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Power Wheels Cover (Review & Buying Guide)

tonhui Large Kids Ride-On Truck Toy Car Cover

Bububee Large Children's Ride-On Toy Car Cover

tonhui Large Kids Ride-On Truck Toy Car Cover

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    Published February 24, 2022


  • Power Wheels Cover (Review & Buying Guide)

  • #1 - tonhui Large Kids Ride-On Truck Toy Car Cover

  • #2 - Bububee Large Children's Ride-On Toy Car Cover

  • #3 - SOFW Large Kids Ride-On Toy Car Cover

  • #4 - Topray Ride on Kids Toy Car Cover

  • #5 - Rilime Mobility Scooter Cover and Power Wheels Cover

Power Wheels Cover
When play time is over and the toy needs to be put away, it's important to protect it. We all know that they can be expensive, so invest in a Power Wheels cover to keep the toy running great for a long time ahead.

Sometimes a simple tarp just won't do the trick. If you want to make sure the family Power Wheels toy is protected from the elements, a good cover will help. At RideToyZone, we're experts when it comes to this category of toy. That's why we're qualified to help you find the best Power Wheels cover money can buy. Take a look at our list and buying guide to see if there's something you like!

Top 5 Power Wheels Cover

  • 1

    tonhui Large Kids Ride-On Truck Toy Car Cover

When shopping for a Power Wheels cover, the first thing you should ask yourself is: Does it get the job done? The answer isn't in doubt with our first product. It has great reviews from customers, is designed specifically for these kinds of toys, and is available at a great price. The cover is made from Oxford Fabric, one of the higher quality materials you can find for uses like this. It's easy to wipe the cover down if it gets dirty, and it'll do a great job protecting the toy. If the measurements look good and you're confident it'll fit, you won't regret picking up this great cover.

Key Features:

  • 55" x 33" x 32"

  • Heavy-Duty Oxford Fabric

  • Waterproof

  • Quality Customer Service


Brand:  Tonhui
Model:  B08P6QNC33
Weight:  1.4 lbs.

  • 2

    Bububee Large Children's Ride-On Toy Car Cover

Our next cover is a little bit more expensive, but it's made with a premium PEVA/PP cotton fabric and was designed right here in the United States for these toys. The cover is a little smaller than our last recommendation, so make sure to check the measurements and compare them to your toy. If it's a good fit, you can rely on this to protect against light rain, sun damage, stains from falling leaves and more. Dirt and dust will also be stopped from getting in. However, the cover was not designed to protect against heavy rainfall, so we encourage to you to store the toy under heavier protection in those circumstances.

Key Features:

  • 52" x 34" x 34"

  • Heavy-Duty Cotton Fabric

  • Double-Stitched Elastic Hem

  • Protection from UV Rays, Rain and Snow


Brand:  Bububee
Model:  B01LXXF3GW
Weight:  1.4 lbs.

  • 3

    SOFW Large Kids Ride-On Toy Car Cover

For our third pick, we have another Oxford Cloth Power Wheels cover for you to consider. It features a drawstring at the bottom that lets you tighten it to fit the vehicle, as long as it's within the proper size range. The cover will protect against light rain and even some snow, but heavy rain has a way of getting through covers like this one way or another. However, it's a great choice for basic protection, and can help you avoid fading to the color as well as scratches.

Key Features:

  • 57" x 29" x 24"

  • Protects from Dust, Rain, Sunlight and More

  • Wind-Proof Drawstring

  • Waterproof and Easy to Clean


Brand:  SOFW
Model:  B08H284KYV
Weight:  1 lb. or Less

  • 4

    Topray Ride on Kids Toy Car Cover

For our next product, we have another Power Wheels cover in the same style that you've come to expect. While these covers aren't radically different from one another, there are some things that should stand out beyond just the size changes. This cover features a buckle that helps secure it to the toy, but it will cost you a few bucks extra. It offers about the same level of protection, and is advertised to fit the standard Power Wheels Jeep. If that sounds like the right fit, pick this cover up for your family today.

Key Features:

  • Durable Waterproof Material

  • Interior Lined with Soft Cotton

  • Elastic Bottom and Buckle Attachment

  • Simple to Keep Clean


Brand:  Topray
Model:  B0976CMRY7
Weight:  1.3 lbs.

  • 5

    Rilime Mobility Scooter Cover and Power Wheels Cover

Our final cover was designed not just for Power Wheels toys, but mobility scooters as well. That versatility means the product is a little bit more affordable, but make sure to check the size measurements to ensure they work for your toy. If they do, you'll find a cover that you can count on for basic protection against the elements. It might not be the best Power Wheels cover, but it'll get the job done for less than $20.

Key Features:

  • 55" x 26" x 36"

  • Highly Waterproof

  • High Quality Polyester Fabric

  • Reliable Customer Service


Brand:  Rilime
Model:  B08R8WSFK6
Weight:  1 lb. or Less

Power Wheels Cover Buying Guide

Power Wheels Cover
Power Wheels toys can be an excellent way to encourage kids to play outside. However, they have a reputation for wearing down fast. Keep yours in solid condition with a cover for a longer lifespan.

Today's list includes just a few of the better Power Wheels cover options on the market today. These covers are just one of the ways you can take care of the toy, as expensive as it is. If possible, it may be better to keep the toy inside when not being used. A basement is usually a good place, though it may be a pain to haul it back up when playtime rolls back around.

That's just one reason why a cover can be useful. However, be aware that there's no way a cover can fully protect from a heavy rain storm. Not on its own, at least. In combination with a tarp, you should be able to keep the toy protected from rain in a pinch.

Another important way to take care of your Power Wheels toy is by maintaining the battery. The 12V batteries present in these toys are notoriously fickle. Carefully follow the instructions upon first-time use, and do your best to take care of the battery over time.

If you have any other questions, feel free to share them down in the comments. You can also keep on browsing our website for plenty more information on these toys and so many others. Good luck on your search for a cover, and we hope we've been of some help to you!


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