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Barbie Power Wheels 4 Wheeler Battery (How To Guide)

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published October 12, 2018

Barbie Power Wheels 4 Wheeler Battery: Facts & Information

Barbie Power Wheels are super popular amongst little girls across the country. Due to the extreme popularity of both the Barbie brand and Fisher-Price Power Wheels toys, this is a great birthday gift for young girls like your daughter and more. However, these toys do indeed run on rechargeable batteries. While this is convenient and great for parents, it can be tricky to deal with when dealing with power wheels for girls.

How do you charge a Barbie Power Wheels 4 wheeler battery? What do you do if the battery runs out of juice and cannot be charged? How do you install a new replacement battery bought from Amazon? These are all important questions that can really help parents in a time of need. Keep in mind that children love their toys and it gets ugly if they break them. Here are all of the facts on thees batteries and more!

Charging A Barbie Power Wheels 4 Wheeler Battery

Now, if the Barbie Power Wheels 4 wheeler battery runs well then charging is super easy. Simply plug the charger into a wall then plug it into the toy. Most toys take anywhere between four to six hours to fully charge. Therefore, parents can conveniently charge the toy overnight as they sleep. Then, by the time the next morning comes, parents can get their children out into the backyard for some serious fun.

Once a battery is fully charged it provides a good amount of play time but it is certainly not endless. Most batteries offer a full hour of non-stop playing before they fully urn out of juice. However, parents must be cautious to not overcharge the battery. Some people are foolish enough to think that they can improve the life with longer charging. This can potentially overheat the battery and leads to you getting a new one!

How To Install Battery In Barbie Power Wheels 4 Wheeler Battery

Parents that need a replacement Barbie Power Wheels 4 wheeler battery, rejoice! There are viable products located on Amazon that you can easily buy to replace the old battery. However, the installation process is not necessarily complex but it is also not easy for everyone. Luckily enough, Fisher-Price has service stations where parents can take their toys too. They will switch it out and if you bring them a replaceable battery, they can install it for you. However, there is information available for parents that want to get active themselves!


Power Wheels 12-Volt Rechargeable Replacement Battery

Closing Words On Barbie Power Wheels 4 Wheeler Battery

Every single year, parents sift through a number of toys to try and find the best birthday gift for their daughters birthday. It is no small task and parents that really love their children feel the pressure. However, it is even worse if you buy a great electric girls car and the battery is not working properly. Read back over our information on working with Barbie Power Wheels 4 Wheeler Battery and more for extra help. Also, anyone interested in buying power wheels for girls can check out our site for helpful information!

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