite choices when it comes to the best kid Jeep 4x4.

There are many different varieties of ride on toys available, and today we'll be focusing specifically on those modeled after Jeep 4x4 vehicles. Check out our favorite picks below and then take a look at our buying guide for further details that will be helpful while you're shopping around.

Top 5 Kid Jeep 4x4 Toys

  • 1

    Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler

It's the iconic brand that most folks think of right away when talking about electric ride on vehicles, and to this day they are still one of the best manufacturers you can go with. Our pick for the all-around best kid Jeep 4x4 is the Power Wheels Wrangler.

It may not offer some of the same high-tech features as some of its more luxurious contemporaries, but you just cannot beat the quality of the design and reliability of the toy at this price point. While there are better, more-expensive options out there, if you're trying to stay towards the lower half of the price spectrum this is definitely the model we'd recommend.

It features a high-speed lock out feature that lets you limit your child's max speed to 2.5 MPH, as well as a storage area in the back that is perfect for carrying toys and other small items around. We back Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler because they've proven over many years to have safety and durability at the heart of their products, and that's always valuable when you're talking about toys.

Key Features:

  • Officially Licensed Jeep Wrangler

  • 2.5 MPH and 5 MPH Modes

  • Power-Lock Brakes

  • Recommended for Children 36 Months - 7 Years Old


Brand:  Power Wheels
Model:  BCK85
Weight:  78 lbs.

  • 2

    Moderno Kids 2020 Two-Seater Ride-On SUV

Our premium pick is the ride on vehicle you want to go with if you are working with a higher budget and want to splurge on a luxurious toy that's great for up to two kids, making it perfect for young siblings. The Moderno Kids 2-seater SUV includes a very cool digital display that features the battery level, MP3 information, radio options and more.

The vehicle features exciting safety features as well, with a remote control that parents can use to operate the toy while the child (or children) ride inside, along with a soft start system that ensures the kids don't take off at max acceleration right away.

This choice has awesome entertainment features, top of the line safety offerings and quality construction, and it wasn't difficult to pick that as our premium choice.

Key Features:

  • Seating for Two

  • Three Speed Settings

  • Bluetooth Enabled

  • Recommended for Ages 2 - 6


Brand:  Moderno Kids
Model:  B07Z31X845
Weight:  70 lbs.

  • 3

    Best Choice Products 12V Kids Ride On SUV White

Value is very important to us here at Ride Toy Zone, and we made sure to find a fantastic kid Jeep 4x4 available at a price under $200. Best Choice Products is one of our favorite manufacturers of kids ride on vehicles, as they offer plenty of features at a great value, and this model is definitely no exception to that.

While this model does come in at a lower price point, it is meant for younger children, so you'll find that it is not as large as the first two options on our list. However, if you have a child around the age of 3 and 4, this is likely the best bang for your buck, with features available like LED headlights, music capabilities through an auxiliary cord, and a parental remote control.

It's a wonder that in today's world of rising toy prices you can still find an excellent kids vehicle like this available at an excellent cost. Pick up yours today and let us know if you think it was worth the value!

Key Features:

  • Parent Remote Control Included

  • 2.8 MPH Max Speed

  • Built-In Aux Port

  • Recommended for Ages 3 - 5


Brand:  Best Choice Products
Model:  B07YC58HFC
Weight:  32 lbs.

  • 4

    Best Choice Products 12V Kids Ride On SUV Black

Here at our number four position, we have another pick that comes to us from Best Choice Products. This model is the next step up from our last choice, with a slightly larger size and a more comfortable interior. It includes the same awesome features found in the last pick, such as music capabilities and working lights, as well as a set of sturdy plastic wheels that are great for both indoor and outdoor use.

You will also find an adjustable seat belt along with that parental remote control once again that puts the operation of the toy in your hands, letting your child get used to riding in the vehicle before they take over control of the wheel. This kid Jeep 4x4 is a truly impressive option, finding the right balance between price, extra features, durability, safety and comfort. If none of our first three picks seemed like the right fit, we're confident this could be exactly what you've been looking for.

Key Features:

  • Working LED Lights

  • Spring Suspension System

  • 14-inch Plastic Wheels

  • Recommended for Ages 3 - 5


Brand:  Best Choice Products
Model:  B072865HYJ
Weight:  45 lbs.

  • 5

    Modern-Depo 4×4 Off-Road Electric Ride On SUV

Finally, our last vehicle on the list stood out to us due to its impressive size, dual motors and treaded anti-skid wheels that will offer plenty of off-road fun to be had. It may be towards the top side of the price spectrum, but you'll find this is a great option for a pair of siblings or just a single child.

It includes USB music capabilities as well as built-in tunes, and has a number of safety features that will reassure parents their kids are in good hands. Once again you'll find a parent-operated remote control, an adjustable seat belt, a soft start system and more.

We think this choice is great for parents who like our premium choice but would prefer to take it a slight notch down and save some money while still offering an excellent luxury option for their family. This toy is sure to be fun for years to come, so it should be well-worth your investment.

Key Features:

  • Anti-Skid Wheels

  • USB Music Capabilities

  • Working LED Lights

  • Recommended Ages 2 and Up


Brand:  Modern-Depo
Model:  B07VC1WV95
Weight:  75 lbs.

Kid Jeep 4x4 Buying Guide

While these ride on vehicles are some of the best toys out there, not all of them were created equally. That means you have to use your best judgement while shopping to determine what is the right model for you. Every child is different, and likely has different wants and needs. It's important to buy a model that is the right size and style for your child, and that aspect is best left up to you.

However, there are certain elements of these toys that are important to have regardless of personal taste. Safety should be your number one priority when shopping for a toy vehicle for your child to ride in. Depending on how old they are, you may want to opt for a model that includes a parental remote control, or you may be satisfied that they're old enough to operate the toy on their own. Regardless, you should always pay attention to the safety features that are available for each model and take that into consideration as you shop.

In addition to that, you want to make sure you purchase a toy that is going to be reliable and won't break after only a few weeks of use. This is where checking out customer reviews can come in handy, or you should feel confident to rely on the options we've recommended in our list. Take a look and see what others have to say, trying your best to sort out obvious (or sometimes not-so-obvious) fake accounts that often leave reviews on sites like Amazon.

With all of these considerations taken into account, you should be ready to choose the right kid Jeep 4x4 for your little one. We hope this guide has been helpful for you, and we're confident that before long you'll have your child zooming around the backyard or basement in their very own Jeep vehicle. If you have any recommendations for similar toys, please share them with us in the comments section down below! We'd love for our community to share some of their favorites with each other, or you can even feel free to leave a short review of one of these products of your own!

The next time you need help shopping for a birthday or holiday gift for a child, be sure to visit our site here at Ride Toy Zone for tips and recommendations!


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