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How To Stop A Child From Screaming For No Reason: A How-To Guide

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published March 3, 2019

Children cry and scream. It is natural. Generally, children cry as an indicator. They cry and scream when they are tired, frustrated, and even hungry. Unfortunately, children potentially cry and act out for no reason whatsoever. This leads to legitimate frustration. Especially if it happens out in public in front of the people. Do not freak out and do not lose control. This only makes the situation worse. Instead, simply breathe in and out. Then, use one of the many tips below. Learn how to stop a child from screaming for no reason today. That way, you move forward with intelligent and thoughtful strategies to curb unnecessary crying.

Never Scream At Your Toddler

A screaming match is actually the worst case scenario for your toddler’s screaming problem. You cannot scream at your toddler. Regardless of what happens. You are an adult. They are a child. Act like it. Stay calm even when they are doing the most. Experts believe that children emulate their parents, amongst other actions they see. As a result, a screaming match only reinforces the concept of screaming as normal. Show them that screaming is not something ideal nor acceptable. Stay under control, no matter the circumstances.

Inside Voice Vs. Outside Voice

This is an old-school concept that applies to modern life. Simply put, create two different volumes for voices. One volume is best for outdoor scenarios. The other voice is best for indoor scenarios. Then, reinforce this concept every single day. Mention, “use your indoor voice” while inside. When outside, let them scream and run and be wild. Remember, they are only a child. So they are chock full of nearly unlimited energy. They need time to actually be kids and let loose. Balance out indoor time and outdoor time. All the while, avoid being too strict on their outdoor behavior.

Learning how to stop a child from screaming for no reason is as simple as remaining calm.
Learning how to stop a child from screaming for no reason is as simple as remaining calm.

Ignore Mild Screaming

On the surface, this method seems irresponsible. We promise it is not. Now, do not ignore your child in public. But, at home, ignore them. When they scream, shriek, and act out, do not pay any attention. They are screaming for attention. They want your attention. Once you give it to them, they will scream every single time for attention. You cannot reinforce this type of behavior. Likewise, you cannot engage this type of behavior. Instead, just sit down and take a breath. Ignore them and eventually, they will cease crying and screaming.

Distract Them

Now, be cautious with this method. You do not want to end up reinforcing this particular behavior. Providing them with treats and gifts is not the best idea. Children eventually associate the two: gifts and screaming. As a result, children scream every single time they want a particular treat or snack. Instead, take time to play with them. Break out their favorite Power Wheels Jeep 2 Seater or Mercedes Benz Remote Control Power Wheel. Read their favorite book. If it works, then they will calm down. If not, then there may be a more serious reason for the crying. Again, crying is somethings an indicator for parents. So keep an eye out for any crying that seems out of the ordinary.

Teach Them To Not Scream

As just mentioned, children often act out for attention. In particular, they screech and scream. Teach them that this is not okay. Eventually, they will learn. Especially if you avoid screaming matches with your toddler. Over time, they realize that big boys and big girls do not scream randomly. They learn to control their impulses and reactions. Problem-solving is a crucial skill in development for children. Work with them. Teach them. It will help your children grow in the right direction. All the while, you save yourself stress and hassle.

Stay Calm & Collected

Children scream and children cry. This will not change anytime soon. No one can reinvent the wheel on how children act. So learn to accept that sometimes kids just might cry. Sometimes, the methods on how to stop a child from screaming might not even work on the first try. Be consistent with discipline and positive reinforcement. All the while, never freak out. This helps you keep every situation calm.

Do not react to an unnecessary and unwarranted temper tantrum that involves screaming and crying.
Do not react to an unnecessary and unwarranted temper tantrum that involves screaming and crying.

Last Advice On Children, Screaming, & Discipline

Never ever hit your children. Even when they scream and screech. First, it makes everything worse. Second, you send mixed messages on aggression and violence. Instead, stick to each and every tip above. They all work towards a healthy future for children. All the while, it makes everyday life so much easier on you!


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