Power Wheels Batman Lil' Quad Review

Let your little heroes enjoy an adventurous ride with their favorite Gotham City hero with this Power Wheels Batman Lil’ Quad. It comes with features that are toddler friendly and designed with images of Batman to suit the taste of your young hero.

This Power Wheel is designed to ride low allowing easy access to your toddlers. They can mound and unmount anytime they want to without your help at all. This automobile is perfect for your young heroes who are out to save the city.


  • Designed for toddlers
  • Simple push-button operation for starting and stopping
  • Has a cute cargo rack attached on its back

The Power Wheels Batman Lil Quad is a popular ride-on toy automobile because of its straight-to-the-point functions and the fact that it is really easy to use. It also has the Batman theme that all little boys will love. This ride for your child is powered by a 6 Volt rechargeable battery that can last for about 30 minutes on a single charge.

This product is designed to look like a sporty ATV automobile painted in blue and decorated with images of our favorite hero, Batman. It also has built-in footrests and a cute cargo rack attached on its back.

It is relatively easy for toddlers to use as they only need to push a button located near the handlebar to make the automobile start and stop. It can only reach about 2.5 miles per hour in speed as it is designed for toddlers of about 2-3 years of age.

It has strong tires and a durable base for a long lasting ride that can accompany your toddler with his stroll around the house. It runs only on hard surface and cannot support grassy surfaces or any terrains that may damage its wheels. Avoid slippery surface to steer away from dangers.

The vehicle is only suited for toddlers and overloading the car with weight above its capacity may cause some performance defects on the toy car. Also, be sure to avoid places with steps, steep inclines, cars, roads, and alley to avoid any injuries and accidents from happening.

This product does not come with a full security system, so parental guidance is recommended when using the product. Always secure the riding area from any dangerous objects.

One common complaint from customers who have bought the product is that the stiffness of the steering wheel in changing directions may need some adjusting. However, they are generally very satisfied with the product.

The Power Wheel Batman Lil Quad is well-loved by parents and little boys because of its theme and user friendliness. Though it is a little pricey,like other Fisher Price branded products, this is because it offers the absolute best riding experience and has been on the top of the power wheel industry for a long while.


Power Wheels Batman Lil Quad va. Spider-Man 6V Little Quad

Both products are hero-themed toy automobiles, and so, it comes down to a battle between Batman and Spiderman. Both hero-themed automobiles run on a 6 Volts battery that comes included with the purchase of the toy car along with its charger.

Both automobiles also are targeted only at toddlers and may be too small for children of ages 4 years and up. Both are sleek and sporty ATV designed 4-wheeled ATV toy car that run with an easy push button operation. They can only reach a maximum speed of about 2 miles per hour which is perfect for little ones.

The Spiderman automobile offers a contoured comfort seat along with Spidey’s lovable red and blue webbed design, while those who prefere Batman won’t lose out with his blue-themed automobile that offers a back rack that can carry your kids toys.

Power Wheels Batman Lil Quad vs. Hauck Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Go Kart

It’s Batman against the naughty ninja turtles. These product share the same concept of using popular cartoon characters to encourage kids to play with them. Unlike the easy and straight-to-the-point push button operation of the Batman Lil Quad, this ninja turtle themed toy automobile offers a sporty 3-point steering that ensures responsive and quick steering.

The Ninja turtle vehicle also includes an adjustable bucket seat that can fit children of different heights into the automobile. The Batman automobile runs on a 6 Volt battery and is automatic while the Ninja Turtle vehicle is pedal-powered and is manual. Both run well on hard surfaces though the Ninja Turtles’ Go Kart can also run on any surfaces.

Both are unsuitable for slippery areas and need supervision while children are out for a drive to avoid any unwanted accidents and keep dangers to a minimum level. These products will surely satisfy your little ones.

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