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    Published April 25, 2020

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?Purple F150 Power Wheel (Review & Buying Guide)

A Tough Ford F-150 That’s Perfect for Kids

Power Wheels have been a classic toy for children for nearly 40 years now. In that time, the toys have advanced quite a bit. Back in the old days, it would’ve been hard to imagine that we’d have these toys for our children looking as stunning as they look today. One of our favorite options has to be this purple F150 Power Wheel, a fantastic replica of the Ford truck. Since the very beginning of these toys, Power Wheels has been the premier brand to go with. While there are more manufacturers out there than ever before, few competitors will be able to match the quality, safety and fun of this awesome Power Wheels model.

Like just about every other ride on vehicle, you’ll find this toy equipped with a 12V battery. This battery lasts for about an hour of play, and then it will need to be recharged. While an hour might seem like a short battery life on the surface, we think you’ll quickly find that kids will be ready to move on to the next toy or activity by the time the battery runs out. After that, you’ll simply need to leave the battery on the charger overnight and it’ll be all ready to go the following day.

Purple F150 Power Wheel
There are generic Power Wheels models out there, but they often don’t match the licensed models in style. This purple F150 Power Wheel model is a stunning example of the kind of craftsmanship that can be found in these toys.

The History and Developmental Benefits of Ride On Cars

After their invention and a big marketing push throughout the 80’s, by the time 1990 rolled around, Power Wheels and ride on cars in general were a huge hit. While they dipped in popularity for a brief time due to safety concerns, advancements in technology resulted in safe battery powered cars for children becoming a hit once again. In their heyday, there were few toys that were as popular as Power Wheels. With all of the safety advancements and new features found in modern models, these toys are poised to reach their popularity peak once again.

It’s not too difficult to see why these toys are as popular as they are. From an early age, many children become fascinated with automobiles. These toys like them get a taste of what it’s like to drive a vehicle and experience that kind of freedom. Plus, they’re a heck of a lot of fun to drive around. However, did you know that these toys also provide developmental benefits for children? Young kids need practice to hone and develop their motor skills, and driving these vehicles will do just that! By learning the basics of physics, cause-and-effect, safety and more, you’ll be helping to ensure a more well-rounded and developed child as they grow up.

Purple F150 Power Wheel
These vehicles feature seating positions that work for either two small children, or one slightly larger child. That means it’s great for brothers and sisters as well as those without siblings.

Purple F150 Power Wheel Review

Now that we’ve got the background info out of the way, it’s time to dig into the features that make this toy so great. The first thing you’ll likely notice about the purple F150 Power Wheel model is its design. Taking tons of inspiration from the iconic Ford F-150, this officially licensed toy lets your son or daughter fulfill their fantasy of driving an epic pickup truck. This durable toy features tough plastic wheels that are well-suited to both indoor and outdoor driving, as well as dry and wet terrain. The tires feature realistic treads that help them function better in any driving situation, though we suspect your child will mostly be confined to the backyard and maybe the basement.

Additionally, the company truly knocked it out of the park when it comes to style. Though it doesn’t exactly match a real-life F150 1:1, it does quite a job of recreating the look on a smaller scale for kids. The chrome accents found throughout the ride add an extra touch of quality that takes the style up to the next level. The vehicle even features a truck bed, though it won’t exactly match up to the size of the real deal. However, it still has plenty of storage room for kids to enjoy and have fun with.

A steel frame helps ensure that the purple F150 Power Wheel model holds up for years to come. It will also help keep your child safe if they happen to run into an obstacle such as a tree or a piece of furniture. Speaking of safety, you’ll find an optional parental remote control included with the vehicle. This allows you to take over piloting if you don’t believe your little one is quite old enough to drive the toy on their own. This can help get them used to the feeling of being in a vehicle before they take the wheel for themselves.

Purple F150 Power Wheel
We think this awesome Power Wheels toy is certainly fitting of the Ford brand. Its toughness helps ensure it’ll last for years for your child to enjoy.

The Bottom Line

Overall, we feel very confident that this is one of the strongest Power Wheels choices available out there. While it may not be as widely available online as some of the other models, it’s certainly worth the extra effort if your child is a fan of the F150 pickup. The recommended age for the purple F150 Power Wheel is 3-6, and we think if your child is within that age range, there are few better options for you to choose if any. While it may not offer Bluetooth music capabilities or some of the other luxury features found on competing brands, you just can’t match the dependability offered by Power Wheels. Plus, if you’re specifically looking for a F150 replica, you won’t find anything else out there that matches this.

If you decide to pick this toy up for your son or daughter, be sure to let our community know how they liked it in the comments below! Thanks for checking out our guide, and happy shopping!

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