Power Wheels Lil' Quad Review

Let your toddlers enjoy an adventurous ride too. This sporty ATV-style Power Wheels Lil Quad is the perfect answer with its easy push-button operation for easily stopping and starting. It rides low and has a perfectly accessible design that allows your little one to ride the vehicle themselves. Yes, without the parents help.

This sturdy and sleek-looking toy automobile is the perfect ride-on toy car for your little ones who have just learned to walk and now want to drive too!


  • Designed for toddlers
  • Simple push-button operation for starting and stopping
  • Has a cute cargo rack attached to its back

The Power Wheels Lil Quad is popular as a ride-on toy automobile because of its straight-to-the-point functions and the fact that it is really easy to use. This ride for your child is powered by a 6 Volt rechargeable battery that can last for about 30 minutes on a single charge.

It is designed to look like a sporty ATV automobile with its built-in footrests and cute cargo rack attached on its back. It is relatively easy for toddlers to use as they only need to push a button located near the handlebar to make the automobile start and stop.

It can only reach about 2.5 miles per hour of speed as it is designed for toddlers of about 2-3 years of age.

It has strong tires and a durable base for a long-lasting ride that will take your toddler around the house or back yard. It only runs on hard surfaces and cannot support grassy surfaces or any terrain that may damage its wheels. Avoid slippery surfaces to prevent accidents.

The vehicle is only suited for toddlers and overloading the car with weight above its capacity may cause some performance defects on the toy car. Also, be sure to avoid places with steps, steep inclines, cars, roads, and alley to avoid any injuries and accidents from happening.

This product does not come with a full security system, so parental guidance is recommended when using the product. Always secure the riding area from any dangerous objects.

One common complaint from customers who have bought the product is that the stiffness of the steering wheel in changing directions may need some adjusting. However, they are generally very satisfied with the product.

The Power Wheel Lil Quad is well-loved by parents as the perfect toddler ride-on car. It is a little pricey, just like other Fisher Price branded products, because it offers the absolute best riding experience and has been on the top of the power wheel industry for a long while.

In conclusion, this Power Wheel Lil Quad is the perfect automobile if you are looking for your child’s first riding car as it is easy to drive and very toddler-friendly.


Power Wheels Lil Quad vs. Best Choice Products® Kids Ride On ATV

Both products are toy automobiles aimed at toddlers. However, the Best Choice Products vehicle is suitable for a larger age range than the Lil Quad. These products are both 4 wheels ATV in design and run on a 6 Volt rechargeable battery and charger.

The Lil Quad has a push button switch for the go and stop functions while the Best Choice Kids Ride On Car has a forward and backward switch instead. Both products go at low speeds and can only reach a maximum of bout 2 miles per hour. The Lil Quad model also comes with a cute back rack that can store anything your child could wish for.

Also, both products only run on hard level surfaces and not on any other terrains. These products should be moderately used by toddlers only as overloading it may cause problems in performance.

Power Wheels Lil Quad vs. Kids Ride On ATV 6V Toy Quad Battery Power Electric 4 Wheel Dino

These automobile toy cars are only suited for toddlers aged up to 3 years old. Older ages may overload the vehicle and damage its running performance. Also, both toy vehicles only run on hard flat surfaces and not on any other terrain as this may damage the wheels or cause unwanted accidents.

These automobile cars are powered by a rechargeable 6 Volt battery and are bought along with a charger. Both are designed to be a 4 wheeled ATV vehicle with simple operations. A push button on the Lil Quad triggers its go and stop functions while the Kids Ride On model has a switch that can trigger the vehicle’s forward and backward functions.

The Kids Ride On ATV is made from Non-Toxic PP material for a more secure riding experience and features a sleek design. The Power Wheels Lil Quad’s durability is tested and assured by its manufacturer, Fisher Price.

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