Last Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Toddler Screaming Uncontrollably: The Do’s & Don’ts

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published March 31, 2019

The age of two is referred to as the “terrible two’s” for a reason. Toddlers are prone to screaming and yelling when things do not go their way. In some cases, they simply cry and scream out of frustration. Generally speaking, tantrums are pretty common. It happens. But, they can certainly drive parents mad. Luckily, there are a few do’s and don’ts for when a toddler screaming uncontrollably becomes too much. Abide by these helpful tips below. Help your child learn to control their emotions and feelings.

The Do’s

1. Weather The Storm

Toddlers cry for a number of reasons, which we will discuss below. In many cases, it might not be a severe or serious issue. Rather, it is a simple case of being too sleepy or craving attention. Therefore, all you need to do is relax. Take a deep breath and count to ten. Let them cry it out until they are done. After a while, they will become exhausted and will stop. Then, you can come and make them feel better. Weathering the storm is usually the easiest way to handle screaming toddlers.

2. Identify The Problem

As just mention, there is a reason toddlers scream and cry uncontrollably. Usually, it is due to a lack of sleep. When was their last nap? If it was earlier in the day, then it is time for another nap. Lay them down and wrap them up in a blanket. Put them down for a nap and they will wake up feeling much better. In some cases, kids might be hungry for attention. They might even just be hungry. You cannot associate screaming and crying with misbehavior. Take five minutes and identify the problem based on their daily schedule!

3. Seek Professional Help

Now, this should only be done in severe situations. Experts recommend professional help if there are multiple tantrums a day. Obviously, if there are harmful consequences like children hurting themselves, you need professional help. There is no shame. As a matter of fact, behavioral specialists may identify unknown sources for the problem. The right diagnosis puts you at ease. All the while, you are able to build towards a better future for your toddler. Find help if it sees as though the problem is out of control. You do not have to deal with a toddler screaming uncontrollably alone.

The Don’ts

1. Yell Back At Them

This is an absolute no-no. Yelling is not only harmful to children, but it is also dangerous. First, you might scare them. Then, moving forward they are more apprehensive towards you. Second, yelling at them encourages their behavior. It is nothing more than reinforcement. They then believe that this is how adults act. Further down the line, their yelling becomes worse and more intense. No matter what they do, you must keep cool. Even if they drive you up the wall.

2. Overreact

Sometimes, parents make a temper tantrum so much worse. They yell at kids, get upset, and put themselves through so much stress. There is no need. Remember, your child is a toddler. They have yet to develop any important social or communication skills. So their only way of communication might be through screaming and crying. This is the only way they communicate a feeling of hunger or being tired. Much like yelling, overreacting makes things worse for everyone. Kids might react poorly and you work yourself up for nothing. Stay calm, cool, and collected in even the worse tantrums.

3. Spanking

In the old days, spanking was viewed as okay by many parents. Now, the perspective has absolutely shifted. Recent information shows that physical discipline like spanking is a serious threat to children. In so many cases, spanking makes the situation so much worse. Unfortunately, spanking is often the result of excessive frustration with children’s tantrums. This is why we recommend staying calm.

Experts believe that spanking can alter children’s future behavior. For example, spanking sends a bad message to children. They begin to think violence and aggression solve problems. This can lead to mental health problems and increased aggression down the line. Some cases are severe and lead to antisocial behavior. Parents may think spanking is a quick and convenient solution. It is not. Never spank your kids, even when they are truly acting out.

Last Advice On How To Handle Toddler Screaming Uncontrollably

If you take one thing from this article, let it be a sense of composure. Always stay cool. Frustration and anger lead to nothing but bad results for you and your child. Teach them the right way to live.


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