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Do Babies Need Fresh Air Everyday?

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published July 24, 2019

Some parents want to protect their babies while they are still really young in age. Sometimes, this leads to overprotection. In particular, parents often protect their children’s immune system in a way that might be harmful. After all, children need to develop their immune system at a young age. But, this cannot happen if they never go outside. Thus, this leaves parents with a gripping question. Do babies need fresh air everyday? Our team at Ride Toy Zone has done all of the research. So we are ready to deliver all of the results. Read through our informative details below for more!

The Misconception With Babies & Fresh Air

Many parents think that fresh air and the outdoors are dangerous for babies. But, this is just not true. Rather, fresh air can deliver a number of benefits. Therefore, it is not wise to overly protect them from the outdoors. Especially when you can both benefit from some time outside. But, there are certainly some precautions to take.

Now, it is wise to wait until they are about 2 months old to really take them outside. Yes, you can take them to the park and other locations. But, their immune system might not be ready yet. At about 2 or 3 months of age, they will be ready. Then, you can get outside for a daily walk or a trip to the park in a baby push car with handle.

Many parents think that interactions with strangers are dangerous at a young age too. But, that is not always the case. Now, you should not trust a stranger with your baby. However, other people can talk to your little baby. This is actually really good for the baby involved. They will speak “baby talk” and the person speaks back. Slowly but surely, they will learn how to speak and communicate.

Babies enjoy fresh air and play with other children. This enhances their social skills and more!
Babies enjoy fresh air and play with other children. This enhances their social skills and more!

Why Do Babies Need Fresh Air Everyday

Babies need fresh air for so many reasons. First and foremost, it relieves stress and delivers restful sleep. Why? Because they get outside for some fun! Think about your own mood and emotions. During the winter, many people suffer from seasonal depression. Mostly due to the fact that they cannot go outside for some fun. On the other hand, summer is beloved by nearly all. Mostly due to the fact that summer allows all types of outdoor fun.

Studies show that a daily trip outside can deliver a better night of sleep to babies. As a result, it is wise to get them outside each and every day. Sometimes, this is even just some playtime outside. You can even get a nice playpen that expands outdoors. Put them inside and let them have fun. They will bounce, jump, play, and they will even speak their special baby language. Babies will wear themselves out for their next nap.

As mentioned earlier, babies can benefit when it comes to communication when they go outside. Especially if you visit a park, which we will discuss in a bit. Take them to different kinds of locations. Change it up every single day or establish a certain type of pattern. Either way, your child will enjoy so many great benefits. Along the way, you get in some physical activity!

How Can I Get My Baby Outdoors?

This is much easier than you think. So do not stress out and overthink this part of the process. For example, think about the local park. This might be the easiest option for you and your baby. First and foremost, you can take them to the park in a baby push car with handle. This is a great form of exercise for you. Meanwhile, they enjoy the great outdoors. Then, you arrive at the park and the real fun starts. Let them play with other kids. You might even get to socialize with some other parents.

Is there a walking trail by your home? If so, then you just found your meal ticket. A walking trail provides you with a safe place to walk. Most importantly, it usually routes through nature. Thus, your baby sees all of nature’s wonder. This includes animals and vegetation all the same.

Nature provides wonderful and unforgettable experiences for your baby.
Nature provides wonderful and unforgettable experiences for your baby.

Tying It Up On Do Babies Need Fresh Air Everyday?

Taking your baby outside delivers wondrous benefits for you and the baby. Most importantly, you both relieve stress and are so much happier. Spend time with them each and every day for memories that last a lifetime.


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