An ATV Comparison Guide That Makes Shopping For Kids ATVs Easier

It isn’t uncommon for families who enjoy being outdoors to invest in ATVs for kids, especially if when the child has fun when they are on an adult sized ATV with a parent. An ATV is a great option as opposed to a dirt bike because you don’t have to have the best balance since the four wheeler is balanced already.

For that reason, many people feel that kids are better suited to ride a mini ATV. However, when you decide to start looking for one, you find there are many to choose from.

That is where an ATV comparison list will come in handy. As you read our ATV comparison list, you’ll learn what features are important and should be considered when choosing the best ATV for your little one.

Two Kids Sitting on ATVs

First thing’s first, before you can start looking at ATVs, you need to think about how it is going to be used:

  • Riding trails
  • Racing
  • Leisure
  • Yardwork

Next, you’ll want to think about the age of the person using the ATV and the size of the engine:

  • Children under 11 years old – up to 70cc
  • Children between 12 and 15 years old – 70cc to 90cc
  • Beginner older teens and young adults – 125cc to 250cc
  • Intermediate to advanced riders – 250cc and up

Couple of Kids Driving ATVs

Keep in mind that these are all just suggestions. Some children who have grown up riding may find the 70cc ATV too slow, and an adult who is new to ATV riding, but has been driving for many years may find an ATV with a small engine boring. However, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, so when in doubt, go with a smaller engine.

With that said, let’s talk about how to choose an ATV.

Power Source

There are two power source options for an ATV for kids—gas powered or electric. An electric ATV is going to be the most common type of ATV that you’ll find, especially for younger children. The electric ATVs rarely go over 10 miles per hour, whereas a gas powered ATV can go up to 30 miles per hour. For that reason, if you are shopping for a child under 12 years old, you may want to stick to an electric option.


You’re probably going to start off your search by looking at the best ATVs online, so when you start creating an ATV comparison list to help you sort through all the kids ATVs available, you’re going to want to be mindful of the size of the ATV.

Kid Driving Yellow ATV

If your child can’t climb into the seat, reach the pedals or the handlebars, then the ATV is too big. For this reason, sometimes it’s easier to shop for ATVs in person, as online, everything looks the same. If you don’t have an ATV retailer near you, pay attention to the overall dimensions, the recommended age and the weight capacity of the ATV.


As we mentioned previously, gas-powered ATVs will go faster than one that is powered by a battery. However, not all battery powered ATVs go the same speed. If your child is younger, you may want an ATV that uses a 6V battery, as they tend to only go 2 to 3 miles per hour.

Larger batteries like a 12V have the ability to go up to 5 miles per hour. Some four-wheelers have multiple 12V batteries, thus doubling or tripling the overall speed, which is definitely something you’ll want to consider.

Safety Features

It’s important that when you are looking at ATVs, you take note of what kind of safety features the four wheeler has. Notable features include padded handlebars, power lock brakes, high-speed lockouts or control, tires with good tread, and lights if there is going to be any nighttime riding.

Driving ATV With Full Safety Gear

Of course, it’s worth mentioning that with any ATV you buy, you’re going to want to make sure that you have the appropriate safety gear for them. That includes a helmet and riding gear if you’re going for heavy-duty trail riding.


We can’t forget to mention that when you’re making your ATV comparison list that you have a budget in mind, as some of these ATVs can be pretty costly, and it doesn’t make too much sense buying an expensive ATV that is going to put you in debt.

So, as a good rule of thumb, if your child is young, say under 10 years old, you’d do well to go with an inexpensive ATV or even a used one. Then, as they get older and get more serious about riding, then you can think about purchasing a newer, more expensive model.

Wrap Up

Creating an ATV comparison list isn’t complicated, especially for children’s ATVs. All you really have to focus on is how the ATV is powered, the size, the speed, and what kind of safety features the ATV is equipped with. Oh, and the budget, of course.

Two Kids on ATV

By completing your research with these things in mind, you’ll be able to zero in on the ATV that is going to be a good fit for your child and your wallet. Sometimes it’s even a good idea getting a Power Wheels-like ATV and seeing how your child does with that, before moving on to a larger, gas-powered one.

Sometimes, it’s easier for your kids to learn on a battery powered, slower ATV. With a gas powered ATV, they are going to have a lot more power to them and sometimes that can be too much for kids to control, especially if they are just learning how to ride.

Before going shopping for an ATV for your child, do yourself a favor and create a comparison list so that you can rank the ATVs you research.

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