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Benefits of Swimming for kids: What Parents Should Know

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published July 24, 2019

Swimming is one of the most popular activities for children, adults, and even senior citizens. Senior citizens enjoy aerobic water classes on a near-daily basis. Adults and teenagers love swimming and hanging out by big bodies of water. Likewise, children absolutely love swimming. But, it is important that they start swimming at an early age. That way, they enjoy many of the benefits of swimming for kids. Not to mention they learn proper swimming at a super young age. Have a pool in the backyard? Well, then you already understand the great benefits. Here are some concrete examples below from Ride Toy Zone.

Physical Health & Exercise

Parents now struggle with technology and children. It is difficult to get children outdoors and active. Especially with the incredible popularity of both television and games such as Fortnite. Think about it like serving healthy food to children. An old children’s book says to put peas under spaghetti so kids eat the peas without noticing. Swimming is a healthy form of exercise that children do not notice. They workout and get active without even knowing it. Plus, they might grow into swimming as a serious sport for their high school career.

The Center for Disease Control provides crucial information to the American public. In particular, they state that water-exercises help people with chronic diseases. Two and a half hours is the ideal period of exercise for kids and adults alike. Well, meeting this requirement every week through swimming is the easiest way to go. Plus, swimming is a seriously intense aerobic exercise. Other examples include running and cycling. Aerobic exercises pump up the blood and get larger-sized muscles all working at once. But, most aerobic exercises are far from fun. Luckily enough, swimming disguises aerobic workouts into a fun experience.

One of the many benefits of swimming for kids involves easy exercise that is actually fun.
One of the many benefits of swimming for kids involves easy exercise that is actually fun.

Safety Moving Forward

Unfortunately, drowning is a serious issue for children under the age of 14. As a matter of fact, stats show that it is the second leading cause of death from injuries among children under the age of 14. Now, do not let this deter you and your child from the local pool. This actually makes the situation worse. Especially as they grow older into adolescence. Introduce children to swimming early on. That way, they understand not just how to swim, but how to conduct themselves around water.

Sometimes, drowning is the result of horseplay and lackadaisical moods from children. Simply put, there is water-etiquette that children must learn. Who will teach it to them? You. It is your job as a parent. Sign up for local lessons if necessary. Teach children all of the fundamentals in the pool. Ease them into it if they are nervous at first.  You do not want to traumatize them during their first water experience. Take it slow and keep things simple in the beginning. As time goes on, move them into deeper parts of the water. Again, never rush through this process.

Better Mental Health

Over the past decade, a lot of information has come out on mental health. Specifically, this pertains to both anxiety and depression. Now, experts believe that children suffer from anxiety just the same as adults. How can you alleviate this? Some parents are hesitant to try out anti-anxiety medications. Well, there are some natural ways to approach this particular situation. Exercise causes the release of emotions and triggers endorphins in the brain. As a result, the body naturally reacts to exercise in a positive manner.

Tension, stress, and discomfort are all regular causes of anxiety and depression. Exercise just so happens to help relieve stress and tension. As just mentioned, endorphins trigger in the brain during a workout. As a result, this naturally alleviates so much pain and tension. At the end of the swimming session, children feel good. Best of all, they actually have fun in the process. Heck, you might even have some fun yourself.

Socializing With Other Young Swimmers

Social interactions are important during the early stages of child development. Especially as children come into their own. Children learn how to socialize with others very early on. As a result, parents must encourage social interactions. How is this done? By placing your child into a good social environment. Own a pool with some fun motorized ride on pool toys? Invite over neighbors, family friends, and friends of your children. Have a big party with safety flotation devices. This is an easy way for children to socialize with others.

Now, understand that social interactions are more than just a fun time. Think about the concept of sharing. Children that play alone never share. Thus, sharing is not a concept they grasp until later in life. This makes sharing much more difficult. Introduce this concept early on with some toys that swim in water. Let your child play with the toy first. Then, pass it to their friend. Maybe your child cries at first? That is only natural. Eventually, they will understand the concept of sharing with others.

Socializing is one of the other swimming benefits for young children. Fun times at the pool develop important communication skills.
Socializing is one of the other swimming benefits for young children. Fun times at the pool develop important communication skills.

Last Thoughts On The Benefits Of Swimming for Kids

Swimming sessions provide so much important growth for children. All the while, you bond with them throughout the experience. Plus, you probably enjoy it just the same. After all, who does not love swimming? Eventually, children learn to love swimming just as much as you do. Then, you can both enjoy trips to the pool or the local lake without any hesitation.

Need help teaching your kid how to swim? You are certainly not alone. Nor must you teach them to swim alone. Find a local training session near your home. Take some swimming lessons with your kid. You exercise while they learn. What more can you ask for? There are also plenty of great flotation devices availalbe for children as well. Get great pool toys for a truly fun experience.


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