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How Long To Charge Power Wheels 12V Battery: A How-To Guide

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published March 3, 2019

Power Wheels and other ride-on toys are wildly popular amongst both children and parents. First and foremost, ride-on toys deliver plenty of fun for kids. All the while, children develop essential skills and abilities. Parents enjoy a day of peace and quiet as children entertain themselves. But, the fun ends when the battery dies. You need to know how to charge the 12V battery. Not to mention learning how long to charge Power Wheels 12V battery.

Learning how to properly charge the battery is not necessarily all that difficult. Generally speaking, a good ride-on toy comes with specific instructions. Thus, there is a bevy of knowledge available to parents. However, learning from Ride Toy Zone is just as simple. Check out the essential information below. Properly charge the 12V battery on your Power Wheels. That way, you avoid potentially damaging the battery.

How Long To Charge Power Wheels 12V Battery

There is not an average time for charging a battery. However, there are recommended times from Fisher-Price when it comes to battery charging. Fisher-Price recommends an initial charge of 18 hours for a brand new battery. Furthermore, their instructions state the charging process should not last for more than 30 hours. An overcharge or an undercharge is dangerous to the battery’s entire lifespan. So learning how long to charge Power Wheels 12V battery is very important.

Now, Fisher-Price does have a set time for their products. Their recommended charging window is about 14 hours. This 14 hour charging time is best for every time the toy is used. After a long day of play, grab the battery from the vehicle. Put it in the garage on a workbench. Plug the charger into the wall. Then, hook up the charger to the battery. Let it charge for 14 hours and then test the battery, if possible.

How To Charge Power Wheels 12V Battery

Now, Power Wheels batteries are usually 12V batteries. But, they are not all universally the same. Always read through the instructional booklet that comes with the Power Wheels toy. Luckily, there is a charger that comes with the toy. This compatible charger is super easy to use. Best of all, it directly connects to the Power Wheels toy battery. Therefore, charging is stress-free and rather easy.

Power Wheels instructions state to never let your children charge the battery. This is an absolute no-go. Children are not mature or responsible enough to handle this type of electronic device. As a result, always charge the battery away from your children. Keep it out of reach and out of sight. Always check the physical battery before a charging session. Look for any potential leaks or cracks. No leaks? You are all set to charge. Is there a leak? then you need to replace the battery immediately.

Last Tips On Charging Process For Power Wheels 12V Battery

Learning how long to charge Power Wheels 12V battery goes a long way. Especially when maximizing the battery lifespan of a kids motorized car. As mentioned earlier, overcharging ruins the battery and shortens the overall lifespan.


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