Last Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Are Power Wheels Waterproof

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published February 8, 2022

Are Power Wheels Water Proof?

Kids can turn the house upside down, if what they consider close to their hearts get damaged. Power wheels are those big toys that kids get attached to. Being a parent, you need to maintain thekm to save yourself. Well, what if the power wheel gets wet? Is it waterproof or not? Let us look into this and find out solutions!

You cannot assume anything to be waterproof until you get the company assurance. Moreover, there are some basic things you need to take care of for such an expensive toy. Power wheels are not exactly waterproof. However, the wheels do keep mud and water away from parts that are prone to damage.

If you leave your kid’s power wheel exposed to rainwater, it might get wet, but it is not a hard evidence that it will get damaged, it might still be good and in working order. 

So here is a quick list of how to treat a power wheels:

1. Do not leave the power wheels outside in rain

What happens if I leave the power wheel out in the open?

Questions like this come very often, and the simple answer is that one should save the power wheels from remaining standing out in the open. It harms it in many ways, the plastic or metal might get damaged by heat and rain, by rust formation on the small metal parts it does have. Also, if rainwater gets access to the battery or the battery section, it can harm it severely. The electrical parts are prone to rusting by the presence of moisture. 

You should always make an effort to park the power wheels inside your house, or if you do not have enough space inside, park it outside with a good quality protective covering. It would do wonders to save your child’s power wheels.

2. How to proceed with the wash work

If the power wheel gets damaged by water, then how to wash it?

Say no to hosepipes! While washing the power wheel with pressurized water, you have no control over where the water may fall, and this can prove bad for the batteries.

So here is the entire plan, how to wash your power wheel:

You need a bucket of moderately hot water, a wring cloth towel, and some mild detergent with bleach in the water (a little amount).

  • You can clean the power wheel effectively when you dip the hand towel in the water bucket and wring it to wipe off the dirt of the power wheel.
  • Clean the hand towel in a separate bucket of clean water and repeat the process.
  • In the end, you can use a clean towel to clean any of the excess soap remains on the body.
  • You can additionally sprinkle some disinfectant solution on the power wheel too.

3. If the Powerwheel gets wet accidentally, how to sort the mess? 

It is bad news if your power wheel gets wet. So how to deal with the problem?

A good battery check is essential. The entire battery section and the battery needs a dry up in this case. After that, charge the battery to full. Check again to see the power wheel is good to go. 

And what if you cannot start it still?

In such a case, it can either be the battery that is dead or some other part might be facing a problem.

The good news is that you do not have to get all tensed because you can google the nearest power wheel service center and take it there to fix it. It is the best option if you are a busy parent.

4. The guide to fixing the power wheel on your own

Sometimes if you know the basic stuff, then it will be easy for you to sail through the process of repairing the power wheel. Wondering how to do it? Here is the way:

The battery

You need to check the battery first and foremost since they are an expensive part. If you have an extra battery, then try putting it and check if its working or not. If the power wheel starts working, then it is the battery, which got damaged.

However, do not throw away the bad battery so soon. Just charge it for two days and again try it, it might start working, and you can save yourself from buying a new one.

Some real quick steps

You can perform some quick steps to get to know if the battery is faulty or not.

Use a voltmeter 

A voltmeter is to take the reading. It costs around 10-15 dollars, and you may even borrow it from someone.

If the charger is 6V, the reading should be more than 6V, and if it is a 12V, then it should be above 13V.

If you have lower readings, then the charger will be the cause of damage. Proceed if the charger is fit. Take the battery next. If you have a 12V battery, the reading should be above 10.5 and for a 6V at least 5V. Replace the battery if there are lower readings.

Other parts that you must check

If the above tests prove that the battery is giving perfect readings, then probably it is the time for you to check the other components of the power wheel. If you have another power wheel, you can try replacing the other parts with it and see if it works. In case you don’t have another Power wheel, you probably have to try replacing parts one by one and check. The good news is that the individual parts are not that expensive, ranging from 10 to 40 dollars. Check the foot pack, gearbox, and the shifter. 

You might be, by now, familiar with the entire process. Although the toy provides the toddlers with immense fun but trust me, it is a big responsibility for you adults, so keep an eye on the power wheel in several ways so that it lasts long for your kid to enjoy its joy ride!


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