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Girl Ride On Cars (Review & Buying Guide)

12V Licensed Mercedes-Benz SL500

Power Wheels Disney Frozen Ford Mustang

12V Licensed Mercedes-Benz SL500

  • Your guide to this review today is by product expert Nick Bulanda

    Published March 3, 2019


  • Girl Ride On Cars (Review & Buying Guide)

  • #1 - Uenjoy 12V Licensed Mercedes-Benz SL500

  • #2 - Power Wheels Disney Frozen Ford Mustang

  • #3 - Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler

  • #4 - Uenjoy Maserati GranCabrio 12V Electric Kids Ride On Car

  • #5 - Power Wheels Disney Frozen Smart Drive Mustang

  • #6 - Uenjoy 12V Ride On SUV

  • #7 - Best Choice Products 12V Pink Kids Ride On Car

  • #8 - Peg Perego Polaris Pink RZR 900 Ride On

  • #9 - Best Choice Products 12V Kids Licensed Mercedes-Benz S63 Coupe

  • #10 - Power Wheels Barbie Jeep Wrangler

Ride on toys are all the rage for little kids. Basically, ride on battery-powered toys are the evolution of the Big Wheel. Now, kids do less while having more fun than ever before. All the while, parents relax and keep the situation calm with some parental controls. As a result, one of the best girl ride on cars is a great birthday present for your daughter or relative.

Now, shopping for toys is not simple. Especially when it really matters on a birthday. After all, no one wants to buy a bad gift for their daughter. Instead, use this buying guide to your advantage. Below are ten of the best ride on cars for girls. Not to mention the valuable information after. Learn all about buying ride on toys and get a great option all at once. Without any more waiting, here is our list!

The Ten Best Girl Ride On Cars

  • 1

    Uenjoy 12V Licensed Mercedes-Benz SL500

The Uenjoy 12V Licensed Mercedes-Benz SL500 is number one this list for a number of reasons. First, start with the 100% authentic Mercedes-Benz SL500 design. Obviously, little girls are not car-enthusiasts. But, they will love the realistic design since it feels like their own car. Not to mention the hot pink design. Every single detail is true to the real-life construction of an SL500.

Inside, the dashboard is just as wonderful as the authentic exterior construction. The dashboard features preset songs. However, there is a USB port and Bluetooth functionality. Sync a smartphone or device to the system. Likewise, plug the device into the USB port. This provides plenty of jams out in the driveway. All the while, the two rechargeable 12V motors are very powerful. Look no further for the very best girls ride on car.

Key Features:

  • Licensed Mercedes-Benz Design

  • Stylish Hot Pink Color

  • Foot Pedal & Shift Lever

  • Recommended Age: 1-5 Years


Brand:  Uenjoy
Model:  U38
Weight:  38 lbs

  • 2

    Power Wheels Disney Frozen Ford Mustang

Power Wheels toys are some of the best ride on toys available. All the while, Power Wheels creates special toys like this Disney Frozen Ford Mustang. The authentic Ford Mustang is incredibly sporty and stylish. All the while, this toy delivers performance just like a Ford Mustang. The maximum reverse speed is 2.5 miles per hour. On the other hand, there are two forward speeds. One speed is 2.5 MPH and the other is 5 MPH.

Realistic features like the cupholders and the sleek chrome rims stand out. Meanwhile, the pretend radio boasts songs right from the movie. So this is the perfect ride on toy for Frozen fans. Best of all, you control multiple safety features including high-speed lock-out options. Plus, the power-lock brakes stop the toy once the driver removes their foot from the pedal.

Key Features:

  • Fisher-Price Brand Name

  • Disney Frozen Colors & Graphics

  • Two Forward SpeedS: 2.5 MPH & 5 MPH

  • Recommended Age: 3-6 Years


Brand:  Power Wheels
Model:  CLK46
Weight:  69.8 lbs

  • 3

    Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler

Another high-quality ride on car for girls that features the special Disney Frozen design. However, this particular toy features the authentic Jeep Wrangler design. As a result, this particular toy drives on hard surfaces and grass all the same. Plus, the doors actually open and close for easy access. Not to mention this design creates a realistic design. Children pretend this is their real vehicle in the driveway and in the backyard.

The cute design of this ride on toy fools customers. There is plenty of power here for little girls. Two different gears allow forward driving and a reverse option. There are two different forward speeds including 2.5 miles per hour and 5 mile per hour. So this toy is built for serious fun. Plus, there is a pretend radio with multiple songs from the Frozen movie!

Key Features:

  • Authentic Jeep Wrangler Design

  • Frozen Colors & Graphics

  • Drives On Grass & Hard Surfaces

  • Recommended Age: 3-7 Years


Brand:  Power Wheels
Model:  CLD96
Weight:  62.6 lbs

  • 4

    Uenjoy Maserati GranCabrio 12V Electric Kids Ride On Car

Notice a trend? The best ride on toy is usually made to replicate a real vehicle. Kids want their own car. They envy parents driving their adult car. Well, this particular ride on toy delivers the absolutely stylish Maserati GranCabrio design. This toy comes in a hot pink color too. So there is plenty to look at and enjoy. Meanwhile, there is no skimping on the performance aspect. Instead, 2 12V motors deliver enough power to reach speeds of over 3 MPH.

Bluetooth and USB connections are one of the many extra features available. Each feature is worth the extra money. Kids enjoy hours of entertainment until the next charging process. But, the best part is the parental remote control. Prevent your children from going too fast!

Key Features:

  • Officially Licensed By Maserati

  • 2 Powerful 12V Motors

  • EVA Wheels With Spring Suspension

  • Recommended Age: 1-5 Years


Brand:  Uenjoy
Model:  U42
Weight:  42 lbs

  • 5

    Power Wheels Disney Frozen Smart Drive Mustang

Simply put, this is a more advanced version of our previous Disney Frozen Mustang. There are more differences between these two toys than just a different color. The only true similarities are decals all over the Ford Mustang design. All the technology starts with a touchscreen display. Parents change speeds with this intuitive touchscreen. All the while, there are also alerts that pop up. That way, you are informed on the battery charge and the overall speed.

The true highlight in this toy is the Smart Drive System. This system improves performance and offers a number of real-life safety features. This includes but is not limited to Dynamic Traction Control and Advanced Stability Control. Thus, the ride on Ford Mustang treks across difficult and uneven terrain. Meanwhile, you control the speed settings from a distance!

Key Features:

  • Authentic Ford Mustang Design

  • Special Disney Frozen Decals

  • Touchscreen Display For Parents

  • Recommended Age: 3-7 Years


Brand:  Power Wheels
Model:  DYK80
Weight:  72.6 lbs

  • 6

    Uenjoy 12V Ride On SUV

Extravagance awaits with this ride on toy. The design is absolutely over the top, in the best way possible. Now, this does indeed come with a difficult assembly process. As a result, the expert assembly is recommended. But, all the extra work is worth it. There are 2 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds. All the while, the simple 12V battery design charges in less than 12 hours. So maintaining the battery is super simple and easy.

Each wheel features a spring suspension system which is wonderful in two ways. First, it delivers an authentic driving experience. That way, kids feel like they own their very own vehicle. Second, it delivers a smooth ride for the kids. This also enhances the overall safety of the ride on toy. After all, safety is key!

Key Features:

  • SUV Design With Authentic Parts

  • Automatic Charging Process

  • Two Forward Speeds: 2.5 MPH & 4 MPH

  • Recommended Age: 18 Months To 6 Years


Brand:  Uenjoy
Weight:  54 lbs

  • 7

    Best Choice Products 12V Pink Kids Ride On Car

Long battery life makes a big difference. As a result, this particular ride on car from Best Choice Products stands out. This robust battery lasts for an astonishing 2 hours on one single charge. Therefore, there is less charging and more play time. All the while, there is still plenty to attention put towards the realistic design. This includes but is not limited to realistic horn and engine sounds. Best of all, there are realistic seat belts. So children learn early the importance of safety!

Remote controls are a critical feature for ride on toys. Especially if you have a rambunctious young child. Extra features like the AUX cord provides plenty of fun. Kids play all of their favorite tunes behind the wheel of this ride on car. Again, this emphasizes the idea that the toy is their own personal car.

Key Features:

  • Runs For 2 Hours On One Charge

  • Max Speed Of 2 MPH

  • Aux Cord Included

  • Recommended Age: 18 Months To 6 Years


Brand:  Best Choice Products
Model:  908
Weight:  33.5 lbs

  • 8

    Peg Perego Polaris Pink RZR 900 Ride On

Off-road enthusiasts, rejoice! Little girls are not big enough to ride their own ATV. While there are ATV ride on toys available, they still might not be safe enough. This Peg Perego Polaris is the perfect introduction to the world of off-road driving. The bucket seats adjust at any given moment. Therefore, this ride on toy is great for growing children. Plus, there is a second seat for sharing. Schedule a play date with the neighbors or let siblings drive together.

The 2-speed shifter provides two forward speeds. Children drive at either 2.5 MPH or 5 MPH. Worried about your little girl driving too fast? Do not fret. The helpful high-speed lockout feature prevents this from ever happening. Put the feature into effect for beginners. But, always properly supervise your daughter and her friends.

Key Features:

  • Off-Road Design

  • Adjustable Bucket Seat

  • Accelerator Pedal & Automatic Brakes

  • Recommended Age: 3-8 Months


Brand:  Peg Perego
Model:  IGOD0073
Weight:  30 lbs

  • 9

    Best Choice Products 12V Kids Licensed Mercedes-Benz S63 Coupe

Another officially licensed Mercedes-Benz makes the list of the best girls ride on cars. However, this time it is made to look like a real-life S63. Children drive manually, parents control remotely. The ridiculously impressive 2.4GHz remove reaches a staggering 80-foot maximum. That way, every fun experience is safe and stress-free. After all, there is nothing more stressful than a child driving out of control.

Non-toxic ABS plastic is safe for children. All the while, it is ridiculously durable. Children also enjoy a plethora of authentic amenities. This ranges from dashboard lights to even driving features like the 4-wheel suspension. For many kids, the real highlight is the audio design. Built-in FM radio delivers pre-installed music options. Yet, there is even more. The USB port & auxiliary cord offer a freestyle selection of music straight from an MP3 player.

Key Features:

  • Parental Controls

  • Real Engine Sounds & Music

  • Official Mercedes-Benz Licensed Toy

  • Recommended Age: 2-5 Years


Brand:  Best Choice Products
Model:  BCP-44
Weight:  44 lbs

  • 10

    Power Wheels Barbie Jeep Wrangler

You do not need to break the bank for one of the best ride on cars. Instead, there is an option available with unprecedented style and all the standard bells and whistles. The sleek hot pink color is complemented by front windshield heart decals. Not to mention all of the Barbie graphics on the hood and sides. Best of all, there are no doors on this authentic Jeep Wrangler toy. Therefore, this is truly an outdoor Jeep design.

Power-lock brakes are simple but incredibly effective. Kids press down on the accelerator. The car moves. Kids remove their foot from the accelerator. The car stops. Again, simple but effective. Meanwhile, kids drive literally anywhere and everywhere without any difference in performance. Remember, this is the most valuable option on the market!

Key Features:

  • Authentic Jeep Wrangler Construction

  • Special Barbie Colors & Graphics

  • Top Speed For Forward & Reverse: 2.5 MPH

  • Recommended Age: 18 Months To 4 Years


Brand:  Power Wheels
Model:  X6655
Weight:  31 lbs

Girl Ride On Cars Buying Guide & FAQ

Who says girls can't have fun with toy cars?
Who says girls can't have fun with toy cars?

Why Buy Girl Ride On Cars?

Experts believe toys are instrumental to the development of children. This ranges from social development, spurring creativity, and even how children think. Effects go so far as to alter how children even view themselves. So parents must cautiously pick the right toy for their children. This may leave you wondering, why should I buy a ride on car for my girl. The reasons are plentiful. So here are a few crucial reasons.

First and foremost, start with motor skills. For those who do not know, motor skills are a learned ability. Children learn their motor skills incredibly young. Now there are two types of motor skills. This includes gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Gross motor skills include the movement of the entire body. Great examples include running and jumping.  On the other hand, fine motor skills involve more minor actions and movements. This includes picking things up, wiggling toes, and finger coordination. Not to mention even tongue movement!

Studies show that many toys improve motor skills for children at a young age. But, ride on cars provide a special type of development. Children learn to drive at the earliest possible age. Sure, they are not actually driving. No, there are no traffic laws in your backyard. However, driving a little car helps them learn the actions and habits. Best of all, they develop important hand-eye coordination. This is crucial to their future driving abilities.

Next, many of the toys on this particular list feature two wheels. In general, many popular car toys also offer two seats. So this allows playing with neighbors, friends, and siblings. Children learn and develop essential communication skills at the youngest possible age. Moving forward, articulating concepts and ideas becomes much easier. All the while, they also develop great social skills. Teach your daughter how to share with other children early.

Factors Of Focus

Shopping becomes tedious after a lengthy period of time. No one enjoys hours staring at toys online. Not to mention visiting an actual toy store. It is not fun. Instead, apply each factor of focus below to your shopping process. That way, you find the best possible ride on toy!

1. Your Budget

Budget stands tall over all other factors of focus. After all, some ride on toys are pretty darn expensive. You must navigate through the prices of various toys. Your budget acts as a map. Create your budget. Specifically, focus on creating a hard cap for the budget. Everyone has their own set of financial goal posts. There is nothing wrong with that. Establish a logical price point to avoid overspending. Buying the priciest option available does not always guarantee the best value!

2. Age & Weight

Next up, consider the age and weight of your daughter. Luckily, this is first-hand information. Therefore, this is a simple factor. Especially considering the product specifications available online. Manufacturers provide recommended age limitations and guidelines. Scroll through Amazon information to find all the right details. Apply your daughter's age to each and every product recommendations. In some cases, it is wise to buy for the future. So find a car that children grow into!

3. Design

Design works in two different ways. First, think about the design of the car. Ride on car options range from authentic Jeep SUV designs to sleek and sporty Ford Mustangs. Not to mention all of the ride on toys in between. What would your daughter like the most? A fast sports car or an off-road SUV? Answer this simple question. Then, you know just which design to buy. Would an officially licensed vehicle work best? There are plenty of officially licensed Mercedes-Benz and licensed Maserati ride on cars.

4. Performance

Now, performance is not complex whatsoever. Basically, girl ride on cars feature two driving modes: forward and reverse. However, certain toys offer different types of speeds. Generally speaking, most ride on cars feature a tame reverse speed. This does not go over 2.5 miles per hour for the most part. After all, reversing is not easy. Especially for little girls. Even adults need help from advanced rearview cameras in real-life cars. So find a low speed in reverse to keep your daughter safe.

There are usually two forward speeds for a ride on car. However, this all depends on the particular model. Remember when we discussed buying for the future. Buy a ride on toy with two speeds and a high-speed lock-out feature. Then, lock out the high-speed. This prevents learning girls from going too fast in their new ride on car. All the while, they still have plenty of fun. When the time is right and they are old enough, unlock the higher speed for optimal fun.

5. Extra Features

Finally, extra features might be last but they are nowhere near the least important factor of focus. Instead, extra features separate the best from the weak and obsolete. As just mentioned, some toys feature a high-speed lock-out. This is an extra feature added to improve safety. Other toys might boast a 4-wheel suspension system or real tread tires. All of these features are above and beyond the standard. However, the most popular extra feature is a radio with a USB port or an auxiliary port. Kids connect their phone and play all their favorite songs!

Girl ride on cars can be fun, stylish, and safe.

Closing Thoughts On Ride On Cars For Girls

Usually, parents associate girls toys with dolls and big toy houses. Times are changing. Now, girls can play with the same toys as boys. So buying girl ride on cars delivers plenty of great results. These results benefit both you and your daughter. First, you relax while your daughter plays with her new car. Yes, you must supervise. But, you are not the source of entertainment. Plus, they wear themselves out before nap time. Second, they develop all of the essential motor skills as discussed before. Look back over this buying guide for any extra information. Get the best toy for your daughter today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are All Ride On Cars Powered By Battery?

A: Yes, they are generally battery-powered toys. However, there are plenty of girls electric car toys available. Both designs are simple to charge and use. At night, plug the battery or car into the wall for a charge. In some cases, a battery may feature an automatic charging mode. That way, the battery stops charging upon completion. But, batteries usually require a 12-hour charging time. So just unplug the battery after a long night of sleep!

Q: How Do I Charge My Daughters New Ride On Car?

A: First and foremost, never let children charge the battery. Second, check the battery before charging. Look for cracks and problems in the battery. If you notice problems, toss out the battery and buy a new one. For the very best results, refer to the instruction manual that comes with your specific toy!

Q: How Can I Determine Which Design Is Best For My Daughter?

A: Look at what your daughter likes and does not like. Is she a big Disney fan or does she prefer Barbie? Would she want an officially licensed ride on car? These are questions you need to ask. These are questions you must answer for yourself. Look through her other toys and check for any trends or noticeable similarities. If your daughter loves Disney movies, there are plenty of Disney inspired toy cars out there.

Q: Do I Need To Get A Parental Remote Control?

A: Yes, this is an absolute essential. Why? Because safety is paramount. Protect your daughter from herself. After all, kids are not known for being low-energy and reserved. She will likely floor the gas pedal upon entering her ride on car. So buy a ride on car with a remote control. You can automatically control the car from a distance without any worries. As a result, you ease your anxiety. All the while, you never get in the way of a fun driving experience.


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