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How to Tell If Power Wheels Battery is Charging

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published February 19, 2022

How to Tell If Power Wheels Battery is Charging
There are few toys that offer as much outdoor fun as a Power Wheels vehicle. However, battery problems are all too common with these toys. If you’re running into issues, check out this guide and you may find some helpful answers.

How to Tell If Power Wheels Battery is Charging and Other Common Problems

For a very long time now, Power Wheels toys have been a favorite among kids. For just as long, the batteries for these toys have had something of a negative reputation. Are you wondering how to tell if Power Wheels battery is charging? You’re not alone, and it’s quite a common issue. Here at Ride Toy Zone, we’re experts on these batteries. That puts us in a position to help out our readers. Take a look through this short guide and you should hopefully find a solution to your problem. We’ll be covering the main issue you’re here for, as well as offering tips on maintenance, getting a power boost from your battery, Power Wheels battery replacement options and more. Be sure to leave us a comment if you have any specific needs you’d like us to address and we’ll attempt to do so in the future!

How to Tell If Power Wheels Battery is Charging

While many of the batteries found in these toys are different, if everything is working correctly it should not be difficult to tell if the battery is charging. The battery should feature a light that comes on when plugged in. If this light does not come on, that’s the first sign that something is likely wrong with the battery.

Perhaps that light is coming on but you’re not sure if the battery is actually holding a charge. That’s why you’re here reading how to tell if Power Wheels battery is charging. The most common reason to think this is that the battery doesn’t seem capable of powering the toy even after leaving it on the charger for the specified amount of time. If this is happening, you can attempt to use a volt meter to get a read off the battery. Leave the battery on the charger for a while, then test out of the battery with the volt meter. If you’re not getting a strong charge, there is a problem either with the battery or the charger.

We recommend that you attempt to replace the charger first, as it is much cheaper. If your problems persist, it’s likely time to opt for a replacement battery. Later on in our guide, we’ll go over the benefits and potential negative aspects to think about when choosing a new battery. Check out the rest of the guide for useful advice when it comes to your Power Wheels battery.

How to Tell If Power Wheels Battery is Charging
Power Wheels serve as great toys for a wide variety of reasons. They will encourage your kids to spend more time outside and away from screens, as well as helping develop key motor skills especially in younger children.

Making a Power Wheels Battery Last Longer

One thing that we’ve learned over the years is that faulty batteries are not always the manufacturers fault. If you want your battery to keep working, it’s important to follow the instruction precisely when you first buy the Power Wheels vehicle. Many batteries have a specific series of steps you must follow when using the battery for the first time. If you don’t follow these steps, there’s a very good chance your battery will stop working sooner than it should. Always read through the instructions included with the Power Wheels toy, especially where it concerns the battery.

Maintenance Tips for 12V Batteries

Taking care of your 12V battery over time is important to ensure it keeps working as it’s supposed to. Before storing the battery for long periods of time, make sure to charge it up all the way. Additionally, don’t let it sit for too long without use. Take the battery out, put it in the vehicle and run it for a bit, even if your child isn’t using it. Then charge the battery back up and put it back in storage. Speaking of storage, you’ll want to store your battery somewhere room temperature, like a basement shelf. Keeping it out in the cold is another way to ensure the battery fails before you want it to.

How to Tell If Power Wheels Battery is Charging
With the right battery setup, you could help increase the time needed between charging sessions. That way, the toy will usually be ready whenever your child wants to play with it.

Replacement Battery vs. Adapter

When it comes to choosing between a replacement battery of the same kind or an adapter that allows you to use a new kind of battery, there are some important considerations to think about. First, think about what batteries you already have at home. If you have a rechargeable battery for a power tool or something like that, there’s a good chance there’s an adapter that will allow you to install it with the Power Wheel vehicle. This can be great, as you can buy an inexpensive adapter rather than a whole new battery. Many times, these other batteries will work more reliably than the factory-installed 12V battery in the toy.

However, there are also reasons to go with a simple replacement battery. Installation will be very easy, and you won’t have to worry about tracking down any specific tools to get the right setup. Additionally, lots of folks feel more comfortable using the battery that was made specifically for this toy. That’s perfectly understandable, and you can still find plenty of reliable 12V battery replacement options. Just make sure to choose carefully so you know you’re getting a high-quality battery. Both customer and professional reviews can be useful in this regard, so do your research!

Was this guide helpful to your current situation? We certainly hope it was. If you’re still having problems with how to tell if Power Wheels battery is charging, feel free to leave a comment for us below and we’ll do our best to address it in a future article.How to Tell If Power Wheels Battery is Charging


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