How To Choose An Electric Scooter For Kids

When it comes to toys for children, some parents may be hesitant to get an electric scooter for kids because they can be a little more powerful than the child is ready to handle.

However, when you know what to look for, you can choose the best electric scooter for kids, no matter the age category.

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In this article, we are going to touch on some important things you should consider before picking up just any old scooter. We are going to touch on things like:

  • Type of Scooter
  • Budget
  • Scooter Features
  • Range

Types Of Electric Scooters

If you look at scooters, you’ve probably noticed that there are two types of electric scooters for kids—standing scooters and seated scooters. While one isn’t necessarily better than the other, it is more of a personal preference on whether or not you want an electric scooter with a seat for kids or not.


How much money you’re willing to spend on a scooter is a big factor that you should consider because, to be frank, it isn’t easy to get your child a quality electric motor scooter for kids and not spend a whole lot of money.

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Of course, if you do your homework, it is possible to find discounts and great sales for these either online or in a specialty store. One thing you should never do is choose a scooter just because it is cheap because that affordable price could be an indication of its overall quality and safety.


Now that you’ve decided what type of scooter you want to get your child and how much you’re willing to spend, you’re going to have to find that scooter. We recommend that you pay close attention to certain features:

  • Weight Capacity – Naturally, you’re going to want to find a scooter that is going to be able to support the weight of your child. However, you don’t want to choose one where the weight limit is slightly more than your child’s weight. For example, if your child weighs 45 pounds, but the limit is 50, you’ll want to go one size up so they can enjoy the scooter longer than a few weeks.
  • Handle Bars – The handlebars for an electric scooter for kids should be a safe material for kids. Ideally, it will be rubber, or a plastic material will be used. If you’re worried about your child’s hands, you can have your child wear riding gloves. On an unrelated note, you will want to make sure that when your child is done riding, they wash their hands because the handlebars can be a breeding ground for bacteria and other infectious diseases.

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  • Motor and Speed – Naturally, when you’re getting an electric scooter, it’s going to have some kind of power. However, depending on the scooter you get, you’ll want to choose one that is appropriate for the age of your child. Some scooters have the ability to reach 5 MPH, while some sit-down scooters can go above that. For smaller children, we recommend a scooter that goes 2 to 3 MPH and not much more.
  • Battery – The efficiency and the life of your scooter are reliant on the battery. A good battery is going to maximize the performance of the scooter and will be able to go longer on a single charge. However, keep in mind that when buying an electric scooter for kids, they will come with an ordinary battery, but you can upgrade—although this will cost more money.
  • Tires – As you are looking at the various features of the scooter, you shouldn’t overlook the tires. Most scooters use rubber tires, which is what you want because it provides maximum traction. Also, you will want to choose a tire that can be inflated/deflated according to the terrain in which the scooter will be used on the most.


The range is another factor to consider when purchasing a scooter for your child. The range goes hand in hand with the battery condition. In general, your battery should be able to last a few miles. However, this can be more or less depending on the weight of the child, the terrain, and the tire condition. Before your child goes out on their scooter, you’ll want to make sure their battery is fully charged so they can cover as much ground as possible.

Wrap Up

Now that you know what you should look for when shopping at an electric scooter for kids. The hard part has only just begun. Now you get to take what you’ve just learned and actually go out there and start comparing scooters and figuring out which scooter is going to be the best choice for your child.

Kid Sitting on Electric Scooter

If you are interested in having your child be part of the process, you can ask them what scooters do they like. Then you can go through their top picks and compare them to what you’ve learned.

You can balance the list by ranking the scooters, this way should your top pick not be readily available, you have two others that you can fall back on and know they meet your standards. Just keep in mind that whatever scooter your choose, you have the appropriate safety gear for your children to wear. You don’t want to have the best electric scooter for kids in your garage collecting dust because your kids don’t want to touch it after getting hurt while playing with it!

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