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Six Activities for 1 Year Old Baby Boy

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published July 24, 2019

Children need attention, activity, and stimulation. All three are an important part of childhood development. Without one, children may struggle with essential skills and abilities. Luckily, all three are possible with the right activities for 1 year old baby boy. You can deliver hours of fun and develop all of the crucial skills. This includes hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities, and even forms of expression. The right activities can make life easier for both parties. Not to mention that you can even enjoy some quality bonding moments! Read our six ideas below for help today.

Development Activities

Provide your child with a fun toy that actively develops their abilities. The best example is a walker toy. First, this toy is important for the walking phase. Kids have a firm sense of balance and support. They stand up and walk with the help of this toy. As a result, they are quicker to walk than children without a walking toy. But, there is plenty more to offer!

Usually, walking toys come with a multi-faceted design. Therefore, the front end features a number of different gadgets and features. There might be some special musical sounds of even a drawing pad. Nonetheless, it will keep kids entertained for hours on end.

Developmental activities provide educational benefits and are plenty of fun.
Developmental activities provide educational benefits and are plenty of fun.

Activity Center

An activity center is a super fun idea for kids. They sit inside of this activity center and stand up. Therefore, they become used to the feeling of their feet touching the ground. But, the true highlight is obviously all of the cool gadgets and toys. Toys surround children for plenty of fun. They can play with twisty toys and so many other fun options. Best of all, you get to relax. The activity center holds them right in place. So they cannot escape or get out if it. It is one of the safest activities for 1 year old baby boy available.

Read Books

Obviously, your 1 year old toddler cannot read yet. But, that does not mean they will not enjoy a book. Especially a cool, interactive book like this Just Like Animals soft book. This book offers great colors and fun little animal cartoons. But, it is also a book with parts that pop out and look great. If a pop-up book is too much for you then there are so many other great choices. Find a wonderful picture book with great illustrations and a powerful meaning. Again, kids might not get it at first. Over time, the message will stick!

Play With Musical Toys

Another wonderful idea that can spur creative expression. Now, there are musical toys and musical instruments. Musical toys can offer compelling fun with lots of music involved. Like the Mozart Magic Cube. However, there are also musical instruments for available all the same. Like a simple Piano Xylophone made special for kids. Let them play with their musical instrument as much as possible. They might spur a creative interest that lasts for a lifetime!

Unlock creativity in your child with some great kids blocks.
Unlock creativity in your child with some great kids blocks.

Arts & Crafts

For some, arts and crafts are arguably the most simple and most beneficial activity for kids. Kids creative expression is really important at a young age. They learn how to express stress and frustration through creative expression. All the while, they open up all of the creative parts of the brain. Now, you do need to find arts and crafts materials safe for kids. Luckily enough, there are plenty of options available on the market. Like the Honeysticks crayons that are safe for toddlers. Let them draw and create fun art all during the day!

Building Blocks

We have saved the best for last. Why is a building block the best? First, they are big blocks. So they are too big for kids to try and eat. Yes, that happens. Remember, young toddlers, try to stuff any random object into their mouth. Make sure you get big blocks that they cannot try to eat. The blocks are great for little kid hands and also enhance motor skills. Not to mention essential problem-solving skills too. But, the best part might be the cleanup process. Usually, random toys are all strewn across the floor and require a lengthy cleaning process. Instead, Mega Blocks building blocks come in a big bag. So that way, you can simply put them all away without any problem.

Building blocks stimulate the imagination and are incredibly easy to clean up.
Building blocks stimulate the imagination and are incredibly easy to clean up.

Final Words

Activities for a 1 year old baby boy can help wear them out during the day. That way, they are more restful during naps and at night. All the way, they enhance all of their cognitive abilities and you can relax!


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