The Different Types Of Ride On Toy Cars For Kids

Whether it is the holiday season, their birthday, or you want to surprise them because they did really well in school, the appeal of some type of ride on toy cars for kids is an appealing thought. These toys give the kids the freedom to explore (within the yard or with adult supervision, of course), play make-believe, and even build up their confidence.

However, when you actually go to the store or online to look at possibilities, you are faced with so many options, you’re overwhelmed!

Little Boy Driving Junior Buddy

How do you know what type of ride on toy car you should get your child? Will the car you choose be age appropriate for them? Keep reading, and we’ll shed a bit of light on the different types of ride on toy cars for kids there are, as well as the recommended age ranges for each group.

Types Of Ride On Cars For Kids

When you think of a ride on cars for kids, you probably think of the regular Power Wheels. However, there is more to it than just that. We are going to talk to you about:

  • Wagons and Sleds
  • Rocking Horses/Cars
  • Foot Powered Cars
  • Pedal Cars
  • Battery Operated Cars
  • Bicycles/Tricycles/Scooters
  • Gas Powered Cars

Wagons And Sleds

These types are great options for children of all ages because younger children can sit in the wagon or sled while being pulled around by an older sibling, friend, or family member.

Mom Pulling Child in Ride On Toy

Children can take turns being pulled around, or they can even pack it full of their favorite toys and go on their own adventure. It is recommended that a parent is keeping a close eye on the kids if they are sledding near a road or trees.

Recommended Ages: All Ages

Rocking Horses/Cars

These toys have a rocking base, and they are normally found on the bottom of a horse, boat, or ship. With these toys, children move themselves by pushing on the floor to make themselves rock, or they can be rocked by someone else.

Recommended Ages: 1 to 2 Years

Foot Powered Toys

For children who don’t have the ability or coordination to pedal yet can still get around in toys that they move with their feet. These toys are open, and they straddle the toy, but they can also be closed where the child sits inside, and their feet come out from the bottom.

Kid Driving in Foot Powered Ride On

Recommended Ages: 1 to 2 Years

Pedal Toys

These toys, like pedal cars for kids, are going to need a bit of coordination for your child to use. They are going to pedal the toy, but they are also going to have to pay attention and focus on steering, so they don’t hit any obstacles. These activities will take some time to learn, which is why parental supervision is recommended when your child is playing with the toy.

Recommended Ages: 2 to 3 Years

Battery Operated Cars For Kids

These are the toys that kids really want when you’ll looking for toy cars for kids to drive. These battery-powered cars for kids are available in a variety of styles, like monster trucks, dump trucks, luxury cars, and even fire trucks. In truth, many of these electric cars for kids look very much like the adult version of the same cars.

If you decide to get one of these toys for your child, you definitely want to make sure you’re watching the children, especially if they are still getting the hang of the mechanics. Older children are more likely capable of handling the faster speeds, but they also have to be reminded of safe driving practices.

Kid Riding on a Fisher Price Kawasaki ATV for Kids

Recommended Ages: 3 years and up


Although these don’t toy cars for kids, you can’t talk about a ride on toys without mentioning a bike or a scooter. These aren’t just modes of transportation, they are the next step in exploring their independence! When kids are starting out, they’ll need training wheels on bicycles and, of course, the appropriate safety gear. But once they master the ability to control a bike, they’ll have the time of their lives, for sure!

Wrap Up

When we give children toys, we want them to serve a purpose that isn’t just for sheer entertainment. With toy cars, your child gets to go out into the yard and drive around. They can explore and play make believe. But, there is another benefit of thinking about getting one of those motorized cars for kids.

These cars are able to boost their confidence, give them a sense of independence, but it also helps their coordination and critical thinking skills. These skills are incredibly important, and they can help prepare your child for a successful life.

Kids in Ford Truck Power Wheel

Even if you don’t want to get an electric car for your child, they can experience the same benefits with a kid-powered toy. Why you could even say these toys even promote exercise and playing with others! Who wouldn’t want their children to get more active, or burn off some of that extra energy they have.

Surely you remember when you were a child, your parents would tell you to go outside and play. You’d burn off some of that energy riding your bike around the neighborhood with your friends. The same can be said today. Even if your child is young and cannot go outside of the yard, they can still burn off that energy riding in the yard!

Whether your children have bicycles, scooters, rocking horses or toy cars for kids, you both can get hours of fun playing with one another and bonding—and is a great reason for any purchase!

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