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Power Wheels for 10 Year Olds (Review & Buying Guide)

Radio Flyer 24V Ultimate Go-Kart

Radio Flyer 24V Ultimate Go-Kart

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    Published February 19, 2022


  • Power Wheels for 10 Year Olds (Review & Buying Guide)

  • #1 - Radio Flyer 24V Ultimate Go-Kart

  • #2 - Razor Red Dune Buggy

  • #3 - Rollplay 24V Nighthawk NexGen Electric Ride On Toy

  • #4 - Razor Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Off-Road Bike Mx350 Blue

  • #5 - Rollplay 12V Nighthawk Electric Ride-On Toy

Power Wheels for 10 Year Olds
Power Wheels can be great toys for a wide variety of age groups. However, once your child gets too big for the early models, it is important to find a good replacement. Use our guide to track down some high-quality Power Wheels for 10 year olds today.

Finding Power Wheels for 10 Year Olds

Hopefully we all have great memories of childhood. For many of us, a good portion of those memories could involve Power Wheels toys. These electric vehicles offer countless hours of enjoyment for kids, across all ages. However, it's safe to say that the majority of them are designed for kids 7-8 and under. There are certainly plenty of Power Wheels for 10 year olds available, but it may take a bit of a search to find the best options.

Ride Toy Zone is here to assist you. We've compiled a guide featuring a few of our favorites for you to consider. Check them out below, and then keep reading after our list to find additional details in our buying guide.

Top 5 Power Wheels for 10 Year Olds

  • 1

    Radio Flyer 24V Ultimate Go-Kart

First up, we want to give you more information on this go-kart from classic brand Radio Flyer. Though they are known for their classic red wagon, there’s no denying that the company has caught up with the times. This go-kart utilizes a powerful 24V battery and offers multiple speed settings for kids to play around with. This award-winning toy can offer so many hours of fun outdoors. If your child is a good fit, feel free to pick it up as your next gift.

Key Features:

  • Three Speed Settings

  • 24V Rechargeable Battery

  • Extra Wide Rear Wheels

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 81 lbs.


Brand:  Radio Flyer
Model:  940Z
Weight:  45.9 lbs.

  • 2

    Razor Red Dune Buggy

Our premium pick is up next. While it is more expensive, there’s a lot to gain if you have the room in your budget for this toy. It supports a great deal more weight than our last pick, ensuring your child will be able to use the toy for longer. Additionally, this dune buggy can get as much as 9 miles per hour, offering the right balance between fun and safety. The construction here is high-quality, and you’ll be able to count on Razor customer support to help with all your needs. What’s not to love?

Key Features:

  • Strong Alloy Steel Frame

  • Max Speed: 9 MPH

  • Padded Bucket Seat Featuring Seat Belt

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 120 lbs.


Brand:  Razor
Model:  83 lbs.
Weight:  25143597

  • 3

    Rollplay 24V Nighthawk NexGen Electric Ride On Toy

Want to try something different for your child? This toy features a unique design along with a reliable 24V lithium ion battery to rely on. It meets all expected safety standards for kids six and older, up to the weight limit of 110 lbs. Kids will be able to twist and turn at speeds of up to 7 miles per hour here. The toy is lightweight as well, making it easy to carry around to the park and other places away from home. With assembly that’s easy as can be, there are many reasons to love this ride on toy.

Key Features:

  • 24V Lithium Ion Battery

  • Innovative Design

  • Max Speed: 7 MPH

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 110 lbs.


Brand:  Rollplay
Model:  W502AC
Weight:  19.8 lbs.

  • 4

    Razor Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Off-Road Bike Mx350 Blue

Next up on our list, we have a 12V off-road bike from Razor. This bike is a great stepping stone to get kids used to riding a dirt bike without putting their safety at risk. The toy can get up to 14 miles per hour, however, so it definitely requires adult supervision during use. That said, if your child is adventurous and you know they’re ready to take the next steps, there’s no better toy than this. It even supports up to 140 lbs., ensuring it’ll last for multiple years of their development.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Handlebars

  • Dual 12V Batteries

  • Max Speed: 14 MPH

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 140 lbs.


Brand:  Razor
Model:  ‎15128090
Weight:  48.9 lbs.

  • 5

    Rollplay 12V Nighthawk Electric Ride-On Toy

In our last spot on the last, we have another variation of the Nighthawk from Rollplay. This is the last-generation model rather than the NextGen we shared previously. While it lacks a few of the most exciting features, it makes up for it in a slightly more appealing price. It offers a single 12V battery rather than a set of two, but this may be better for parents who don’t want their kids to have too much horsepower under their control. Check this product out and see if it’s the right fit!

Key Features:

  • Incredibly Easy Assembly

  • Extended Battery Life

  • Max Speed: 6 MPH

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 110 lbs.


Brand:  Rollplay
Model:  W501-W
Weight:  20.5 lbs.

Power Wheels for 10 Year Olds Buying Guide

Power Wheels for 10 Year Olds
Eventually, your child is going to outgrow their first Power Wheels toy. We are here to help you find the next upgrade once they're a little bit bigger. Check out our list and buying guide for some exciting options and useful advice!

Factors of Focus: Choosing Power Wheels for 10 Year Olds

Finding the right Power Wheels for big kids is a completely different beast than shopping for younger kids. It should be no secret that kids tastes change as they start to get a little older. At the same time, you also have to find a Power Wheels model that can actually support them safely.

While there aren’t quite as many Power Wheels for 10 year olds as there are for younger children, you can definitely still find options out there. Our list highlighted our favorites, but there are plenty more to find for yourself. The trick is knowing what to look for.

The most important factor when shopping for these toys should be safety. You need to find an option that can support the full weight of your 10 year old, and maybe even the next few years after. Along with that, we encourage you to think about the level of fun the toy delivers. Once kids start to approach their teenage years, they won’t be satisfied by a slow-moving Jeep.

Keep those things in mind as you shop around. If you do, you shouldn’t have a difficult time finding some great Power Wheels for 10 year olds. If you have any additional questions, feel free to leave them for us in the comments below!


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