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12 Volt Power Wheels Battery Alternative

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    Published March 3, 2022

12 Volt Power Wheels Battery Alternative
Battery problems for Power Wheels toys are not uncommon. If you are searching for a 12 volt Power Wheels battery alternative, we can assist you. Find some useful information in today’s blog and keep browsing our website for more options.

Finding a 12 Volt Power Wheels Battery Alternative That Works

If you find yourself with a faulty 12 volt battery for your family’s Power Wheels toy, you are not alone. It happens all too often, but the good news is that there are plenty of affordable options open to you. While you could always just buy another replacement battery, you don’t want to run into the same problem again a few months down the line.

At Ride Toy Zone, we can help you find a 12 volt Power Wheels battery alternative. There are a few different routes you can consider, and we’ll help you learn the general details so you can get started. We encourage you to do plenty of research before actually making the change to a new battery, and this post will offer just the basics. However, we are confident it will be useful, so stick around!

Dual 12 Volt Batteries

If you don’t have a problem with 12 volt batteries but want a performance boost for the toy, it may not be a bad idea to install a pair of batteries to work together. There are even options out on the market that take this approach from the get-go, as it offers more reliability. While the process is not complicated, it is important to work carefully. That’s why we encourage you to do lots of research before committing to this idea. You can find video tutorials online that will guide you through the process, as well as step-by-step instructions.

Installed correctly, the results for this 12 volt Power Wheels battery alternative should be great. While you’ll have two batteries to charge, the toy should last longer, offer more reliable base performance, and with proper maintenance you can ensure the batteries last a whole lot longer. Just make sure to carefully choose the 12 volt batteries that you opt for. High customer reviews are always a plus!

12 Volt Power Wheels Battery Alternative
If your family has taken good care of their Power Wheels toy, the battery should last a good long while. If it doesn’t, a replacement should not be hard to make work, and it may even upgrade performance.

Installing a Different Kind of Battery

While the toys are set up to specifically run off of a 12 volt battery, that doesn’t have to be your only option. There are actually converters you can buy that will allow you to power the toy with a different type of battery altogether. The options range quite a bit, from a 20V Black & Decker battery to DeWalt 18V batteries and so many more. Shop around and there’s a good chance you can find a converter available for a rechargeable battery you already have at home or in the garage. However, results may vary depending on the power of the battery and the reliability of the converter. Make sure to do some research as you shop to ensure you don’t get stuck with a faulty converter.

There are a number of benefits for this 12 volt Power Wheels battery alternative, however. It’s an unfortunate fact that many other companies put more care into their batteries compared to these brands, despite the toys being made for children. Find the right upgrade for your family and you can start having a great time together outside once again.

Important Safety Information

No matter what kind of 12 volt Power Wheels battery alternative you go with, there are some universal safety tips we can offer for you and your family. First, make sure you know exactly what you’re doing any time you mess around with a battery or any electrical wiring. One unlucky mistake could cost you now or later. Additionally, these toys should always have active adult supervision when in use by children. This is even more true when the toy has been altered for better performance. Keep a close eye out any time kids are driving around on one of these toys. If the vehicle moves fast enough, you may even want to ensure they wear a helmet before getting in. While this might not sound fun on the surface, it’ll be there to protect them in the case of an accidental fall.

12 Volt Power Wheels Battery Alternative
The safety of your child should be paramount with any toy, especially a moving vehicle. If you customize the battery, make sure everything works properly and is safe before you let them have a go at it.

Power Wheels Battery Maintenance Tips

No matter what kind of battery you’re using for the Power Wheels toy, there are some things you can do to ensure it maintains its battery life. Any time you buy a new battery or toy, read through the user manual. It may seem boring, but there’s important information in there, specifically regarding the battery.

For first time use, most of these batteries need to be kept on the charger for a longer time than normal. This could differ from battery to battery, so always consult the instructions. We also recommend keeping the battery somewhere warm rather than out in a cold garage or shed. This, along with making sure the battery doesn’t sit dormant for months at a time, can help it keep a higher battery life. Follow these tips and we hope you won’t run into any further problems with your 12 volt Power Wheels battery alternative.

In Conclusion

While this guide just covered some of the basics, we hope it was enough to get you started down the right path. Go ahead and continue browsing our website for more useful information on these toys. Plus, if you have any other thoughts or questions that you wish to share, you can always leave them for us down in the comments. Good luck on your search for an alternative to the standard Power Wheels battery, and make sure to stay safe when installing custom hardware!


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