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    Published January 22, 2020

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?Tesla Remote Control Car Review & Buying Guide

Of all the rising technology companies in our current day and age, few have reached quite the same levels of success and strong reputation than Tesla. That’s why it was quite surprising to find that there are not yet very many Tesla remote control car models available in stores and online. In our search, we were able to track down one model, and with the high demand out there we thought we should provide our readers with a review and rundown of the product. After that, we’ve put together a buying guide that will keep you informed on the current state of RC vehicles.

Tesla Remote Control Car Review

The first thing to note when talking about this toy, and one of the few real negative elements you’ll find, is the size. With a typical RC car, you expect it to be about a foot-and-a-half long, and six inches tall give or take. Well, before buying, you should be aware that this is a smaller sized toy, measuring out to 190 mm long.

Once that information is out of the way, and everybody is well aware of what they’re buying, we have to say we think this is an impressive option. The smaller size makes it ideal for inside or outside play, perfect for weaving in and out of Hot Wheels traffic or finding some new concrete adventures outside.

The details are really there to reinforce this as a Tesla replica. We’re confident car-loving kids will find a lot to enjoy here.

It’s undeniable that it is styled like a Tesla (though we are unsure if its an officially licensed product), and the doors even open upwards just like the real deal. In addition to those awesome stylistic details, this Tesla remote control car features functioning LED headlights that turn on whenever the vehicle moves forward.

Along with all of that, the vibrant red vehicle utilizes a 2.4 GHz radio frequency, meaning your child should not run into any interference even when other RC vehicles are nearby. You can reach high speeds with tight handling using the simple remote control included, perfect for young kids still learning the ropes.

RC cars are fantastic ways to teach kids about how movement works, which can eventually help them out when it comes to learning how to ride a bike or even drive down the line! Though we make no promises that this will fundamentally improve the way they drive later in life, we certainly think it can’t hurt to get started early! If your child is into mini racers, and a lover of awesome looking cars, they’ll be sure to have a lot of time to admire this toy over the years.

This remote control makes the car very easy to use for young kids, serving as an excellent way to teach them the basics of controlling an RC vehicle.

An aspect of the vehicle that is a little bit disappointing is the battery life. It takes about 2 hours to charge the battery from empty to full, and that will get used up after about 20 minutes of play time. We think that could be better, and hopefully that is something that is improved upon in future iterations of the Tesla remote control car.

The simple truth is that this is pretty much the only game in town when it comes to remote control Tesla vehicles. With the ever-increasing popularity of the brand, we think it shouldn’t be too long before more options begin to crop up. While it may not be completely and totally perfect, we think this is still a pretty strong choice if your child is very interested in Tesla.


While this Tesla remote control car may not offer all the same bells and whistles as other RC trucks out there, it’s small, fast and a whole lot of fun, which checks off most of our boxes. If you want a small RC vehicle for a beginner, or if you or your little one is just a big fan of all things Tesla, we think you’ll be very happy with your purchase.

The manufacturers truly nailed it when it comes to recreating the iconic Tesla look.

Remote Control Car Buying Guide

There are a lot of different RC vehicle options out there, and no one will blame you if you feel a little overwhelmed at first. The trick to picking out the right toy, whether it’s the Tesla remote control car or another style, is finding out what the child you’re buying for is interested in. As long as they’re old enough to speak, they are old enough for you to ask questions about what they like and dislike! The answers will start to make more and more sense over time, trust us!

Some kids prefer smaller or larger RC cars, while others might want something style like a truck while others like racing vehicles. Color, model, remote control complexity and more can all be deciding factors for a child. Use your best judgement to find what’s right for them, but there are a few other factors that you may want to keep in mind while you shop.

Safety is important in every toy, so pay attention to recommended age ratings that can be found on packaging or in product descriptions online. There is often more information as to why that range is there, such as if the toy is a choking hazard or has more advanced controls. It’s usually a good idea to buy within the age range that is recommended unless you have reason to believe otherwise, such as an early advanced child who might take to complex controls easily.

Along with that, you’ll want to pay attention to the quality of the materials used and make sure you’re paying for the quality that you’d expect. There is a wide range of pricing options out there, and we’d say that our recommended product today is about the middle of the price range for its size, with both cheaper and more expensive options out there. It is, however, the only Tesla remote control car, so if that is your deciding factor, it doesn’t leave you with many different offerings

The key to not being disappointed upon just about any purchase is knowing exactly what you’re buying, and that’s perfectly exemplified by our recommended product here. As long as you remain aware that it is a mini RC vehicle and not a full-sized monster truck model, we think you and the child you’re buying for will have a great time with it.

There’s no doubt that kids will love the upward opening doors. Don’t be shocked if they begin to ask why their family cars don’t do the same!

Closing Thoughts

RC cars are a now timeless toy, having gone through generations of improvement by this point. There are so many different models out there, it’s surprising that Tesla has not yet begun to carve out their own section of the market. For now, this mid-range mini RC car is what we have to work with, and it can be a great addition to a collection of smaller car toys like Hot Wheels and similar products.

There seem to be mixed reactions when looking over the reviews on sites like Amazon, but it seems to stem over miscommunication on the size of the product, though to our eyes it is clearly listed in the description and in an image. In our book, this is a great mini RC car, with a slight caveat or two. We’d still recommend it as a worthy addition to any toy collection.

If you spot any other Tesla RC vehicle models, or want to share your thoughts on the matter, leave a comment for us down below! Be sure to check out our FAQ before you go if you have any lingering questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the Tesla RC vehicle require batteries to operate?

A: No, this model comes with a rechargeable battery. It takes an hour or two to charge and offers about 20 minutes of running time before it needs to go back on. That’s why it is our recommendation that you always put it back on the charger right after the child finishes playing with the toy, so it’s ready the next time they are.

Q: How long is the shipping time for this product?

A: On average, it looks like the expected shipping time is between 4 and 6 weeks, though some customers report getting it sooner. There don’t seem to be many problems with shipping taking longer than expected, which is always an encouraging sight in our minds.

Q: Does the RC vehicle have front lights, rear lights or both?

A: This Tesla RC vehicle has front LED headlights when moving forward, and rear lights that activate when moving in reverse! There is currently no way to keep the headlights on even while standing still, but they should be fully functional while driving, which is when they are truly important.

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